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High-speed unification

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San Foca - 08/01/2024 - 8:00 PM


Council of Ministers Hall

After the Christmas vacations it was back to work and a meeting of the council of ministers was scheduled. The meeting was lasting more than 3 hours, and after approving and discussing policies to be undertaken to boost the Ionian economy we come to the most interesting moment of the council of ministers. The discussion of the construction of the high-speed rail line between Taranto and Ornsvot.

"After we discussed policies we came to the most important moment of the meeting that will depend on the future of Ionio. We have a country recovering from a war. We have already approved an economic package to stimulate economic growth but we need to do more. Now the Minister of Transportation will talk about his project that I can boost the economy especially in the war-affected areas."

"Thank you president. As you know, rail transportation has always been the most used means of transportation for Ionians along with automobiles. If before we could postpone the project because we had to improve the economic situation in the northern regions but now we cannot do it after a war. That is why today I am presenting to you the project to complete the high-speed railroad along the Ionian coast"


The minister of transport loads a presentation into the screens.

" As you can see we have to build 857 kilometers of high-speed railway that will connect Taranto with Ornsvot. This railway will be a new generation in that I will be able to guarantee a maximum speed of 320 kilometers per hour although trains will be limited to 300 kilometers per hour but it will save a lot of time. In fact, we have estimated that a trip from Ornsvot to Taranto will be able to take 6 hours. A trip along the Ionian coast so from Ornsvot to Myrtle there will be a maximum of 11 hours of travel time versus the current 22 hours of travel time. The construction of the rail network will not have to undergo complex construction since we are in a predominantly flat territory. The only critical area is the river where the border with Tengrolhan used to be but a nice bridge can be solved. Since the construction of these 857 kilometers we have divided them into three sections to facilitate. The first section covers the stretch from Taranto to Torre dell' Orso"


First segment (Taranto - Torre dell' orso)

"The route includes a dedicated high-speed rail station in the town of Chiatona, and we provided two interchanges near the town of Marina di Ginosa at the request of the mayor as he wanted a connection to the high-speed railroad but building a dedicated station was not possible. In addition, two more interchanges are planned to facilitate interconnections with the historic line and use the historic line in case of segment failure. Torre dell'Orso station is planned to be upgraded to accommodate high-speed rail, but it will allow for better decongestion of that train station especially during summer periods."


Second segment (Torre dell' orso - Tropea - Hettuborg)


"The second segment includes the construction from Torre dell'Orso to Hettuborg via Tropea, of course. We have planned interconnections with the historic line and have added a dedicated station for high-speed rail for the city of Adria and its environs. In the city of Tropea we have to modernize the railway station inquanto we have to sort high-speed traffic with intercity and regional traffic. Also in the project we have planned a link road that will connect the high-speed rail to the Tropea International Airport which then from there there will be the future expansion for the Tropea - Monterosso high-speed line.

Same with the city of Hettuborg where there will be a junction for the high-speed rail with the historic line connecting Hettuborg with Torkh but that will be a special discussion to be addressed later also because the line can go to Advocatius"


Third segment (Hettuborg - Galdurmar - Ornsvot)

"The third and final segment is to connect Hettuborg with Ornsvot via Galdurmar. The segment will provide interconnections with the historic line and there is a dedicated station for high-speed rail near the town Tortori. The Ornsvot station will undergo a transformation because the town is near the Advocatius border and we need to be ready for future international expansion. Same with the city of Galdurmar where there may be an expanation to Advocatius in the future. Currently the Galdurmar station will have to be rebuilt in a modern style. Also because the city is preparing a profound change by focusing heavily on gambling. The project cost of 6 billion Auro as we planned to build freight depots and stations in major cities for high-speed freight trains, which is finding a fair amount of success in industries to ship light parcels."

The minister of economy immediately took the floor in the discussion

"Spending 6 billion Auros to build high-speed rail is weighing on the state coffers. Have you created a plan to recover the costs of of of the construction?"

"Yes. The Solarios Railroad Corporation's cost of sale can only cover one billion Auros but we have provided a 10 percent re-pricing plan for the international train toll tax and a 10 percent increase in the cost of tickets but the project will benefit the state coffers in general as it will allow for an increase in industrial production. We already know that the construction industry is undergoing a big expansion with the reconstruction thing. In addition, high-speed rail will also be able to boost the tourism industry. We already know that Galdurmar is preparing a mega urban rejuvenation project relying heavily on gambling. This was triggered knowing that there is the high-speed rail project in planning"

"I am tirbutant but with reconstruction we should do everything to revive industrial production. I've already planned to make public debt but at least we know that cities are getting active without the state giving any suggestion imput"

Immediately the minister of the environment inserted himself into the discourse.

