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Auction for a energy company in Ionio

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Summary. Sale of a state-owned company due to energy regulatory laws

Thanks to the acquisition of the new territories after Ionio's victory over Tengrolhan, an anomalous situation has occurred where the state of Ionio simultaneously manages the national electric grid and national natural gas grid in addition to the management of companies that sell and deliver electricity to citizens and industrial and commercial enterprises. Due to the Electricity and Natural Gas Regulation Law (1950) it is stipulated that the state of Ionio can only own the transportation infrastructure because of its neutral role and sets the price of the cost of electricity and natural gas.  For this reason, the state of Ionio is putting Solarios Electricity Company up for sale.

Composition of the company

The Solarios Electricity Company operates 3 Coal-fired power plants along with 1 Oil-fired power plant in addition to 10 green power plants divided by solar and wind. The power plants have already been upgraded to be included in the Ionian national electric grid, which operates with a transmission of 240 V at 60 Hz.  In addition, the company also operates in natural gas distribution.

Requirements to participate in the auction

The company interested in buying Solarios Electricity Company will have to submit a development plan, an environmental impact assessment, comply with the regulation of anti-trust laws and especially ensure cooperation with the state-owned company TERNA, which operates the entire Ionian power grid in addition to the Ioninan natural gas grid.  The total cost of the acquisition is worth 300 million Auros


The auction will be closed by 31 January 2024. The winner will be chosen according to the following parameter: Economic value of the bid - Preliminary development plan - Ecological energy development plan  - Compliance with energy regulations and antitrust laws - Relationship with TERNA

(Monetary Conversion: 4 Auros = 1 USD/ASD)


All companies interested in participating in this auction must submit the documents here:

Ing. Riccardo Ferraro

Department of Energy of Ionio

Via Cristoforo Colombo, 44 - San Foca , Ionio

Email: ricf@energy.government.in

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Mark Flirn, Head of HLEE Foreign Operations Team,

14 Highberry Avenue,

Parlahaven, PH2 AMC



Riccardo Ferraro,

44 Cristoforo Colombo

San Foca, @Ionio


Subject: Bid on Solarios Electricity Company

Dear Mr Ferraro,

I am pleased to inform you that HaLea Energy Enterprise, the largest Energy company in Hisera and the primary source of energy for millions of people, is strongly interested in the possible acquisition of Solarios Electricity Company, as well as expansion into the Ionian energy sector.

HaLea Energy Enterprise (from here HLEE), is a Hiseran-based energy company with a strong focus on providing cheap, reliable electricity to the public, as well as pioneering innovative, green energy solutions. HLEE believes that expansion into the Ionian market can be best achieved with close cooperation with the workers operating in its facilities, and as such will be ensuring that no worker is earning less than 19.25 ADS (77 Auros) per hour, as well as allowing partial worker self-management, which has been proved in many HLEE facilities and plants in Hisera to successfully increase worker productivity and incentivise regular attendance and extraordinary participation in the general work environment.

HLEE has extensive experience in fossil fuel electricity extraction, operating large amounts of coal, oil and natural gas plants throughout Western and Central Hisera, including Drolan Yard Supermassive Complex, which single handedly provides 7.8% of all electricity produced in Hisera. HLEE plants are regarded as extremely reliable in this sector, even regularly operating during the Second Hiseran Civil War, during a period of time when many energy companies closed their doors and plants. 

HLEE has also begun the process of transitioning to a more green-energy based energy extraction method as its energy standard. HLEE still holds large experience from its continued operation and maintenance of NarlaNorth Dam since 1974, as well as the operation of several Geothermal plants in the North Szlescagrunt Activity Zone. HLEE has also been strongly investing into Solar Thermal and Photovoltaic forms of energy, with the Narla’s Cove Solar Farm set to open by February 2024. Although controversial on whether or not it is truly 'green' energy, HLEE Subsidiary Atomic Wonder operates Parlahaven's old nuclear facilities, which provide essential electricity to the ever-powerhungry city.

