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A Royal Engagement

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(OOC: This is a future roleplay everyone and anyone that would like to send a person to this event please send a reply the date on the letter doesn't matter for OOC terms. I will be posting things here at random until the date of the event, as seen above. If you like to DM before u create a reply, feel free too, I should be able to answer.)

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Subject: RSVP: Royal Engagement of Prince Isak and Queen Sorcha

Dear Esteemed Hosts,

We are honored to receive the invitation to the royal engagement of Prince Isak and Queen Sorcha on behalf of the nation of Orioni. We are delighted to witness and celebrate the union of such remarkable individuals who embody the spirit of unity and love.

I am pleased to inform you that our ambassador, Mrs Zema Ephraim ina Melkamu, will be in attendance to represent our Kingdom at this grand occasion. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Prince Isak and Queen Sorcha and look forward to celebrating their love and the beginning of a harmonious alliance between the Kingdoms of Hylliland and Gotneska.

The details of our attendance are as follows:

Attendee: Ambassador Zema Ephraim ina Melkamu
Date: 8th March 2024
Time: 16:30
Location: Gotana Castle, 202 West Royal St. Göteborg

We are also ensuring that Ambassador Zema Ephraim ina Melkamu is aptly informed about the royal attire dress code and is looking forward to partake in the regal festivities.

Please consider this letter as a formal RSVP before the stipulated deadline of 24th February. Should there be any additional information required or preparations to be made prior to the event, feel free to contact our royal liaison office.

We anticipate a splendid celebration and a prosperous union between Prince Isak and Queen Sorcha.

Warmest regards,

Orioni embassy in Gotneska

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From: Mister Elric Fii, President of the Third Republic of Hisera

To: The Hosts of the Royal Wedding in Gotana Castle, @Gotneska

Subject: Royal Engagement of Queen Sorcha and Prince Isak

Dear Admirable Hosts,

We are well pleased to receive this invitation to the engagement of Queen Sorcha and Prince Isak on behalf of the country of Hisera. We would be glad to celebrate the loving union of these two spectacular individuals. I am glad to inform you that Mrs Alexandra Alar-Rotsa, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Third Republic of Hisera, will attend this ceremony as a representative of our nation at this most spectacular event. We congratulate Queen Sorcha and Prince Isak and look forward with hope for a night of the celebration of their love and the continued positive relations between Hisera and Gotneska.

Representative Details:

Representative: Mrs Alexandra Alar-Rotsa

Date: 8th March 2024

Time: 16:30

Location: Gotana Castle, 202 West Royal St. Göteborg

Further notes: We shall ensure that Mrs Alexandra Alar-Rotsa's attire suits the dress code established for this event and that she is properly prepared to participate in the regal activities and festivities. Requests for any further information required, or any needed preparations can be directed to the Hiseran Embassy in Læniguëuíl.

Warm regards,

Office of the President of Hisera

The Letter is stamped with the Red Stamp of the Office of the Presidency

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From: Czarina Nadia V of Garindina, Tatyana Kuzmina, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Garindinan United Federation, Garindinan Embassy in Gotneska

To: The Host of Queen Sorcha’s Royal Wedding at Gotnana Castle

Dear Esteemed Host,

We are pleased and honored to have received your invitation for this special event. We would like to congratulate her majesty Queen  Sorcha on her engagement and upcoming wedding. I am glad to inform you that the Czarina and the Czar themselves are anb to attend this joyous occasion. We look forward to seeing you and further cooperation between our nations.

Representative Details:

Representatives: Czarina Nadia V and Czar Vladimir III

Date: 6 March, 2024

Time: 13:30

Location: Gotana Castle, 202 West Royal St. Göteborg

Further notes:  We will ensure that both the Czar and Czarina will be wearing the proper attire.

Warm regards,

Czarina Nadia V

Tatyana Kuzmina, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Garindinan United Federation

Garindinan Embassy in Gotneska

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[OOC: Sorry for going out of character, but this event isn't a wedding. It's a formal event that happens when a non-royal citizen in the Kingdom of Gotneska becomes engaged to a member of the Royal family. It's almost like a wedding, but isn't. Sorry for the Confusion. So if you're wondering if it's not a wedding, then what happens.]