"Nice project but there are environmental problems. I assume you know that the railroad will go through areas that have been considered protected areas and turned into nature parks. I do not approve of the project if there are no guarantees on the issue of the environment."

"The high-speed rail project has been studied in great detail. We already have the environmental impact assessment and Strategic Environmental Assessment. We have planned to move the trees will be removed along the high-speed rail route and replanted in another place near the high-speed rail. We have planned compensatory measures to improve environmental management along the rail route. We also have geological studies to make sure we minimize the environmental impact during and after the construction of the high-speed railway"

The minister of environment checked the environmental imaptto assessment and strategic environmental assessment and finally spoke

"I have checked the documents and can give approval to the project"

As the president began to speak he was immediately stopped by the words of the minister of energy

"I assume that the draft is aprpoved by everyone in this cosncil of ministers but it is expected that the approval of this draft must pass the vote of the Chamber of Deputies and Senate. For this I propose a vote of confidence at least we know we can keep the coalition in check "

The president finally managed to speak

"This is a very good idea. I was proposing it to you so we can do a health check in our majority. I am sure the opposition will use any tool to sabotage the project even though they are going very cautious now in order to get votes. Anyway if there are no objections we can go to a vote. Who votes to approve the high-speed rail project?"

All the ministers winged their hands indicating a favorable vote.

"Perfect. YES wins and there are no abstentions and no dissenting votes. I can confirm that the council of ministers approves the high-speed rail project. The next item of discussion an increase in spending on education and Health. Who is in favor?"

All the ministers raised their hands

"Another unanimous YES vote. This thing is beautiful when we are united. If there are no other discussion points that need to be aprpoved we can conclude the council of ministers. Also because it is getting late and we feel like resting considering that we are 22 days away from the febrary summer vacation. This year began with tropical temperatures and tropical nights"

All the ministers nodded and and the council of ministers ended. Today begins a long journey with a tight schedule to start construction of the work that is to unify the nation from north to south.



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San Foca - 12/01/2024 - 10:00 AM


John Colucci while discussing with members of the government

One could feel the tension in the Chamber of Deputies, or the lowest chamber of the Ionian parliament. All the politicians were arguing among themselves with their respective political alignments, while members of the government were talking among themselves waiting for the sedua to open and begin a long procedural process to approve the high-speed rail project.

John Colucci was discussing with some members of the government including Alberto Salvini. Vice president and leader of the Lega

"Do we have an absolute majority here?"

"Yes. We have a majority. The members of the Democratic Party has not given any indication yet while the Communists are against it. Special observed are the socialists. Maybe they can vote with us in 'approving the project."

"The classic behavior of communists and democrats but it will be an interesting development with socialists. However. We want to make a bet. I'll bet 10 Auro that there will be a fight in the parliament."

"President. You know it's an easy bet."

The president and members of parliament laughed. After about ten minutes the AAA arrived and finally the session opened. The first person who began to speak was indeed the president

"Dear deputies and members of parliament. As you well know, the government is proceeding with full force in rebuilding a nation that has been affected by war. Today we can finally begin a process of reconstruction also by finally resolving the economic disparity between the Ionian north and south. Railroads play a vital role in the development of our nation, and after a long wait we can finally bridge the gap between the poorly industrialized north and the industrialized south. That is why we ask you to approve the high-speed rail project as we can finally unite this nation that after a war needs peace and stability. That is why that we put confidence on this bill in that if this bill is passed we can finally unify the nation not only between the Ionian north and south but also unify the new peoples who have entered our family. In addition, the construction of this project will bring benefits to the entire Ionian economic system as we can move goods and people from north to south and east and west quickly . So today you can choose whether to be on the side of progress or remain anchored in the past."


Antonio Fedriga. Group leader of the Lega in the Chamber of Deputies.

The president ended the speech with a chorus of applause from the majority while members of the opposition were silent. The president of the lower house began the round of consultations before taking the vote. The first to take the floor was the head of the Chamber of Deputies group of the majority party Lega. Antonio Fedriga

"Members of the government. We in the ruling League party group have agreed to vote unitedly and unitedly on the approval of this project. At last the government is working hard in unifying a nation that in past years has neglected the north despite the fact that it has landscape and economic riches that have not been fully exploited. At last a modern center-right government is carrying out a project that many previous governments have never done. I conclude by saying that finally the unification of this nation after a war will be able to run at 300Km/h."