Should HLEE be chosen to acquire Solarios Electricity Company, the enterprise would focus initially on an expansion of the fossil fuel sector in order to provide lower costs and generally reliable power to the local market. Once this has been achieved, HLEE would switch focus on moving away from fossil fuels, making sure to maintain low costs while tidying up the ecological footprint of these investments. As the profitability of the company expands, so will the wage of the workers of Solarios Electricity Company, with the goal of establishing a high, livable minimum wage.

Specific Auction Details:

HLEE wishes to place an initial bid on Solarios Electricity Company of 465 Million Auros/116.25 Million ADS

Best regards,

Mark Flirn, Head of HLEE Foreign Operations Team

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To: Ing. Riccardo Ferraro
Department of Energy of Ionio
Via Cristoforo Colombo, 44 — San Foca, Ionio
Email ricf@energy.government.in

Enorgy's Bid for the Acquisition of Solarios Electricity Company

Dear Ing. Riccardo Ferraro,

We at Enorgy (Orioni Energy) are excited to submit our bid for the auction of Solarios Electricity Company, as advertised by the Department of Energy of @Ionio. We have closely reviewed the requirements for participation in the auction and are confident that our proposal aligns with the stipulated guidelines, while also advancing the energy sector of Ionio towards a sustainable future.

  1. Economic Value of the Bid — Enorgy proposes a bid of 325 million Auros (equivalent to 81.25 million ASD), exceeding the set acquisition cost. This valuation is based on our comprehensive analysis of Solarios Electricity Company's assets, potentials, and the strategic alignment with our long-term objectives.
  2. Preliminary Development Plan — Our plan includes the modernization of existing coal and oil-fired plants to reduce emissions and improve efficiency. We aim to increase the investment in green power plants by 40% in the next five years, focusing on solar and wind energy.
  3. Ecological Energy Development Plan — Enorgy is committed to reducing carbon footprints. We plan to introduce innovative clean energy technologies and transition towards more sustainable energy production methods. This includes expanding the capacity of solar and wind power plants and exploring the integration of emerging renewable technologies.
  4. Compliance with Regulations and Antitrust Laws — Enorgy assures full compliance with the Electricity and Natural Gas Regulation Law (1950) and the antitrust laws of Ionio. We are dedicated to maintaining an open, competitive market and will work diligently to uphold the integrity of the energy sector.
  5. Relationship with TERNA — Our proposal includes a detailed plan for collaboration with TERNA to ensure seamless integration and operation within the Ionian national electric and natural gas grids. We propose regular coordination meetings, shared training programs, and a joint task force to address operational synergies and challenges.

Our vision for Solarios Electricity Company is not only an acquisition, but a partnership towards a more sustainable and innovative energy future for Ionio. We believe our bid not only meets, but exceeds the expectations and requirements set forth by the Department of Energy of Ionio.

We look forward to the possibility of a fruitful collaboration and are eager to contribute to the growth and development of Ionio's energy sector.


Nadia Mekonnen
Director of Business Development and Strategic Acquisitions
Enorgy (Orioni Energy)


📎 Attachments:

  1. Detailed Development Plan
  2. Environmental Impact Assessment Report
  3. Compliance and Cooperation Framework with TERNA
  4. Financial Bid Document


About Enorgy (Orioni Energy)

Enorgy, also known as Orioni Energy, is a forward-thinking energy company based in O'polis, Orioni. Established in 1998, we have grown to become one of the leading providers of innovative and sustainable energy solutions in the region. Our diverse portfolio includes electricity and natural gas distribution, with a strong focus on renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power. Committed to environmental stewardship and technological advancement, Enorgy is dedicated to delivering reliable and efficient energy services while actively contributing to a sustainable future. Our successful acquisition and integration of Orgas, a key player in the natural gas and renewable energy sector, further exemplifies our commitment to expanding our reach and enhancing our capabilities in the energy landscape.

