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The Republic Of Aslamia

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I would like to extend a formal thank you to the great region of Eurpoa for their awesome generousity and hospitality towards the Republic of Aslamia.

Aslamia originated from a group of colonies composed of oppressed individuals fleeing from the sibling nations of Roavia and Power Utopia. These beaten and broken peoples numbered only 100,000 when the Aslam constitution was written and independance was declared from the nation of Roavia. After a brief diplomatic dispute in which Aslamia paid 40 million Ji''s to their mother counrty, a strong, democratic governemnt was assembled. Composed of a tricameral legislature(House of Peoples, House of Goger, House of Raggb), a judicial system based on the virtue of rehabilitation and the absence of a single leader Aslamia has the government of the future. Aslamia's economic policy is strictly socialistic. Every large industry is controlled by the elected house of Goger. The House of Raggb exercises legislative control over domestic social issues as well as homeland security and The House Of Peoples(1,000 elected members) has legislative control over international issues as well as the authority to veto any bill passed by the other two houses. Each member of the three houses as well as all justices are elected every 2 years by the people of Aslamia. Campaigns are strictly regulated. Each candidate is given 20,000 Ji''s plus airfair by the government and no other donations over the sum of 50 Ji''s are allowed by private citizens. Aslamia has virtually no standing army other than a national security special operations team used only under circumstances of great, great danger. Domestic police forces are numbered to only one officer for every 10 square miles. There has not been a murder in Aslamia for 6 years.

Please contact myself, Tam EnabliK(Director Of International Affairs, House of Poeples 15 yrs) on this site for any further information of the Republic Of Aslamia.

Thank you very much!


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