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[Factbook] Dominion of Korichi

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Official name

His Majesty’s Dominion of Korichi

Gallambrian Dominion of Korichi


Informal name

Korichi (gallambrian)

Kōri-Chi (mitonese)


Official languages



Unofficial languages


Te Reo Mārenai





Coat of arms



Governor General's flag




Sic itur ad astra



God Defend our Gracious King





Government form

Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy


Head of State

King Albert II

X (Governor General)


Head of Government

Prime Minister X



House of Commons






40,8 million



1926, 23rd November


Capital City



Largest City



Nominal GDP

220 billions USD


GDP per capita

5 400 USD



Korichian Pound


Driving side



Internet TLD



Calling code

+463 2


Licence plate


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Abortion: Legal until 14 weeks, solely decided by the woman. After 14 weeks, is only allowed if two doctors certify that the abortion will be done to prevent injury to the physical or mental health of the pregnant woman; a risk to the life of the pregnant woman; or that the child will suffer from a particularly severe illness recognized as incurable. Mandatory counseling and follow-up for women.

Affirmative Action: None.

Age of Consent: 16.

Age of Majority: 16.

Artificial insemination: Ilegal.

Bestiality: Illegal.

Birth Control: Legal.

Capital punishment: Legal.

Divorce: Legal.

Double jeopardy: Legal.

Drinking age: 16.

Driving age: 16.

Marriageable age: 16.

Gambling age: 16.

Dual citizenship: Illegal, except with gallambrian citizenship.

Education: Mandatory to age 16. Homeschooling permitted and regulated. School uniforms are required in private schools/universities.

Healthcare: Private.

Eminent domain: Legal with fair compensation for property owners.

Equal pay for equal work: Yes.

Euthanasia: Illegal.

Felony Disenfranchisement: No, except for those currently imprisoned.

Flag Desecration: Illegal.

Freedom of Movement: No visa required to stay for 30 days (Subject to change depending on agreements).

Freedom of the Press: Both publicly and privately owned media institutions are permitted.

Gender: Two: female; male.

Human Cloning: Cloning humans, cloning stem cells, growing human embryos for research purposes, and buying or selling of embryos, sperm, eggs or other human reproductive material are prohibited. Making changes to human DNA that would pass from one generation to the next, including use of animal DNA in humans, is also banned. Surrogate mothers are illegal, as is donation of sperm or eggs for reproductive purposes. Human embryos and stem cells are also illegal.

In vitro fertilization: Illegal.

Mandatory Minimum Sentencing: 2 years for robbery; 15 years for violence; 25 years for corruption; 50 years for rape; 100 years for murder with intent.

Gun Control: A person must be at a minimum age of 21 years and pass a background check to be issued a Possession License. They must also take a firearms training and safety course. Any history of mental illnesses or domestic violence within the individual or the family will cause an applicant to have their request rejected.

Marijuana: Illegal.

Military Service: 1 year (between age 16 and 21), one day per month afterwards (as it have been attributed into a local command).

Minimum wage: No.

Net Neutrality: Yes, total.

Political Parties: Legal. Fascism & communism are illegal.

Polygamy: Illegal.

Pornography: Legal. Films involving any non-consenting party and/or anyone below the age of 20 are illegal.

Property Ownership: Legal.

Prostitution: Illegal.

Same-sex Marriage: Illegal.

Sex Toys: Legal.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Those infected are required to disclose the information to any sexual partner. Otherwise, consent is invalid and the carrier will be charged with rape and frustrated homicide or homicide if the partner dies due to STD complications.

Smoking Age: 16.

Sex-Change Therapy: Illegal.

Taxation: Unique %.

Torture: Illegal, except in case of national security.

Trial by Jury: None.

Voting: 16.

Working age: 16.

Language legislation: Any state declaration or work; any advert; internal companies’ documents or else; must be in gallambrian.

Food legislation: None.

Positive discrimination: Illegal.

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