League members applauded their group leader's words. Immediately afterwards, Roberto Giordano took the floor. Group leader of the Chamber of Deputies of the majority party. Forza Ionio

"Dear esteemed members of the government. The high-speed rail project has now become essential to resume and continue the industrial development of this nation. That is why we approve the government's proposal."

Immediately afterwards Roberta Villa took the floor. Leader of the Democratic Party. Opposition party

"Colleagues and members of the government. We in the Demcoratic Party have decided to vote for self-consciousness. We know it is a project that will bring benefits to the nation but we do not feel like supporting one of your proposals as there is an ideological rift. We know it is a critical time but because of this project that looks like a monster in some cases, we do not feel like unitedly putting our trust in this government."


Luca Renzi leader of the Socialist Party. 

Members of the Democratic Party applauded the voices of their leader. There were a few murmurs among the cabinet members, but they were all attentive in observing the moves. Immediately afterwards it was the turn of Socialist Party leader Luca Renzi. Opposition Party

"Government members. We socialists know that there are ideological differe between us and you, but in this situation we know special we know that we have to make courageous choices. You have proposed a complex project and made investments on other areas such as education, health and environment. That is why that the Socialist Party will vote united in favor of this project."

Members of the majority and members of the Socialist Partisanship applauded Luca Renzi's words finally indicating that in these situations there must be unity even among political parties with different ideology. Government members also applauded. Next it was Roberto Conte's turn. Leader of the Communist Party. Opposition party

"Mmebers of the government we in the Communist Party have decided to vote no to this useless and senseless proposal. Instead of spending Auro 6 billion on a railroad you must invest and benefit the depressed and war-torn economic zones."

Only members of the Communist Party and some members of the Democratic Party applauded while choruses of disapproval rose from members of the majority. The president was watching and spoke to Ella Meloni. Leader of the Fratelli d'Ionio party and minister of education. 

"How much do you bet that a brawl breaks out now?"

"I already know that I will have to have a good discussion with the members of my party. "

Meanwhile, the leader of the Chamber of Deputies majority party group leader Fratelli d'Ionio took the floor. Edoardo Foti

"Members of the government. We in Fratelli d'Ionio decided to vote in favor of this proposal because the period when ineffective governments never did anything to unify a nation is finally over. But it took a center-right government and a war to get things moving. Today there was a demonstration that from the opposition there are people who really want to work to make the nation better but there are members especially the Communist Party of Ionio who do not want progress but only a state in chaos."

Immediately there were choruses of protest from Communist Party members as members the majority members galvanized their colleague's words causing insults between the communists and the majority members. Government members stood impassively while John Colucci and Antonio Sgarbi were amused by the situation but could do nothing to try to maintain a neutral position. Meanwhile, the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies was trying to maintain order by having congressman Edoardo Foti conclude the words

"I conclude by saying that finally today it is shown what the winners and losers are and Roberto Conte remains an eternal loser not only politically but his team Monterosso Chiefs lost to Fasano Giants 70 to 20."


Immediately a brawl broke out with Roberto Conte going to the desks of Fratelli d'Ionio to beat up Edoardo Foti over the words of the eternal loser. The president of the Chamber of Deputies suspended the session to try to calm the spirits of politicians by indicating that the session would be resumed at 11:30 AM while many political members of the majority and opposition along with the staff of the Chamber of Deputies.

San Foca - 12/01/2024 - 2:00 PM


Giovanni Fontana. Speaker of Chamber of Deputies


After a brawl and a long session finally came to the final stage of voting and you could hear the words of the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies. Giovanni Fontana.

"We go to the vote on the bill of the construction of the high-speed rail project where the government has placed a vote of confidence. The votes are open."

All members of the Chamber of Deputies voted and after a few minutes the results came in

"Results of the vote. Votes in favor 244. Votes against 35. Votes absent 21. Parliament approves the confidence and the bill."

