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Pentium News Agency - Lone Glory

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Pentium News Agency is Pentium's premier news network, an independent news organization dating back to a century after the formation of the nation. Broadcasting stories from all parts of Pentium, from War, Innovation, and Business topics. PNA covers it all, diligently and quickly, to provide up-to-date information to the general public and to outdo its rival news agencies from within the nation. Regulated by the newly founded government, and its board of directors that moderate what gets put in front of the public. Most stories are unfiltered and raw, as Pentium should be.

A recent story hitting headlines was a piece on the single remaining battleship in service, a storied life, and service to Pentium.

“A dozen were produced and sent to sea against the navies of the enemies during the long wars, attrition, and losses caused great loss on Pentium's Naval Command. Eleven of the twelve ships commissioned were sunk across the depths of the Cetan Sea, Geltic Sea, and Argic Oceans, with the final ship only limping home to nearly be scuttled on the shores near Saltbrook Channel after the climatic battle of the Cetan Sea leaving the invader's landing and navies crushed, but at a great cost in assets to Pentium's Naval Command. However, it did grant dominance of the seas, but the costs of rebuilding more of the classes were not viable financially, and thus the ship was named it's last and dubbed “Last Glory” in honor of its status as the only remaining Callahan Class Battleship”

“She sports three, twin-barreled 16in (406 mm) Main Turrets and Two, twin-barreled 12in (304 mm) auxiliary guns, smaller 4in (101 mm) Guns, and AA machine guns, some modernization efforts have kept it away from the scrapyard, but in these last few years, its become harder and harder to justify its persistence beyond its reputation and historical value. However, with the falling out of the old government and the reinstatement of a newer and less… business-only mindset. The future of the venerable behemoth has become far less clear over the course of a few days. The President's family name graced the ship's class, and perhaps that will have some sway on his decision to retain the ship, though whether out of a vainglorious attempt at enhancing the family name, or out of genuine care for the history and legacy the warship represents is unclear.”

“As the pride of the fleet, and flagship of the entirety of Pentium's Navy. Its recent actions have been mostly sitting in port during these last years of peace, only to be disturbed in defense of the capital city. Ensuring the safe passage of marine transports, and other elements of the navy. Which played a critical role in the recapturing of the city, as well as providing long-ranged bombardment from the main batteries to support the marine elements flanking the enemy camp. The concussion of the shells landing and guns firing could be heard and felt for quite a while, and had not been felt on Pentium's soil for decades.”

Commodore Travaux, commented during an interview after the end of the Siege of Whedon's Row, saying “Our old vessel performed admirably, no major complaints about the skills of our gunnery or the steel of our marines. Some small improvements could be made to her, which we intend to pursue in the future as funding frees up in various areas. While our Admirals may have been besieged within the city, the men and women of the navy did not falter in their pursuit of an overwhelming victory in the face of our foes. For that, I must commend them for their efforts and courage in the field and on the seas. As well as mourn the loss of some of the best our nation has to offer in defiance of the treachery faced by our leadership and citizens. Rest assured, we stand ready.”

“That's all we have for you tonight on recent and past events, I'm Johnathan Blythe, and we hope you all have a pleasant eventing and a good night.”


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Hisera-Pentian Trade Agreement

Good evening Pentium, I'm your host Roz Anastos anchor of Late Nights in Blemish broadcasting from the walls of the fortress.  Late last night, the President signed a deal with a nearby nation just across the pond of the Geltic.  I'll review a few main points from the deal, and how it will affect our people and economy.  While we do typically have a variety of topics that didn't make front-page news, we have the unique privilege of bringing you the front-page news.

To begin, Pentium will send vast quantities of funds to Hisera to assist in rebuilding, modernizing and building new infrastructure, cities, rail and highway connections between cities.  We have been given some exclusive rights for advertisement, as well as ownership in the new assets that are being created.  In addition, our construction companies are moving over to Hisera to assist in building the infrastructure itself.  Personally, it's expensive and will not sit well with some parts of the country and people. Still, it does give a great amount of opportunity for moving products into Hisera and promoting our business inside another market.  So, hopefully, our investments there will have returns.


