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Expansion Request: North Adlantic Union (Seylos)

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After many long years of my presence in the island of Ceris, it's time for Hodrea to join the fold.



This is Hodrea's moment to prove how far it has grown. It has recently discovered almost a hundred thousand of its people had been stolen away in the Sentist War and moved the the Oclait territory. (See the previous adventures of @Iverica in the Oclait here.) This discovery is intolerable and its people demand their rescue and the final destruction of the Northern Sentist armies to secure the future of Hodrea and Ceris as a whole. And other elements of Commandant Wolf's conquest are deeply against his rule. A more benevolent warlord named Armin Saller has secretly arranged to support the Hodrean invasion from the west and rebel against his "overlord". The agreement between has stipulated the creation of a true Oclait state, not one ruled by warlords or Sentist occupiers.

Expansion Thread:

Hodrea Stats:

GDP: 225 billion
Population: 15,231,520


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So far the RP takes place of July of 2023, so after Dolchland surrender (I believe, or they are already close to it). I'm planning on the operation to take place over the course of an in RP month. IRL I'm trying my hardest to get stuff out I've just kinda had a lot of writers block recently.


Though there is one thing I'd like to change. I was going to have Oclait just be another independent state eventually joining the Union, but now I would rather prefer it be a severely depopulated and industrially bare region that has been ravaged by warlord dominance over the past several decades. I was thinking it would be best that after this discovery, that Oclait would merge back in with Hodrea to become another province, since it doesn't have many legs to stand on as a sovereign state. IC Hodrea owned the Oclait territory for hundreds of years before the Hodrean Kingdom collapsed, so it's possible "claim to ownership" is well establish. But this can be resolved with a referendum of the remaining population to decide their fate.

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