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From: Ing. Antonio Rossetti, Department of Telecommunications of Ionio, Via Acilio Glabrione 34 - San Foca , Ionio

To: Nadia Mekonnen, Director of Business Development and Strategic Acquisitions Enorgy (Orioni Energy), @Orioni and Mark Flirn, Head of HLEE Foreign Operations Team @Hisera

Thank you for participating in this auction to acquire Solarios Electricity Company. Since we have received a considerable number of bids, we have decided to hold a second auction so that all participating companies can improve the auction offer and allow us to select the best bid. Also in these days there will be a hearing of the companies participating in this auction so that we can resolve some issues that have arisen.  To submit a second bid you can do so by February 10. I am attaching the bids of all the participants in this auction


📎 HaLea Energy Enterprise economic offer (Hiseria)

📎 Enorgy economic offer (Orioni)

The hearing will be held Feb. 12 so that we can select the best economic offer. 

OOC: In order not to spoil the counter bid of the participants, I have decided that the second bid will have to be sent in PM on discord. 

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To: Ing. Antonio Rossetti
Department of Telecommunications of Ionio
Via Acilio Glabrione 34 - San Foca, Ionio

Subject: Participation in the Second Auction for Solarios Electricity Company

Dear Ing. Antonio Rossetti,

I hope this message finds you well. On behalf of Enorgy (Orioni Energy), I wish to express our sincere gratitude for the opportunity to participate in the auction for the acquisition of the Solarios Electricity Company. We appreciate the efforts of the Department of Telecommunications of Ionio in facilitating a transparent and competitive bidding process.

After careful consideration and thorough analysis of our strategic priorities, Enorgy has decided not to participate in the second auction. We stand by our initial bid of 325 million Auros (equivalent to 81.25 million ASD) as a fair and accurate valuation of the company. This bid reflects both its current market position and its potential for future growth under our stewardship. Our bid was formulated with a deep commitment to advancing the energy sector in Ionio towards a more sustainable and innovative future, which would align with the requirements set forth by your department.

We understand and respect the decision to seek further offers to ensure the best outcome for Ionio. However, in alignment with our corporate financial strategy and investment principles, we must adhere to our original valuation. We believe it reflects a responsible and sustainable approach to business growth and sector contribution.

If there is flexibility within the auction process, Enorgy would be open to discussing the possibility of acquiring a smaller portion or a specific segment of Solarios Electricity Company's operations. We are prepared to explore how such an arrangement could still meet the goals of both Enorgy and the Department of Telecommunications of Ionio, ensuring a beneficial partnership moving forward.

Our commitment to Ionio and its energy future remains steadfast. Enorgy is dedicated to contributing to the region's energy sector, whether through this acquisition or other potential collaborations. We are keen to maintain an open dialogue and explore other opportunities where our expertise and resources can support Ionio's energy objectives.

Thank you again for considering our bid. We look forward to any future opportunities to collaborate and contribute to Ionio's sustainable energy landscape.


Nadia Mekonnen
Director of Business Development and Strategic Acquisitions
Enorgy (Orioni Energy)

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The day of the hearing had arrived for the energy auction. People were discussing among themselves when Riccardo Ferraro minister of energy, Giuseppina De Biasio president of TERNA and Roberto Rustichelli president of the Competition and Market Authority which is the antitrust of Ionio arrived.

"Good morning everyone. Today we are holding the hearing for the acquisition of Solarios Electricity Company. As you know this procedure will be very fast as you have already provided a very substantial documentation and so this thing will be very fast unlike the media auction which is ongoing. Before we start I would like to introduce myself and introduce my colleagues who are participating in this hearing. I am Riccardo Ferraro the current minister of energy. Then there is Giuseppina De Biasio who is president of TERNA the national electricity grid operator and finally and Roberto Rustichelli president of the Competition and Market Authority. I would like to give my greetings to Nadia Mekonnen, Director of Business Development and Strategic Acquisitions at Enorgy and Pietr Goschtten, Head of Business Development at HLEE."