Additionally, some exciting news for our agriworkers and professors.  Hiseran students will be access to our Agricultural Institute, right here in Blemish.  Some of our big boys in the industry as well are going to be heading over to advise our new partners in the fields physically and on a technical level.  While the tuition will likely be higher for them due to lessened substitutes, the information we teach at the Institute is invaluable in keeping our nation's bellies full and our fields productive.  Additionally, one of their mineral extraction conglomerates will be entering our mineral deposits to help extract the resources we desperately need for our economy to keep recovering and growing, which we can keep some of the savings from export costs to offset the expenses of new extractions and the costs of the aforementioned investments being made into Hisera.  Ideally, of course, we will need to foot the costs of expansion and development but once it is all said and done, we will see how the books balance out.

One of the vessels leaving port in after being put underway for transfer to the Hiserain Navy

One smaller aspect of the deal was the military concerns about the nations.  While it was an unexpected diversion in what was supposed to be an economic deal, it helped save some costs due to the trade of ships for bases.  A chunk of the Pentian Navy was transferred to Hisera in exchange for navy bases.  These islands can be used for a variety of purposes beyond just the military, but they are another step in securing our borders at sea and expanding the domain of the nation.  Which, not a concern of the current government is a grand effort in putting Pentium on the wurld stage again.

The President certainly seems to be happy about the deal, and Pentian Economists are overall happy about the size and expanse of the deal itself but balk a bit at the costs of the deal overall.  However, this is a good strong show from the new administration in international and economic policy for the future of the nation.  Not only to mention the deepening of the relationship between the two nations as trade partners in the local region.  Which may come in handy in future for more trade deals, and potentially greater alliances should the need arise.  

This is all future talk though, and we have yet to see the true costs and benefits of the agreement as a whole.  I've been Roz Anastos, and we wish you all a very comfortable evening.

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Saltbrook Channel — Port Authority 

“Good afternoon Pentium, I'm Johnathan Blythe with PNA.  Today's top story is from Saltbrook Channel, the Port Authority of the channel has put out a statement about the lack of adequate space for the current operations after the deal with Hisera was passed by parliament.  While Saltbrook Channel has a large and robust port, which has been capable of maintaining sea based trade, the influx of new products, materials, and manpower has been overwhelming for the current staff and resources on hand, which has caused a slowing of operations.”

“The disruption has been causing delays in some industries, and development of new projects around Pentium.  While critical operations have been earmarked for rapid entry into the country, business owners have begun lodging formal complaints about the quality and speed of the service.  A local shop owner, Henry Clarkson.  Who operates ‘Outside Hobbyist Emporium’ said this:”

“The delays are costing me and my family hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in potential revenue.  The loss of business and confidence from our customers has been a nightmare to contend with and work through.  I know I'm not the only one suffering through the delays.”

“In response to the delays, we have with us the Minister of Trade and Economic Development Marius Bradford, here to talk about what steps the federal government is taking to solve the backlog, Marius?”

“Thanks for having me on, Johnathan.  Our commitment to the wellbeing of the economy, and the smooth flow of commerce, is at the forefront of our minds as we work towards a solution for the downturn in shipping and transportation.  It's no secret that since the end of the long war, that swathes of the harbor have been inactive and that previous administrations have reduced the amount of port workers.  This was in response to the loss of trade and lowered manpower that we had available to us during the restoration efforts of the nation, seeing as now is the perfect time to reinstate much of the facilities and workers that we had initially removed from play.”

“The unfortunate reality that pushes us onward now, is the lack of trained dockworkers and the poor state of the old sections of dock that have been neglected, while restoration efforts have already been put underway by the city of Saltbrook Channel, it will take time for efforts to bear fruit and work in tandem with the main segments of dock.  I assure you, that work is being completed as quick as we can manage it.  I can't give you an estimation on how long it will take.”

Johnathan smiles, and nods as the Minister's face leaves the frame.  “Thanks Marius.”

“That's all we have for now folks, thank you for tuning into PNA once again.  I wish you all a good afternoon, and pleasant evening.”

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