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Union of Yosai (Application)

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Nation on Eurth: The Union of Yosai

National Flag:


Capital Name: Shuto

Capital Location: South West Coast

Starter Stats:

Population (High | 2 pts)-33,452,210

GDP per capita (High | 2 pts) $20,204.34

Land area (Low | 0 pts)

Culture: Japanese with Native Ainu people (Utari)

Climate & Geography: Preferably Mediterranean like, but I'm flexible

History: Yosai was originally inhabited by the Utari people, dating back as far as 600 CE. The first non-native settlement occurred in 1563 where Japonic people landed from a small fleet led by the ship known as the Sukuinushi (救い主/Redeemer) and landed with some samurai, conventional soldiers,  merchants and farmers. The man that led the settlement was Hideki Umezawa a former Daimyo in his original homeland of Esonice who lost a war there and fled to in disgrace and was exiled along with a small fleet of survivors looking for escape. They lived alongside the Utari people with tension at first back, eventually both societies blended in with each other over the centuries.

Front Desk:

Vision Statement:

Desired Location: Anywhere within either Aurelia, Alharu or Argis that’s an island

Other Critical Information: (optional)

Edited by Yosai (see edit history)
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Hello and congratulations on passing the academy! Let's get you on the map.

Your population is within its point range, however your GDP per capita exceeds the 2 point range which is capped at under $20,000/person. This will have to be changed before you can be placed on the map.

You chose to put 1 point into land area, giving you a minimum and maximum land area of 90,000km^2 and 260,000km^2 respectfully. Your history does help with placement, as you're not particularly tied to one location outside of having a history accessible from @Esonice (who will have to provide consent regarding your lore connections). It will be difficult to find an island of over 90,000km^2 - especially with a Mediterranean climate - so compromises will be inevitable.

Below I have selected 2 locations which I believe would suit your country best, with each location I will also include any necessary compromises. Once you have selected a location, any countries near the proposal will be pinged and given 5 days to respond.

1. Cashari Island, Alharu
This first location comes out to around 253,900km^2 and has a climate that is predominantly humid subtropical (think southern China) with a band of drier steppe climate along the northern border which transitions into a desert along your northern coastline. Technically an island, though I imagine it's not exactly what you imaged. You would have to sub out your indigenous culture for one that is Amerindian, however. It is very close to Esonice, though, which supports your history.

2. Western Wastes Islands, Alharu
Second proposal has a land area of roughly 158,100km^2. It also has a pretty dry climate, a mixture of steppe in the interior and desert along the west-facing coastlines. The indigenous culture is also Amerindian in origin. Pretty much the same as what I said above,

...and that's it. Unfortunately due to the stats you chose (putting a point in land area) meant all the islands that would have matched your desired location, climate, and culture were too small and I had to substitute your desired Mediterranean climate for a subtropical steppe climate. In my opinion, I would recommend that you move your 1 point in land area to population to have a 2-2-0 stat configuration so that you can fit on the <90,000km^2 islands. Alternatively I can sign you up to test the new stats system. It is still WIP but it has 3 point stat ranges and more balanced city state stat ranges - it would allow you to more fine-tune your stats to match your desired GDP per Capita and fit on the smaller islands in and around the Oriental Ocean.

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OK I've edited my stats to be 2-2-0 and climate isn't that much of an issue so long as it not too extreme. I'm happy to be in Aurelia, Alharu or Argis. So long as I get an decent sized island that can fit my amount of people.

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15 hours ago, Yosai said:

OK I've edited my stats to be 2-2-0 and climate isn't that much of an issue so long as it not too extreme. I'm happy to be in Aurelia, Alharu or Argis. So long as I get an decent sized island that can fit my amount of people.

Alrighty. With 2-2-0 stats (2 population, 2 GDP, 0 land area) your GDP desired stats (before you edited your original application) can now work - however now you'll need to bump up your population to be within the new 30-<40 million range, unless you'd prefer to stick to your original population and go for a 3 point 1-2-0. With 0 land area you now have a maximum starting land area of <90,000km^2.

