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The 2024 Dorian Elections

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Byalŭk, Kraynaduk State of Doria

Tuesday, 10 October 2023

“President Gospodinov, are you going to run for a third term?” His secretary, Kiril Kostov, asked the president. Borislav Gispodinov is the President of Doria. For the past ten years, he's been a prominent figure in Doria's political landscape, leading the nation through many challenges and changes. But Borislav had already made up his mind, “I don’t think I will. I've done what I wanted to and fixed the education system and the rail network. I believe it’s time for me to step away from politics.”

Kiril Kostov nodded, understanding the president's decision. “A decade of service has left its mark, no doubt. It's been a time of great transformation for our nation. It’s been an honor working with you, sir.” “The honor is all mine, Kiril.” Said the president.



“Good evening everyone, we have received news the President Gospodinov will not be running for a third presidential term. This marks an end of an era, as these past ten years have seen Doria prosper.” The newscaster sits up. Stoyan, the other newscaster, speaks. “As of now, it is confirmed that the Party of Zoryan and the Independent Party are going to participate in the coming election.” Sofia, the female, starts to speak. “That’s all we have for today, that’s the news at noon.”

“And we’re off-air,” a cameraman announced. 

As the camera lights dimmed after the midday news broadcast, Stoyan, with his salt-and-pepper hair and meticulous attention to detail, cast a furtive glance at Sofia, a young and striking woman. Their connection extended beyond the newsroom, reaching back to their shared childhood in the same close-knit community.

“So, Sofia, about last night—” Stoyan began, prompting Sofia to interrupt, her voice tinged with a hint of reluctance, “Let's not talk about it.”

Stoyan's frown deepened, a subtle acknowledgment of the unspoken tensions that had arisen between them. The memory of their shared evening hung in the air, unresolved and complicated. Their relationship had evolved from friends to co-anchors, but beneath the professional camaraderie, emotions simmered, and it was no secret that Stoyan's feelings might have crossed the line of friendship.

With this history lingering in the background, the newsroom buzzed with anticipation, not only for the forthcoming election coverage but also for the intricate dynamics that seemed to define their relationship.

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Wednesday , 18 October, 2023

Byalŭk, Kraynaduk State of Doria


“…and in other news, both the Pro-Garindinan Federation Party and the Social Democratic Party have put forward candidates for the upcoming elections. Now down to the specifics. Sofia, can you tell us about the four candidates?”

Sofia sat up, she wasn’t paying attention, still affected by last week. “Oh, Well Stoyan let me bring you up to speed on the four candidates vying for the presidency in the upcoming elections. Representing the Party of Garin, we have Stefan Ivanov, a charismatic figure known for his dedication to continuing President Gospodinov’s policies or reform and progress. Over in the Independent corner, Dimitar Vasilev, a seasoned politician with a passion for promoting Dorian traditions. Now, turning our attention to the Federation Party, Nikolai Georgiev, a respected Economists recognized for his commitment to developing the economy. Last but not least, from the Social Democratic Party, Maria Dimitrova, the former governor of the Gradogranitsa Oblast with a strong focus on social welfare. These candidates promise an interesting race, each bringing their unique perspectives to the table."

“Thank you Sofia, that’s all for tonight, at the news at Six. Have a nice night.”

“And…. We’re off the air.” The camera man said. 


Both Stoyan and Sofia breathed a sigh of relief. They can now go home for the day.


Sofia spoke up, “Why would the Federation party want to rejoin with Garindina? I mean, the last time we polled this back in 2015, 76% of people voted ‘no’. I just don’t get it.”

”Well, some people are crazy like that, but Garindina is not as bad as it was before, they’re actually fixing things for once. I can see why some would think about it given our shared history.” Stoyan replied 

“Well, I believe that we should stay independent.” Sofia stated

”Yeah.” Stoyan agreed

As they walked off set, Stoyan thought the time was right to apologize for last week.

”Sofia, I’m sorry about last week.” 

Sofia glanced over at Stoyan, “I accept your apology. We’re friends after all.”

Stoyan looked at her, “Yeah, friends.”

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Friday, 20 October 2023

Byalŭk, The Kraynaduk State of Doria


The mediator began, “Welcome to the October Debate for the 2024 Dorian Presidential election. We have four candidates this year, Stefan Ivanov of the Party of Garin, Dimitar Vasilev of the Independent Party, Nikolai Georgiev of the Federation Party, and Maria Dimitrova of the Social Democratic Party. Let’s get started with the questions.”


Internal Policy 

    1.1 What will you do about the growing homelessness problem?

Stefan spoke first, “I plan on providing more job opportunities and provide more affordable housing to those in need.”