* * *

Prince Isak stands alone, his anticipation palpable as he awaits the pivotal moments that will shape his destiny. A wise bishop, entrusted with foretelling the path that lies ahead, offers him insight into the journey he contemplates. As the royal guards, stalwart and regal, escort him towards the sacred Chapel, the ethereal atmosphere anticipates the union that looms.

Within the hallowed space, Queen Sarah, regal in her throne, rises gracefully as the doors swing open to welcome Isak. The gravity of his choice weighs heavy; there is no turning back. Two venerable bishops emerge, each carrying the weight of tradition and sanctity. The principal bishop, perhaps even an archbishop, intones verses from the Bible, each word resonating with profound significance, underscoring the gravity of the moment.

A tradition, steeped in history since the year 1384, unfolds before the assembled witnesses. Strikingly symbolic, Isak bares his skin, a gesture marking vulnerability and readiness for transformation. A priest, with solemn purpose, anoints him with cleansing water, a ritual purification that transcends the physical.

In a delicate and deliberate motion, the same priest unveils a small vessel cradling precious olive oil. With precision, he traces a cross upon Isak's back, anointing him as the symbolic figurehead destined to lead the Kingdom of Gotneska. The ceremony, rich in symbolism, weaves a narrative that transcends time, echoing the rituals of kings past.

The climactic moment approaches as Queen Sarah, entrusted with an unfinished sword, stands before Isak. This blade, incomplete in its craftsmanship, mirrors the journey that has just begun. With grace and purpose, she knights him, transforming the once Duke into His Highness King Consort Isak of Gotneska. The unfinished sword, a poignant metaphor, signifies that this journey is yet to be completed.

As Isak kneels before his queen, the final act unfolds. The incomplete sword, a symbol of their union in progress, underscores the promise of a future entwined. A unique sword, meticulously crafted and awaiting completion, awaits the culmination of their union in matrimony—an emblem of their shared journey, a testament to love, duty, and the destiny they forge together.

* * *

[OOC. Okay, I think this should help.]

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Tuesday, 10 October 2023 | 16:00 hrs [UTC-3]
Konfederacija Poja, Rugi, Central District | Ministry of Foreign Affairs

When the Konfederacija Poja was founded, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ministarstvo Vanjskih Poslova; MVP) was something of an afterthought.  It wasn't until 1910 that the MVP was officially founded and, at the time, it was the only government ministry that operated in a building specifically erected for its existence.  The rest operated out of former palaces or buildings associated with the disbanded government of the Kingdom of Liaria.  The MVP was thusly granted ownership of one city block measuring 100 by 120 meters on which they built a modest and small building in the Art Nouveau style.  By the 1940s, the building was hardly sufficient and some of the block, which at that point was a sprawling park, was leveled to add a second building.  When the entire site was demolished in 2016, following the successful transfer of the MVP to a new and sufficiently sized building, the original MVP block contained four buildings.

          Now, the MVP was in a massive office-like building that was new, modern, and more than sufficient for the KP's new push to become a major, international presence.  At its helm was Cvjetko Parlov, who'd taken office when Petrović took office in 2021.  As Minister of Foreign Affairs, a lot rested on Parlov's shoulders and when the Gotneskan invitation to the engagement of Isak and Sorcha arrived, he more than leapt at the occasion.  Not only would he be going to the engagement with his wife Tatjana but he also placed a priority phone call direct to Poja's ambassador to Gotneska, Štefica Gutkowski, who was already planning to attend with her husband Sergiusz.  Thus, the Pojački delegation to the royal engagement would be four in nature.

• • • • ‡ ‡ • • • •

The Office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs
11 October 2023

Dear Esteemed Hosts of the Konungsríki Gotneska:

It is with great joy that the Konfederacija Poja accepts your invitation to the royal engagement of Prince Isak and Queen Sorcha on 8 March 2024.  Representing the Konfederacija Poja at this magnificent event shall be Minister of Foreign Affairs Cvjetko Parlov and his wife Tatjana as well as Ambassador Štefica Gutkowski and her husband Sergiusz.  

Until then, our blessings.

Honorable Cvjetko Parlov, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Konfederacija Poja, on behalf of the people of the Konfederacija Poja


• • • † • • •

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