"We start with Enorgy's bid, which submits an offer of 325 Million Auro and is represented by Nadia Mekonnen, Director of Business Development and Strategic Acquisitions. @Orioni The offer is good and includes not only modernization of existing plants but also major investments on green energy. My only question which is then a curiosity question is your opinion on nuclear energy."

"Regarding the antitrust part you have written about compliance with anti trust rules but I am more concerned about the fact that the company has committed several marketing missteps such as "Glow-in-the-Dark Bedrooms" or "Enorgy Home Disco Kits" although the latter is a brilliant idea. But how do you react if citizens want to proceed a class action or antitrust intervenes to sanction and correct situations that violate antitrust rules?"

"You wrote that you want to collaborate with Terna and start a coordination program and also a taskforce. My question is how do you deal with emergencies such as in the case of a Cascading failure?"

"Now let us turn to HLEE's bid, which is represented by Pietr Goschtten, Head of Business Development at HLEE. @Hisera The value of the bid is 495 Million Auros. Now in your plan you have indicated of a plan to turn off fossil fuel power plants in order to move towards green energy. Now I would like to understand more about your plans and how do you make them coincide with the national energy strategy? The shutdown of polluting power plants is planned by 2050. Also you mentioned Atomic Wonder and the operation of an old nuclear power plant but I wonder about your position on nuclear power and in case you want to comply with environmental regulations on nuclear power?"

"Regarding antitrust, I would like to know how do you relate to the various market regulations that guarantee the free market?"

"I don't see any paragraph related to future relationship with TERNA and so I would like to understand how do you relate to TERNA and your procedures in case of an emergency such as in the case of a Cascading failure that causes a national blackout?"


OOC:You have until Feb. 19 to answer these questions. 


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Goschtten readjusts his microphone to be closer to his mouth and begins to speak:

"Before I begin, I would just like to thank the representation of Ionio for the warm welcome we have received, and I would like to re-affirm HLEE's interest in working closely with the government of Ionio as well as the honourable people of this land."

"I would like to begin with your first question, which was to provide more information regarding the the HLEE transition strategy into green energy as well as how HLEE will coincide with Ionio's national energy strategy. I would like to start with our opening plans. HLEE's strongest focus is on the wellbeing of Ionian consumers and workers, and to ensure that they are not negatively affected in any way shape or form by this transition. This is reflected in our initial bid, as well as our private bid which we disclosed prior with the relevant authorities here in Ionio. HLEE's belief is that a rapid transition from fossil fuels to energy may potentially negatively impact prices for the average citizen, bringing them up and putting a squeeze on regular working families. In order to avoid this, the HLEE plan has highlighted that our initial steps would involve bringing down short-term costs through the construction of some fossil fuel plants. While this may seem counterintuitive, this is done solely with keeping prices down for the consumer while allowing us to maintain the profitability of operations here in Ionio. In this way, HLEE would help create thousands of high-paying jobs for the Ionian people while ensuring that more money stays in the pockets of the hard-working people. We have already organised a pre-emptive plan of development, in close co-operation with local Ionian conservation and environmental groups in order to see how this short-term expansion may be done with minimal damage to local ecosystems and the wider environment in Ionio. After this initial period of fossil fuel expansion, HLEE operations will enter into a 'Slow Phase-Out' Stage, which will see the construction of Wind, Solar, Hydroelectric and Tidal power plants throughout the nation. During this stage, fossil fuels plants will be slowly closed, with the output of closed plants being made sure to be corresponding to production from new clean and green power plants. This stage will see very little loss in employment opportunities and will maintain low prices for consumers without excessive fluctuation, providing stability and showing Ionian consumers that they will be able to rely on HLEE to provide. The slow phase-out should fit comfortably before the due date of Ionian complete phasing out of polluting plants in 2050, with our analysts predicting this to be complete within the range of 2040-2045, potentially faster if there are little complications that we face in potential future operations in Ionio."

