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Military Intervention in the Oclait


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During the latest session of the Assembled Nations, Hodrean Ambassador Jessika Ilbert has been given the floor as part of the agenda and announcement from the Hodrean Republic. This was an enormous moment for Hodrea. It had been broken for too long, but reconstruction had built a new and strong country from its ashes. The infectious idea of Ceriser unity had all but consumed politics back home, and Hodrea wanted to emerge as a true leader to the Ceriser people after the Sentist War. Her people were finally not stuck in an infinite loop of poverty and conflict, and it finally felt like a true coming of age for the nation. It was strong enough to finally reach out and not only fight for its people on the field of battle, but maybe even make some waves in the field of international politics. Up until now, no major state would have taken a Ceriser nation seriously. But with the rise of the North Adlantic Union and the massively successful recovery efforts across the rest of the island, it finally seemed like there was real hope.

β€œMy esteemed colleagues of the Assembled Nations, I stand before you today in order to address this body on a crisis that has yet again beset our home island of Ceris.”

Ilbert took a deep breath before continuing on: β€œOur intelligence services have confirmed, in concert with our close allies in the North Adlantic Union, that the Sentist warlord popularity known as 'Wolf' has forcibly detained upwards of a hundred thousand Hodrean civilians. These individuals, whom we had previously thought to have been deceased due to the Sentist War, are being used as a source of forced labor to continue to prop up the theocratic and authoritarian Wolf regime. Oclait has long been a territory that has suffered under warlords, and since its breakaway from Hodrea and subsequent collapse thereafter, there has been no stable central government that has been recognized as truly leading the territory. The population of the territory has continued to diminish, with estimates placing the population dropping below two million this year. Its people have lived in poverty and a state of constant warfare. This combined with frequent cross border raids into Hodrean territory, along with the discovery of our own citizens still being held in forced labor camps, the decision has been made by the Hodrean Republic that a military intervention is necessary.”

β€œThis is not a decision our nation takes lightly, however the situation as it is unacceptable. As of today, in the early morning hours, Hodrean military units have crossed the borders of the Oclait territory and have engaged in combat with forces loyal to Commandant Wolf. Our objective is simple, to free our citizens from Sentist clutches, to wipe out the last of the murderous Northern Sentist cult, and to establish a new and stable government to rule over Oclait. To that end, we have approached this body in order to ensure this task can occur. We would ask the Assembled Nations to assist our nation and the North Adlantic Union in overseeing the institution of a free and democratic governing body responsible for an Oclait state, and to assist its people in rebuilding from its ashes.”

β€œIt is no secret that Hodrea did indeed used to own this land. However, we want to assure the Assembled Nations that Hodrea is not using this intervention as a war of conquest, but as a war of liberation. We come here with the hope that this body will help ensure fair elections for the people of Oclait to decide their own fate, whether they wish to rejoin our nation, or form a new one from the devastation of the warlords. Within Oclait, we do have allies, former warlords who wish to pursue the idea of nationhood, an idea we are enthusiastic to support.”

β€œIt has been a long road for Ceris. We have been known in the past as one of the most unstable places on Eurth, but as a people we are growing. We are rooting out the evils that plague our lands, and coming together to rebuild something far greater than has ever once existed for it. We hope that the international community can support us in this continuing endeavor.”

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As the Hodrean Ambassador finished and sat down, Svea Henriksson waited a few moments before standing up to give a response to the Ambassador. Henriksson knew full well and understood what the Hodrean Republic was going through, and felt that it was fitting for them to let the AN know and to ask for support politically.

β€œMadam Ambassador from the Hodrean Republic, please know that Ahrana and its people understand what you are going through and that we support your nation in this motion. For far too long the island of Ceris has been in chaos and finally a nation is stepping up to the plate to take the initiative other than the NAU which has been stretched very thin recently. If the AN and the member nations cannot get behind this needed operation. If the Hodrean Republic needs anything that Ahrana can supply, please do ask and, we will provide.”

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