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Beyond the Shield

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Dear Aurelian Community

The Federal Secretariat of the Union of Yosai has decided to reach out to their Aurelian neighbours. After decades of relatively insular foreign policy, it has been decided that Yosai’s time of foreign policy isolation and transactionalism is now over. And while it has served Yosai well after the early days of the Blue Revolution, it is time for the republic to take a more active role in international affairs.

Yosai hopes to begin this shift in foreign policy by dipping its toe in the water. We invite all regional neighbours and prospective trade partners to Shuto to discuss cultural and economic co-operation and other matters of concern that reach nation would want Yosai to take a more active role.

Therefore, our neighbours as well as Aurelian nations interested in building relations are cordially invited to meet with the 2 members of the Federal Secretariat, Seishiro Iwada and Kyomi Shijo. Items on the agenda will be the following:

  • A rudimentary free trade agreement with those who wish to trade with Yosai
  • Cultural and Educational exchange
  • Laying down the foundations of Yosai’s relationship with the Aurelian League

It is hoped that with this meeting that the Federal Secretariat will bring Yosai into a new age of co-operation with the rest of the region.


Seishiro Iwada,
Secretary of State & General Secretary of the Federal Directorate of the Union of Yosai.

Kyomi Ishijo,
Secretary of Commerce and Industry.

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TO: Secretary of Foreign Affairs & General Secretary of the Federal Directorate of the Union of Yosai Seishiro Iwada

FROM: Mario Frattini, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ionio

We received your invitation and decided to participate in this diplomatic meeting. We believe this diplomatic meeting will be beneficial to the Aurelia in that you highlight that the continent needs peace and the only method to achieve this is through diplomatic meetings, cultural exchanges and economic exchanges. 

For this reason that we are confident that from this diplomatic meeting we can achieve concrete results, especially in this time of wars. It is precisely because of this desire to turn over a new leaf and begin a path of peace and prosperity that the president of Ionio, John Colucci, decided to personally attend the meeting together with the Minister of Transport: Publio Fiori and by the Minister of Culture: Antonio Sgarbi.

We await your communications to determine the plan for the state visit.


Mario Frattini

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ionio

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11:00am Murayama Airport, Shuto, The Union of Yosai


The airport staff got everything together at Terminal 7A, which was privately booked for the reception of their most esteemed guests: President John Colucci, Publio Fiori, and Antonio Sgarbi. Who were the Minister of Transport and Culture respectively for the Federal Republic of Ionio. General Secretary and Secretary of Foreign Affairs Seishiro Iwada and Secretary of Commerce and Industry Kyomi Ishijo were both in traditional business attire waiting to greet their counterparts at the airport.


Seishiro asked his colleague, “So how’s your Cristinese?”

Ms Ishijo replied “Rusty, last time I was in Ionio I was in my 2nd year of business school. 3 years before I gave birth to Yumiyo.”

“She’s got to be what? 16 now?”

“Yes… She's fine… Egh… She’s going through the insufferable rebellious stage and started dating this idiot with silver white frosted tips. And now she's going through a phase of wearing all black clothes and listening to hard death metal music, which may as well just be yelling at this point. I have to virtually pull out her teeth in order for her to do anything… I love her, but she’s driving me nuts”.

Seishiro merely chuckled, “Well yeah, that’s what a teenager does… I’m just glad mine are out of the house.”

Meanwhile, the staffers were getting everything ready at the Blue Manor, the official headquarters of the Federal Secretariat.


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John Colucci along with Publio Fiori and Antonio Sgarbi were leaving the jet bridge to head to the Blue Manor to have their diplomatic meeting with their Yosainese counterparts.

Antonio Sgarbi is the first one who spoke out

“Do we know who is welcoming us?”

“If I remember correctly, there will be the Secretary of Commerce and Industry along with the Secretary of Foreign Affairs.”

“I just think we get very good results. We need them if we want to accelerate the reconstruction of the nation. Act like businessmen.

Once they exited the jet bridge, they found themselves in Terminal 7A and could see the welcoming committee. Two people approached them and the chairman began to speak.

“I assume that you are Seishiro Iwada and Kyomi Ishijo.”

“Yes exactly. And I assume that you are the president of Ioni, John Colucci.”

“Yes. Meet Antonio Sgarbi minister of culture and Publio Fiori minister of transportation. I see that there is a very warm reception here”

“Yes exactly. Welcome to Yosai. If you would like to follow us, we will accompany you to Blue Manor so we can discuss arrangements that our two countries can converge.”

“I am confident that we can develop a great friendship between our nations. Especially in these times when there is a terrible wurld war going on that is called Terrabellum. Unfortunately, Ionian has been involved in this war but has emerged victorious.”

“I heard about the war. If you need help, Yosai is available to provide.”

“I thank you for your offer, but it will be appropriate to discuss in the proper place.”

Seishiro Iwada and Kyomi Ishijo nodded and walked toward the terminal exit followed by the Ionian group where there were cars that would take them toward Blue Manor.

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They were then their way to the Blue Manor outside.


Lined up on both sides of each side of the entrance were the flagpoles showing a series of Yosainese and Ionion flags waving gently left in the wind with crisp air.

They made their way inside, where busy staff members working. Frantic typing of keyboards, the clicking of computer mice, the ringing of mobile phones and landline phones and talking. All familiar sounds of s government t office and were greeted politely by staff.

They then made their way to the office which was manned by catering staff with reasonable helpings of traditional Yosainese food and rinks, junior staffers taking minutes and notes on their laptops and security all standard procedure as per usual.


General Secretary Seishiro Iwada then took a sip of water and cleared his throat. 