Maria spoke up next, “I plan on providing more affordable housing and expanding welfare programs. I will also introduce initiatives to combat the root cause of homelessness by expanding mental health care services and improving drug rehabilitation programs.”

Nikolai added in, “I believe in tackling homelessness through robust economic policies. By fostering a thriving economy, we can create more job opportunities and stimulate growth. This, in turn, will enable us to allocate resources to affordable housing initiatives and social programs. I plan to implement targeted economic strategies to address the root causes of homelessness, promoting prosperity for all citizens.”

Finally, Dimitri provided his answer, “My approach will be to create more jobs and expand welfare and homeless housing. I plan to create more opportunities for the homeless and will expand welfare to do so.”


    1.2 How will you increase cybersecurity?

Stefan spoke up and gendered first, “I plan on introducing and developing new cybersecurity technologies. I will increase security measures to safeguard our nation’s digital infrastructure, collaborate with experts to address emerging cyber threats, and establish partnerships with the private sector to share best practices in cybersecurity. My administration will prioritize the protection of sensitive information and ensure a resilient cybersecurity framework for Doria.”

Maria spoke up next, “I will introduce innovative cybersecurity policies to enhance our digital defense capabilities. This includes investing in advanced technologies, conducting regular cybersecurity audits, and fostering collaboration between government agencies, private sector entities, and international cybersecurity organizations.”

 Nikolai: “To increase Cybersecurity, I will introduce a cybersecurity awareness campaign and I will also introduce cybersecurity technologies into the military and the government. In addition, I will incentivize businesses to invest in robust cybersecurity measures through tax benefits, creating a skilled cybersecurity workforce through targeted education initiatives.”

Dimitri: “I will establish a National Cybersecurity Council comprised of experts to advise on policy development and response strategies. This council will work closely with government agencies, private sector partners, and international organizations to stay ahead of evolving cyber threats.”


Foreign Policy

          2.1 How will you conduct trade with our Neighbors?

Stefan: “I will continue ongoing trade agreements and cooperate with more countries as well.”


Maria: “I will expand our trade agreements and I will also work with other countries to build more economic ties.”


Nikolai: “I will continue and expand upon current trade agreements, and I will also work more with our close neighbors to increase economic and political cooperation.”


Dimitri: “I will also continue our current trade agreements, and I will build them to favor Doria more.”


     2.2 What is your foreign policy plan?

Stefan: “I will continue the foreign policy of President Borislav Gispodinov.”

Maria: “My foreign policy plan emphasizes fostering economic and political cooperation with our neighbors and international partners.”


Nikolai: “My foreign policy strategy will pursue strengthening diplomatic ties and international cooperation.”

Dimitri: “My foreign policy plan will pursue in Argis. This includes expanding economic collaboration and engaging in strategic partnerships.”


3. Questions from the audience.

     3.1 For Mr. Ivanov, I'm an environmental scientist, as climate change becomes more of a glubal problem, and illegal logging has increased. What will you do to address climate change and preserve our environment?

Stefan: “That’s a good question, and I appreciate your concern. Climate change is a growing issue, along with illegal logging. I will introduce stricter environmental regulations as well as invest in environmental protection.”

    3.2 For Mrs. Dimitrova, I own a small business in Gradogranitsa, and larger companies are buying out other small business. Do you plan on supporting small businesses and raising taxes on larger corporations?

Maria: “To prevent larger companies and corporations from buying out competition and destroying small businesses, I will implement policies to support and protect small businesses. This includes offering financial incentives, providing easier access to loans and grants, and creating a fair business environment. Yes, I will increase taxes on larger businesses.”


   3.3 For Mr. Vasilev, there used to be many festivals in my village and now the younger generation are no longer practicing them. How do you plan on promoting cultural preservation and promoting our national identity?

Dimitri: “To promote cultural preservation and strengthen our national identity, I will support local and cultural festivals. I will work with regional communities to revitalize traditional celebrations and ensure the participation of the younger generations.”


   3.4 For Mr. Georgiev, I lived through the Independence War and escaped Garindina during the 2003 Revolution, I’ve witnessed the poor stability of Garindina’s society. Do you plan on reuniting Doria with Garindina?

Nikolai: “I understand your concern, I too survived our Independence War. However, my reunification with Garindina is not my current priority. My focus is on ensuring stability and prosperity within Doria, addressing the needs of the citizens and our nation are my foremost priority.”

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Friday, 17 November 2023–18:30h

Byalŭk, the Kraynaduk State of Doria

Vrmmm… Vrmmm… Vrmmm…

Nikolai’s personal phone began to ring. He checked his phone and found out it was his brother, Penko.

Nikolai answered the phone, “Hello?”