"In regards to your second question, HLEE strongly believes in the possibility of nuclear providing vast amounts of power to nations in the future. Nuclear, despite being a non-renewable energy resource, emits essentially no harmful gases into the atmosphere which would allow it to potentially serve as the main source of power for nations in the future. Methods of storing waste nuclear fuel have also greatly improved with time, and new technology in storing it underground without any contamination increasingly makes it a more and more plausible, if initially expensive, alternative to particularly power-hungry areas. Should the time come that HLEE would begin working on Nuclear power in Ionio, we would be more than willing to follow all necessary environmental laws and protections in order to ensure minimal possible damage to local ecosystems."

"In regards to following antitrust regulation, HLEE is more than willing to be fully compliant with the regulations and laws of Ionio. We are fully dedicated to ensuring a free, open and competitive energy market, as well as upholding the integrity of such a vital industry."

"HLEE's belives that close coordination and partnership between the company and the Ionian government is vital to maintain and protect the Ionian energy grid, and that working with TERNA will be essential for integration in the Ionian Grid. In working together, HLEE and Ionio task forces would hold regularly meetings and joint training in order to tackle any future systemic problems together. In regards to your question regarding cascading failures, our belief is that prevention is far better than fixing. As such, HLEE would make sure to use high-quality Outage Management systems. These systems would be constantly monitoring the grid, and would be able to detect faults and abnormalities that could trigger cascading failures, before they actually do. With HLEE and Ionian task forces working in close conjunction, these trouble spots could then be isolated, allowing our operators to prevent further impacts and to prevent the spread of outages. Of course, it would also make sense to prepare for a situation where the OMS doesn't work, and a cascading failure slips under and there is an outage. Here, HLEE task forces would work closely with Ionian government task forces, meeting to discuss how best to deal with the situation as it evolves, while ground units actively go out to fix the situations and whatever was the cause. HLEE would not keep a static approach and simply look at different spots, which is one of the worst things to do during such a failure, but look at the bigger picture, and operate dynamically in order to fix the situation, and responding actively as the situation may develop and change."

"I believe that that is all of your questions answered. Once again, I thank the @Ionion administration for the warm welcome and sincerely hope for future cooperation."

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Dear Minister Riccardo Ferraro, President Giuseppina De Biasio, president Roberto Rustichelli, and esteemed Colleagues,

Thank you for the opportunity to address the inquiries posed during the hearing for the acquisition of Solarios Electricity Company. Today, I will provide detailed responses to your questions, reflecting Enorgy's strategic approach and commitment to @Ionio's energy sector.

1. Enorgy's Stance on Nuclear Energy

FERRARO: “Your offer is good and includes not only modernization of existing plants, but also major investments on green energy. My only question, which is then a curiosity question, is your opinion on nuclear energy.”

MEKONNEN: “In response to the inquiry about our perspective on nuclear energy, Enorgy recognises the role of nuclear power as a low-carbon energy source with the potential to complement our commitment to green energy transition. While our current bid emphasises modernisation and expansion in renewable energy sectors such as solar and wind, we are open to exploring nuclear energy as part of a diversified energy mix. This exploration would strictly adhere to the highest standards of safety, environmental protection, and community engagement, ensuring that any potential nuclear projects align with Ionio's energy policies and public sentiment. Might I enquire, now or in private, as to what the exact plans are for introducing nuclear energy in Ionio?”

2. Approach to Antitrust Concerns and Marketing Missteps

DE BIASIO: “Regarding the antitrust part, you have written about compliance with antitrust rules. But I am more concerned about the fact that the company has committed several marketing missteps such as ‘Glow-in-the-Dark Bedrooms’ or ‘Enorgy Home Disco Kits’ although the latter is a brilliant idea. But how do you react if citizens want to proceed a class action or antitrust intervenes to sanction and correct situations that violate antitrust rules?”