“Now gentlemen, please take seat and as the common expression tells us, let's get down to business. We are under the impression that Ionio has responded positively to our intentions as outlined by our Department of Foreign Affairs. Now as we have stated of our agenda we wish to establish more relations with the wider wurld as Yosai's foreign policy has been at arms length and transactional. This policy has served as well over the years to shield us from the chaotic wurld of recent times. However, times are changing and we find ourselves here.”

Kyomi then responded “Yes, now gentlemen I believe that it is good to start from zero then leave with a foundation of a free trade agreement. I believe for a discussion of this nature, we should probably start with outlining how both economies can offer each other. Agreed?” She said with a gentle smile.

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John Colucci nodded at the free trade talk and began to speak:

“First of all, there are a few things we need to establish. The Ionian economy has been strained because of the war, and so the Ionian economy for 2023, and we think throughout the middle of 2024 will have very low growth.

Without taking these factors into consideration, we can say that Ionian economy is very diversified. As a primary sector, we have a highly developed agribusiness due to the Mediterranean climate that also allows us to produce food of excellent quality. In fact, all foods produced in Ionian have the DOC/DOP mark that allows the consumer to trace where the agri-food products are produced.

We have forests that allow a timber and paper industry activity. For mining, activities are very varied. There is coal mining, quartzite minerals, marble, and sand. As you well understand, we have a lot of high-tech manufacturing activity related to the production of microchips, solar panels and software. Of course, we also have a mass and luxury manufacturing industry. Finally, we have a very active and vibrant tourism industry because of the beautiful landscapes and architecture.

So we think free trade needs to involve both people and goods to make it perform better. We are curious about what Yosai produces so we can refine the agreement related to free trade.”

John Colucci finished speaking and began drinking water, listening very carefully to Yosai's description of the economy

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Kyomi Ishijo, the Secretary of Commerce and Industry, then replied:

“Yosai is a rather early stage developed nation. Most of our economy is in the service of hard manufacturing, most of our goods are mostly in the service of utility. Our natural primary resources are Bauxite which is used for aluminum and copper used for electronic circuitry. Yosai in this respect has capitalised on that on making microchips/semiconductors to use in all kinds of consumer and military electronics as well as aerospace. Also going with that we also make the actual vehicles and transportation equipment, components and actual vehicles.

In our economy, beyond electronics, we also have a robust and healthy public healthcare sector. We've made this affordable through our PPS program that is our Pharmaceutical Purchase Subsidy. Our PGAA (Pharmaceutical Goods and Agricultural Administration) subsidises 64% of the price of over the counter and off counter drugs and medical equipment, however that percentage is reviewed every 5 years by the National Health Administration. Another good we produce is, well, many kinds of industrial chemicals which are used for cleaning products or industrial production.

Service wise since the success of the democratic 'Blue Revolution' our economy has been solidly investing in education from K-12 to tertiary education, in order to diversify and refine the skills in our workforce. This has been paying off as our service sector has been producing workers with all kinds of stills in the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and financial services in the fields of private banking and mid to high finance.”

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John Colucci listened carefully to the words of the Secretary of Commerce and Industry, and then replied.

“There are points that we can converge on. Certainly, copper and aluminum are valuable commodities that Ionio needs, and so we are willing to import these minerals from Yosai. Ionio can offer cheap solar panels as we have many industries that produce these energy commodities.

We can also offer investments in chemical production and transportation, especially railways. For pharmaceutics and medical industries we can also discuss since after a war we should upgrade some hospitals with new technologies and therefore having investment in pharmaceutics industries in Ionio can be considered positive.

For universities, we can initiate cultural exchange programs between Yosai and Ionian universities so we can create more vibrant cultural ambits that can innovate industries.”

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Secretary of Commerce Kyomi Ishijo nodded and asked: “OK well with that said let's see if we can get a rudimentary free trade agreement. One that fill in the gaps. So I will ask, are there any barriers to trade we should know about, any tariffs or non tariff barriers we should know about, such as import quotas, licensing issues, currency restrictions on certain types of goods, any subsidies on types of goods, anything of that nature at all?”

Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Acting General Secretary Seihiro Iwada also asked: “Ionio is a member state of the Aurelian League. Yosai has no official policy with regard to the AL but the Federal Secretariat has been talking about getting closer to the AL, not a full member yet, but perhaps some kind of associate status or priority partner. I was wondering if you can give us any insight as to AL's stance towards that type of thing, if possible?”

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John Colucci immediately replied.

"There are no import quotas or restrictions. But we have import rates as high as 48% depending on the type of product being imported. This thing is excluding the Aurelia League nations and all the nations that have trade agreements with us. So Yosai's products can be exempted from these additional taxes if we get a free trade trade agreement. The only thing we may have to be intrasingent on is licensing. Agribusinesses have to otrture licensing so that we can ensure the traceability of the products at the various stages lavoratrive until the product is sold in addition to ensuring health safety. Same with chemical products as we need to ensure the safety of the public. The same thing applies to drugs and medical products as we have to ensure the safety of citizens. Lastly, if Yosai industries want to open production facilities in Ionian it is obligatory to register in the Companies Registry so that we can have a certainty that the industries bark the minimum requirements to operate in the Ionian market.

Since you want to advance in the Aurelia League we can confirm that we accept both observer and full members. Obviously you have to decide how you want to enter the AL and then a discussion begins among the members so that we can vote for or against your admission into the AL."

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Secretary of Commerce and Industry Kyomi Ishijo replied "Agribusiness licensing we will be happy to comply with as well as the other terms you have sighted."

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John Colucci replies
"As long as you comply with the regulations you can safely operate in the Ionio. I think there are no other economic points to discuss so we can move on to the cultural part always if you are interested."

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