With these words, the majority and members of the government exulted, indicating that at last a greater burden had been lifted despite the serious facts. Now only the Senate remains and finally the nation will be unified

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San Foca - 17/01/2024 - 4:00 PM


The discussion of the high-speed project continued until 4:00 PM. Unlike the session of the House of Representatives, it was held quickly and without turbulent moments between senators of different political fractions. Eventually the time for the vote arrived and after a few minutes the President of the sentate Elisabetta De Gregori began to speak to announce the result

"Results of the vote. Votes in favor 73. Votes against 25. Votes absent 2. Parliament approves the confidence and the bill."


Immediately jubilant outbursts from members of the government, the majority. The mmebers of the Socialist Party also joined in the celebration while the members of the government including the president went away to continue working in improving the country. Only the president, the minister of transport and, of course, the vice president remained

"This is it at last. After a war we can finally rebuild the nation. Now we can think bigger."

"Am I thinking what I'm thinking?"

"Yes. We need to build a national high-speed network. Now that the coast is completed we need to invest a lot in the hinterland. I think the next project has to be the high-speed linking Fano with San Foca via Aurora and Fasano. At least we can decongest the network from the moment and prepare it for future international expansion."

"It will be a long discussion with them but I think there are other projects to be done. Are there interstates to be built?"

"I don't remember now. Maybe there are but I don't remember exactly."

"However, we have a press conference to do. It will be fun especially when I heard that the Communist Party is going to explode after that dumb show in the Chamber of Deputies."

Both of them left the parliament to have the press conference

San Foca - 17/01/2024 - 7:00 PM


All the journalists were waiting for the president together with the minister of transport to enter the press conference room, and suddenly the president appeared together with the minister of transport and the vice president. The first to take the floor was President John Colucci

"Hello everyone. Today we are talking about a historic moment when the 'high-speed rail project that will finally complete the coastal line will happen. This project that will cost us 6 billion Auro will allow us to speed up the movement of goods and people along the coastal line but also focus on environmental protection. We are currently finalizing the tenders which should be available by the end of January and estimate that within 5 years the project will be completed."


A reporter from the Libero Quotidiano asked a question.

"Do we know what the technical specifications of this railroad are?"


The minister of transport took the floor

"This project includes the creation of a high-speed rail line that supports a maximum speed of 320 km/h. The power supply is 25 Kv AC in 60 Hz which is the standard of our railway network in addition to having ITCS. In the project we have provided interconnections with the history line in addition to building 3 railway stations dedicated only to high-speed rail. The railway line will be built in an area that is mostly flat but there will still be construction of bridges in the areas that we have to cross rivers. Of course, we have put special attention in minimizing environmental damage during and after construction with the creation of compensatory works "


A Wolf News reporter asked a question.

"So this project is considered important while other cities like Fasano or Monterosso have to wait. In your opinion, is it considered a strategic move or are there problems to be solved?"


The vice president immediately took the floor

"The answer is no but there are priorities to be met. After a war we are giving priority to the war-affected cities to recover. High-speed rail along the coast is considered important because it is the busiest network in the nation. So after a reconstruction and recovery of the economy and tourism the network will become more saturated. That is why that we are giving priority to this project while other network will be on hold. A short wait also because we already have lines planned but they are still in the preliminary study phase. Patience is needed because we are working on several fronts."


IBC reporter asks a question

"Isn't the construction of this high-speed rail line also driven by the city of Galdurmar's desire to become a gambling center of the nation?"

"Absolutely not. Although we approve of this initiative the construction of the high-speed rail line began during the final period of the war. So it's just pure coincidences that Galdurmar is betting on gambling and at the same time receiving high-speed rail."

Reporter of the San Foca Daily asks a question

"So the airlines may experience a reduction in revenue when the new rail line comes into operation?"

"Yes. The airline companies that do the domestic routes may experience a reduction in revenue because there are as many as 4 rail companies that will be able to use high-speed rail. So we're talking about frequent and fast trains running north to south and east to west across the nation."

The press conference continued but it could be seen that the president, vice president and minister of transportation were satisfied with this day full of postive events

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Taranto - 12/03/2024 - 10:00 AM

The smell of the sea could be smelled but also still that slight summer heat that was going away, however. The leaves of the trees were turning orange indicating that autumn was coming, but today was an important day in Taranto as today would be the opening of the construction site of the high-speed rail line. Therefore, all construction-related personalities and even political figures were there.

There was a bustle of people and site workers taking their places in the temporarily constructed shed for the commencement speech. Among the various people was President John Colucci, who also had to make his disccourse. Next to him sat an old college friend of his who had later become a friendly rival during his entrepreneurial period who is the president of Phoneix Construction, Roberto Rizzo.

