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[Academy RP] Inaugural Address

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Alarianplatz, Talord. January 1st, 2023.

It was a new year, and the sun shone brightly through the clouds. Elric Fii stood on the stage next to Chief High Judge Otto Meyar. He couldn't help but think about how far he had come; In just three years, he had gone from the leader of a 'Coalition Party' to securing the Presidency of Hisera. The ever-growing crowd in front of him waved the tricolour flag of the new Hisera. Some waved the official party flag. And some even waved the various flags of some of the smaller parties which comprised his Socialist Hiseran Worker's Party. It all mattered little, though, because the fact of the matter was that this crowd that reached as far as he could see was there in support of himElric felt like he could bask in the glory of it all forever, but the twice-chime of the Bellumer brought him back to Eurth.

The time has come for the oath.” The Old Judge spoke, beckoning Elric towards him.

It seems it has indeed. Let's begin.” He stepped towards him, placing his hand on a copy of the Artikel Nepodlegos, the original founding document of Hisera.

Repeat after me. I do solemnly swear to execute the Office of the Presidency of Hisera with the utmost respect to its people.

I do solemnly swear to execute the Office of the Presidency of Hisera with the utmost respect to its people.

And to the absolute best of my ability, protect and defend the people of Hisera and the Hiseran Nation.

And to the absolute best of my ability, protect and defend the people of Hisera and the Hiseran Nation.

You may now begin your address, Mr President.

Thank you, Sir. It is an honour.

He stepped away from the Chief High Judge and moved towards the podium, a sea of cheer erupting from the mass of people directly in front of him. He chose not to delay. 'Better give the people what they want, eh?' he thought, readjusting the microphone so that it reached his mouth. His put his hand up to silence the crowd, and after about half a minute he was ready.

Brothers and Sisters of Hisera! We have just emerged from a greatly troubling time in our nation's long history. Now is not the time for fear, but for hope! Now is not the time for the fostering of further division between our families and friends, but for the growth of Unity, Harmony, and Peace! The wounds over our land are harsh and visible to anyone who looks, and the expansion of these deep gashes is not the solution, as many of those pessimistic about our new Republic would have you believe. We fought together not long ago, tied together by the idea of a new future for Hisera, one of freedom and prosperity for all of its people, not just a select elite few!

Our infrastructure still lies ruined by decades of war and destruction. Many Hiserans to this day do not have access to bare necessities needed for life in the Modern Age, such as water, food, and electricity. Crime still plagues our streets and villages, unemployment rampant among our population. We still have entrenched injustice in our political system. We must stand together in these perilous times, united in our brotherhood and sisterhood, united so that these challenges shall not break us. United, so that we can persevere and overcome these roadblocks in the realisation of our glorious destiny! We will press forward with speed and urgency and relentlessness, for our task is unbelievably large in this winter of peril. There is much to repair, There is much to build, and There is much to gain, in this pursuit of the upheaval of the economic status quo, this depressive atmosphere which has unfortunately become so normal in Hisera now. 

In a different January in Talord, in 1902, Marcus Till, Founder of Hiseran Democracy, put pen to paper and signed the Republican Proclamation and said, “If my name goes down in the history books, it shall be for this act. And I am glad that my whole self, heart and soul, is in this.” My whole self, heart and soul, is in this. Today, my whole self, heart and soul, is in this; Restoring prosperity to Hisera; Returning our nation to the greatness that it once had; Restoring Democracy to our various institutions; and Protecting Hisera from the foreign powers that may try to destroy us! Together, with my supporters in the SHWP and our coalition partners in the AHF, I am sure that the Patriotic Socialist Coalition shall lead Hisera alongside the Liberal Democrats into a new era.

The future awaits us, Brothers and Sisters! Together, we shall lift this nation from the pit of economic depression, united with our various socialist and communist brothers and sisters around the wurld!

Chwale Hisera! Grocshe Hisera!

Hundreds of thousands cheered and whooped and whistled, and it was all so overwhelming, and yet so exhilarating. Elric raised his hand in a fist as he concluded the ceremony, triggering another round of cheering and applause as he stepped away from the podium and down the side-steps of the stage. There, his Vice-President Postav Fink was already waiting for him along with the Presidential Driver.

I'd certainly say that went well. About as well as it could have, actually.” His voice sounded genuine. “Lets just hope things continue as smoothly for the rest of your presidency.

Yes, Lets. Now get in, we have a meeting with Elenora at 4, and I'd rather not show up late to my first ever meeting as President.

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