MEKONNEN: “Regarding concerns about past marketing initiatives and potential antitrust issues, Enorgy is committed to operating with the utmost integrity and transparency. We acknowledge that some of our past marketing campaigns, while innovative, may not have fully aligned with our core mission of providing sustainable energy solutions. In the event of a class action or antitrust intervention, Enorgy is prepared to engage constructively with all stakeholders, including regulatory bodies and the communities we serve. Our approach includes thorough internal reviews, corrective actions as necessary, and open dialogue to address and resolve concerns. Ensuring compliance with antitrust laws and maintaining consumer trust are paramount to our operations.”

3. Collaboration with TERNA and Emergency Response Plans

RUSTICHELLI: “You wrote that you want to collaborate with TERNA and start a coordination program and also a taskforce. My question is, how do you deal with emergencies, such as in the case of a cascading failure?”

MEKONNEN: “In terms of our proposed collaboration with TERNA and handling emergency situations such as cascading failures, Enorgy plans to establish a robust partnership with TERNA. This partnerships will include: regular coordination meetings, shared training programs, and a joint emergency response task force. Such a collaborative framework will enhance our collective ability to manage and mitigate the risks associated with cascading failures. Our emergency response plan includes real-time data sharing, the deployment of rapid response teams, and the implementation of advanced grid management technologies to ensure a swift and efficient restoration of services. Enorgy is dedicated to leveraging our expertise and resources to support TERNA in enhancing grid resilience and reliability.”

We at Enorgy are eager to contribute to the sustainable development of Ionio's energy sector. And we look forward to the possibility of a successful partnership. Thank you for considering our responses. I will personally remain available for any further discussions or clarifications needed.

OOC. Actually, I'm quite glad you read through the funny jokes that were hidden on the Enorgy page. Hopefully you had as much fun reading them as I had while writing them.

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Immediately after Pietr Goschtten finished speaking Riccardo Ferraro indicated that the committee should meet to determine the final decision. When the committee trudged into a room isolated from the audience they began to discuss

"So we all agree. The two offers are super comeptitive that we don't know what to choose."

"I agree. The two bids gave positive feedback with future relations with Terna. They also have very diverse visions of ideas."

"I think we need to see if we can split the bid so that we can create a more competitive market."

"Let me see. 300 million Auros will split into 150 million Auros. One company will have 2 coal plants and 5 green plants. The other will have one coal plant, one oil plant and 5 green plants."

"This thing looks good to me as an offer. The companies have manifested different strategies in diversifying the energy mix."

"We can do it this way. If the both companies agree we proceed in dividing the bid into two if the companies do not agree with each other then we choose the best company which personally is Enorgy."

"I agree with the choice of Enorgy."

"Apparently I am the only one for HLEE, but I agree to defer the choice and proceed in figuring out if there is interest on both sides to proceed with splitting the bid"

OOC: This discussion is not to be used for RP and to write newspaper articles

In less than half an hour, the committee appeared in the audience and Riccardo Ferraro began to speak

"First of all, we thank the participants in submitting bids. Both bids were evaluated postively and despite an internal stalemate we decided to ask Pietr Goschtten @Hisera and Nadia Mekonnen @Orioni an additional question.

We explored the possibility of splitting the bid into two so that both of you can operate in Ionio. The bid will be divided into two with a value of 150 million Auros. One company will have operation of 2 coal-fired power plants and 5 green power plants while another company will have operation of one coal-fired power plant, one oil-fired power plant and 5 green power plants. What we want to know if you are interested in exploring this possibility. If you both agree we can give time to modulate the bid but if you both disagree then the committee has to meet to determine the winner."


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"While HLEE is somewhat disappointed that our bid was not chosen outright for the auction, we would still be open to exploring such a possibility with the Ionian Government and Enorgy. We are hopeful about HLEE expansion in Ionio, and believe that it can be accomplished in cooperation, and not direct competition, with our Orinese industry partners."

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