“Nikolai, are you with the Garindinans?” Penko asked.

“What? No, why you ask that?” Nikolai asked firmly.

Pekon replied, “Well, Dimitri Vasilev says otherwise, turn on the news.”

Nikolai did as requested from his brother, lo and behold, Penko was right. On television Dimitri was slandering him.

“… again, Nikolai Georgiev is a Garindinan puppet. The Federation party wants to turn Doria into a Garindinan puppet.”

“What the hell. Oh, this is not good.” Nikolai said, in shock.

“Yeah, if you plan on being president, you’re going to have to respond to this soon. That or you’ll have to kiss the presidency goodbye.” Penko replied.

Nikolai took a deep breath, “Okay, thanks for the heads-up Penko.”

With that, Nikolai hung up the phone and began to draft up a response.

Friday, 17 November 2023 – 20:00h

Byalŭk, The Kraynaduk State of Doria

“Were live in three, two, one…”

Sofia began, “Tonight presidential candidate Dimitri Vasilev called out the Federation Party candidate, Nikolai Georgiev, for being a ‘Garindinan puppet’. Georgiev has scheduled a press conference to counter these claims. The conference is scheduled for next week.”

Stefan sat up and began to speak, “Polls have shown that Vasilev and Ivanov have seen a rise in support by 5-13% while Georgiev and Dimitrova have lost support. Already, next year’s election seems like it’s going to be dramatic.”

Sofia began to speak, “As the candidates prepare for the upcoming election, tensions are on the rise. Georgiev’s press conference is anticipated to address the ‘Garindinan puppet’ accusations. Will this event be a turning point for the Federation Party, or will Vasilev’s claims resonate with the voters? Stay tuned as we bring you live content on analysis on this unfolding election drama in Dorian politics.”

“And cut!”

Sofia leaned back in her chair and sighed.“Well, Stefan, you owe me ten Leva*.” She said with a smile.

“I honestly have no clue why I made this bet. It was bound to happen.” Stefan said as he grabbed his wallet.

(The other day they had made a bet on whether Nikolai would be subject to the first instance of political drama)

“Well, you did. Now I’m ten Leva* richer.” Sofia responded with a smirk.

“Well, want to get a drink with me?” Stefan asked.

Sofia thought for a moment, “Hmmm, well, I was going to go anyway. Might as well join you.”

As they got to the bar, Sofia began to ask herself something. ‘Has Stefan been acting weird?’ Before she could come to a conclusion, Stefan knocked on her car door.

“Are you coming?” He asked.

“Yeah.” She got out of the car, and they went on to have a drink together.

OOC notes:

  • * Leva is the National Currency of Doria.
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Tuesday, 21 November 2023, at 15:15 hours

Federation Party HQ, Byalŭk, The Kraynaduk State of Doria

Nikolai was on his way to a meeting with his press secretary and his running mate, Rodslav Zhukov. Nikolai arrived at the big wooden door and opened it. Inside, Rodslav and his press secretary were sitting in their seats.

“I apologize for the delay.” Nikolai said as he sat down.

“You’re 15 minutes late, Nikolai. What were you doing?” His press secretary asked.

“I was on the phone with my daughter, Yulia. She has midterms coming up.” Nikolai responded.

Yulia Kirova, Nikolai’s press secretary, she was a tall brown haired woman with glasses.

“Oh, she's still going to Gradogranitsa?” Yulia asked.

“Yeah, this is her second year.” Nikolai answered.

Rodslav interrupted their conversation, clearly impatient, “Anyway, we should get back on topic.”

“Yes, yes, indeed we should.” Yulia agreed. “You need to defend yourself from these puppet allegations. ‘Just because one of our previous candidates wanted to reunite with Garindina doesn’t mean the party as a whole advocates for it.’ That’s what you need to imply. That you are not a puppet of the Garindinan government. As of now, Vasilev nor his running mate, Vlaev*, have put forward any evidence towards this accusation. We can use this.” Yulia continued.

“How do you say we do that?” Nikolai asked.

Nikolai listened intently as Yulia outlined their strategy for addressing the puppet allegations. Tomorrow was the 22nd, the day of his press conference. It would either save him, or doom him.

Wednesday, 22 November 2023, at 17:55 hours

Byalŭk, The Kraynaduk State of Doria

There were five minutes until Nikolai was to address the press and defend himself.

against the puppet allegations. He had his counter-arguments ready and was determined to beat the allegations. In the room, Sofia and a cameraman along with many other news reporters were waiting in anticipation for the next big story.

Yulia walked up to him. “Remember, what we discussed. You’re not a puppet, you’re being falsely accused with no evidence.”