Below I have selected 5 locations, like before you'll need to pick one of them and then any nearby members to your chosen proposed location will be pinged and given 5 days (2023/10/03) to bring up any issues they have with your placement.

1. Lotus Sea, Aurelia
This first island has a total area of 15,252km^2. The island is right next to the equator and has a tropical savannah climate (think of the savannahs of Africa). It possesses two main peaks, one large one in the north and one small one in the south, and it's right next to the other East Asian nations in the area (Esonice, Saphieron, Mito, etc.). Regarding an indigenous population, something Amerindian from the Uto-Azetcan family is likely, or another Japonic group. Ainu could work but IIRC @Kirvina had plans for them near his own country.

2. Dobbarrier Islands, Thalassa

The second set of islands gives you a total land area of around 65,750km^2. You would have a rather moderate temperate climate, akin to Hokkaido or a more moderate version of central Europe. You'd be pretty isolated, besides Iverica's island colony of Monarch Island to the south. I'm not entirely sure if you'd even have an indigenous culture just due to how isolated the islands are. Ocean currents would suggest that the first indigenous culture to the islands would actually be Iberic in nature (Spanish or Catalan) as part of their migration/colonisation of the northern Oriental islands, however their colonisation began in the 1600s (of the Iverican mainland, before that idk). If you decide to go with this location I would strongly recommend talking with Iverica about colonial history.

3. South Oriental Ocean
This small yet sprawling archipelago comes out to roughly 12,000km^2 split between two "large" islands and two smaller islands. The climate is pretty similar to the previous proposed location's and just (if not more) isolated. The closest countries to you would be Mito (a Japanese nation with numerous colonies in the Southern Orient) and Sunset Sea Islands (a failed technocracy-turned-military dictatorship). Your indigenous population (if one even exists on these far-flung islands) would most likely be Polynesian in origin.

4. Aurelian Shield, Aurelia
This proposal has a land area of roughly 89,900km^2 and is possesses an almost entirely Mediterranean climate, except with some subtropical steppe climate along the northern coast. However, the indigenous culture of this island is Japonic, in fact they're very closely related to the Mitonese right next to them. History-wise they have been the subject of numerous empires across history, starting with the Aurelian Empire headed by Kirvina, then the Xiseka Empire by me, then lastly Mito's empire up until the early modern period. Your history would have to be shuffled around a bit to accommodate the pre-existing lore (perhaps Daimyo from Esonice inherited some land on the islands, then expanded out?). An Ainu population is possible as well (see the 1st proposal).

5. Northern Hei Sea, Alharu
Another small archipelago with a hot temperate climate akin to the northern Caucasus or Ohio/Indiana/Illinois (though with less extreme weather due to the moderating effects of the ocean). You'd be pretty close to other members, though still a bit isolated. Your indigenous inhabitants are very likely to be Semitic or Berber in origin, or even maybe Uralic.

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I'll go with the Aurelian shield. I'm near other Japonic nations, the island is not too small so the population density won't be insane. I can make the Ainu work. Yeah its not a landmass that is my own but it fits.

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After a discussion Esonice is no longer involved in Yosai's origins. Instead it was agreed that Mito would suit that role much better since Mito is the closest Azumic/Japonic nation to Yosai's location. Either way, welcome to our region!

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On 11/2/2023 at 11:15 PM, Esonice said:

After a discussion Esonice is no longer involved in Yosai's origins. Instead it was agreed that Mito would suit that role much better since Mito is the closest Azumic/Japonic nation to Yosai's location. Either way, welcome to our region!

Just need @Mito to confirm/deny this here and then Yosai can officially join Eurth's canon :).

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If one point is max 250,000 km2. That island is just less than the entire island I am on. Are we able to claim the island outright if it fits within the range, can I just have the island?


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