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Pojački Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MIP)


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Pojački Ministry of Foreign Affairs


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Welcome to the Pojački Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ministarstvo Inostranih Poslova), the Konfederacija Poja's line to the outside wurld.  This thread will be a mix of both IC and OOC for the purposes of corralling general communication between Poja and the nations of Eurth as well as a repository of data concerning relations between said nations and the Konfederacija Poja.

First and foremost, let me extend a warm and cordial hand of diplomacy to all nations of Eurth and give you some background on foreign relations with the Konfederacija Poja.  When the nation was founded in September 1900, it embarked upon a semi-isolationist policy for a good part of the 20th century.  What does this mean?  What it means is that Poja took a stance of neutrality with regards to glubal conflicts, trade disputes, international tension, and so on and so forth.  The Konfederacija Poja was welcoming to normalized diplomatic relations to any country that wished to embark upon so but would stop short of getting into any binding pacts or agreements that could otherwise force the Konfederacija Poja to "choose sides" in a conflict.  It also did not inherently "seek out" normalized, diplomatic relations with nations too far away from the country.

Beginning in the 1970s, following the end of the Pojački Emergency (1960 - 1976), the Konfederacija Poja began to move towards a more active and less passive approach to normalized, diplomatic relations.  In the 1980s and the 1990s, the Konfederacija Poja actively courted normalized relations with nations it wouldn't have prior to this time and it began to seek further trade and economic access throughout the wurld.  Beginning in the mid to late 2000s and certainly within the 2010s, a demographic shift within the Konfederacija Poja gradually pushed the nation out of its semi-isolationist and neutrality policies.  The culmination of this was the election of leaders both on a national and a regional level who favored more of a glubal rather than regional presence for the Konfederacija Poja.  As a result, the Konfederacija Poja joined TRIDENT and the New Pearl Road in 2023, something that would have been unheard of at the founding of the nation and certainly up into the 1970s.

One aspect of all of this is the topic of Pojački-Volsci relations.  I've had it that Volsci was the major and primary trading partner and supporter, if just because they're a large NPC that offers flexibility and freedom to do a lot of smaller things that might take a long time to iron out with individual members.  After the Chernarussian War (1968 - 1974) and the end of the Pojački Emergency, the Konfederacija Poja begins to reduce its dependence on Volsci, which is part of this "opening" - so to speak - beginning in the 1980s.  You might consider the phases of Pojački history as such: Early Poja (1900 - 1940), Established Poja (1940 - 1980), Modern Poja (1980 - 2021), Current Poja (2021 - Present).

Current State of Poja (2023)
The current leader of the Konfederacija Poja is Andrej Petrović, elected in 2021 to a five-year term.  He is from the right-wing United Poja party.  Obren Vasiljević is the Vice President, also of the same party as they run on a combined ticket.  United Poja has a legislative majority in the House of Magnates though on a regional level, they are either the largest minority or in a coalition government with the center-right Modern Poja party.  The legislature is run by the head of government, Chancellor Jelena Jurić from United Poja.

As mentioned above, the Konfederacija Poja is beginning its entrance into TRIDENT as a Partner for Peace and it is joining the New Pearl Road for expanded, economic development.  The country is at a state of peace and stable.  

Player Actions
So what then do I ask of you?  Please use this thread to conduct general diplomatic discussion between our two nations.  Any situation, incident, event, et cetera that might require more than one or two posts, we should start a separate, dedicated thread.  For those that do not though, consider this your general repository.  That includes perhaps congratulating elected governments, announcing state visits (that won't require a thread), and so on and so forth.

There are some things I do ask though from everyone and it is in relation to how you see diplomatic relations going between your country and the Konfederacija Poja.  Please respond with an OOC post - or an OOC segment of an IC post - answering the following questions.

  1. Do you have normal, diplomatic relations with Poja?  (Assume that if you do, we have an embassy exchange in place)
  2. How do you classify your country's stance towards the Konfederacija Poja?  (Options are Friendly, Neutral, Strained, or Hostile)
  3. What are the visa requirements and/or limitations your country puts on citizens of the Konfederacija Poja traveling to your nation?
  4. Briefly describe - how you see - our current state of relations between the Konfederacija Poja and your country?  (Assume that there is a good chance, Poja has neutral or friendly relations with your nation unless otherwise specified or discussed over Discord)
  5. Would you like to initiate a change our current state of relations?

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