"It seems that despite changing roles, you always get what you want president."

"After all, it was our dream when we were universiatry students."

"I agree. Since you switched to politics the Ionian business wurld has lost a lively soul"

"Yes. Unfortunately, I had to sacrifice something to become president. After all, I don't want to be investigated for bribery and insider trading although I can tell you that there is important business coming up and it concerns Galdurmar"

"Is it about the casino issue?"

"That's right, Although I am the president of Ionio I can still maneuver things to settle some unsuspended accounts."

"I think I understand what you want to do and I can tell you that you also have the excuse to do it."


"From Typhon Shipping Company bought that railroad company is proceeding for a hostile takeover of an amusement company which if I remember correctly should be Belmont and they have contacted me to efect the construction of a casino"

"I smell a corporate war coming."


"That's right. Many guilds are preparing when the city of Galdurmar will make the announcement of their projects and casino plots, and we certainly know the sacrificial lamb of the guilds."

"Fazzellini Entertainment. That company will also be mine because from what I've been told it is about to declare bankruptcy."

"That's right. That company has too many problems especially after the disaster of the 5 missing children and the death of the founder. The fact that at the time the incident occurred at the height of the Tangentopoli scandal caused a deleterious effect on marketing in the long run."

"Complete misfortune. But I think we need to discuss this in private and another day now let's enjoy this wonderful day."

The continuous event in which not only the mayors of the various cities involved spoke, the various presidents of the construction companies involved and after the turn of the minister of infrastructure Ionian president's turn came

"Dear Ionians. We are gathered here today in celebrating a glorious moment for our nation in that we are finally in the final stage where we can unify the nation after it was torn apart by a senseless war. With this project, we can finally bury the past and proceed to unite the Ionian people with a railroad that will move goods and people at a speed of 300 kilometers per hour allowing us to reduce pollution and promote economic growth. Although it will take more years to build but already as of today we can say that the future of Ionian will be a bright future driven by prosperity and peace. For this reason and I also think that the workers want to start building I can officially open the construction site of the Taranto - Ornsvot high-speed rail line."

The president pressed the red button activating the machinery and the siren indicating the workers to start working while all the people applauded for this wonderful moment.


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Chiatona – Archaeological excavations of the Chiatona high-speed train station – 18/04/2024 – 12:00 AM


Although the construction of the high-speed railway is increasingly becoming operational, but there are still preparatory works that need to be done and one of them is archaeological excavations along the project route. One such archaeological excavation is taking place at the site of the Chiatona high-speed rail station.

Currently, there are archaeologists and even Ph.D. students who were excavating and examining the various archaeological finds they were discovering. The chief of archaeologists was examining the operations when the chief of engineers arrived.

“How are the archaeological excavations progressing?”

“Let's say not bad. But I think we're in a serious problem here.”

“What kind of problem?”

“We have discovered an ancient city, and from initial analysis it seems that this city dates back to 700 A.D. So we are talking about when the Aromans of the Aurelian Empire first came to Ionio.”

The engineer put his hands in his hair as a sign of frustration

“You know we can't delay the project too long. Same thing for moving the railroad.”

“I know. I'm getting worried about this too. Such a discovery is not to be underestimated.”

“I feel the same way, but we have deadlines. The only solution would be to change the station, but this will result in delays and increased costs.”

“What do you have in mind?”

"One solution is to elevate the station so as not to disturb archaeological excavation operations, but it still involves the destruction of small parts of the ancient city."

“It is not a suitable solution, but we try to find a solution. Also because the Ministry of Cultural Heritage is already taking over this project, and they want to make an archaeological park.”

“Which makes me think of a museum station. A train station where objects from the ancient city are displayed.”

Both people were puzzled at the abnormal situation, trying to find a solution.

“Question. What's here?”

“Where the station will be built here there were Aroman walls. So if in front of us is the sea. Here are the walls and behind us are the remains of the ancient city.”

“We are screwed.”

“Yes. There may be a solution, though. I called the university to send more people by including students from the master's program and in case also students from the triennial program to speed things up. So we can get an idea of how much material is here and in case we can adjust the project according to the archaeological excavations.”

“Let's hope for the best. In the meantime I am concentrating my efforts toward Marina di ginosa, but the clock is ticking and if they arrive the Taranto team arrives first we have a big problem, although they are delayed due to other logistical problems.”

“I heard that building in Taranto is hard since they are working with trains running and over cadastral issues.”

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