Nikolai nodded and toke a deep breath, preparing to face the barrage of questions. The air in the room was tense, filled with the hum of anticipation. Nikolai got his papers together and walked out on stage, cameras flashed pictures and most held back their questions as Nikolai made his way to the podium. As Nikolai reached the podium, he could feel the eyes of everyone in the room on him. The wooden podium was a little short for Nikolai’s taller stature. But it would do. Around half of the nation's news agencies were here, even some foreign journalists were in attendance.

“Good evening everyone,” Nikolai began, “I know that there have been allegations that I am a Garindinan puppet and taking money from the Garindinan government. Tonight we shall address these allegations. First question.”

Sofia rose her hand and asked a question, “Is it true you are taking money from the Garindinan Government? Or any entity working with the government of Garindina?”

Nikolai cleared his throat, maintaining composure. He expected this to be the first question of the night.

“Thank you for your question, but let me be unequivocally clear: I have never taken money from the Garindinan Government or any entity associated with them. These allegations are baseless and unsubstantiated. So far I have seen no evidence that prove these allegations. My commitment lies solely with serving the interests of the Doro people and advancing our nation. Next question.”

Another hand went up, “In the past, members of your party were found to have connections with Garindina. Is your party as a whole working with the Garindinans?”

“Thank you for your question. I want to emphasize that while individual members of our party may have had connections with Garindina in the past, our party as a whole is not working with them. Our decisions or our own and made independently. Any allegations suggesting otherwise are unfounded and politically motivated. Next question.”

A man in the front row raised his hand, “Tautrimas Žemaitis from the Òmaksa Herald*, if you are elected president, how will you conduct trade with nations overseas?”

“That’s a good question, I will do what we’ve done since 2012, work with Garindina or Koudiland to gain port access for glubal trade. Next question.”

Meanwhile, at 18:38 hours

Point Kharli South (5.3 Km from Gradogranitsa), on the Garindinan-Doro border

Andriy Kovalenko was next to cross the border, as he pulled up to the checkpoint he pulled out his passport and thought to himself. ‘Damn, didn’t think I was going to manipulate an election. But I guess I'll have to, for the sake of the Federation.’

He rolled down his window as the Dorian boarder guard asked for his passport. He checked it and gave it back.

“You have a nice night, Mr. Petrovych.” The guard said.

Andriy nodded, “You too.”

Ihor Petrovych, Andriy’s aliases for this mission. As he drove off, he wondered why he was picked for this and why he wasn’t back in Parsa working on a way to kill Boris Petrovich with his comrades. But at least he had some friends in the Byalŭk hideout. This was his first mission in Doria, before last month, Andriy would never have thought that the UND had a secret outpost in Doria. But lo and behold, they did. Left over from the old republic and the old GSB*. But Andriy had a job to do, he needed to make sure that the Federation Party was to take power in Doria.

OOC: Andriy’s story will be quite short but have one of the largest impact on the elections.


  1. * Vlaev: Krasimir Vlaev, Dimitar Vasilev’s running mate
  2. * Òmaksa Herald: The central news outlet in Òmaksa
  3. * GSB: The State Security Service (Gosudarstvennaya sluzhba bezopasnosti), the old Secret police of the Second Garindinan Republic.
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Wednesday, 22 November 2023, at 18:05 hours during the same press conference

Byalŭk, The Kraynaduk State of Doria

After the national and regional Argic press corps asked their questions, another hand went up. It was the experience hand of 55-year-old Orioni-born and wurldwide-based veteran reporter from Roiters, Mr Anidiriwi Weficho. Weficho, visibly seasoned from years on the global stage, adjusted his glasses and directed a firm but fair tone towards Nikolai Georgiev.

“Mr Georgiev, while you assert your independence from @Garindinan influences, can you clarify what specific measures you have implemented, or plan to implement, to ensure transparency and prevent any potential financial entanglements with foreign governments?”

Not pausing for a breath, he continued, “Given your Federation Party’s historical ties with Garindina, how do you respond to voters' concerns that these past relationships might influence your administration’s foreign policy decisions, should you be elected?”

Leaning slightly forward, he tacked on a unusual third question, “With Doria's strategic need for port access and your mention of working with Garindina and Koudiland, what assurances can you offer that Doria's sovereignty will be preserved and not overshadowed by economic dependencies on these nations?”

The room fell silent, with reporters turning their head from the correspondent to the podium and back. Mr Weficho's expression remained expectant. His gold-tipped fountain pen hovered over the pages of his notebook, ready to capture Georgiev’s replies.

OOC. This questioning of Nikolai Georgiev by a journalist from neither Doria nor Garindina was discussed and agreed upon in advance.

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