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[Map Request] Motoharu-chū

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Nation on Eurth: Motoharu-chū

National Flag:spacer.png


Capital Name: Motoharu-chū (City-State)


Capital Location: The city-state is the capital itself, not much can be added.


Starter Stats: 

(P.S. Currently helping @Xio with the new stats changes regarding city-states)

Population (Original): Medium (1) -> Changed to approximately 8.7 million.

GDP (Original): High (3) -> Changed to approximately 125.000.

Land (Original): Low (0) -> Changed to around 20.8 sq miles (43.3 km2), in consideration of adding islands and islets to resemble Hong Kong/Singapore, will reach requirement of 50 km2.


Culture: Predominantly Esonian (Japanese), with ethnic minorities including "Shu-kin" (originally Motoharu natives assimilated into Esonian, irl counterpart: Cantonese) and other races (mostly white from Seylos).


Climate: Adapatble to surrounding lands.


Geography: Undeveloped terrain is hilly to mountainous, with very little flat land, and consists mostly of grassland, woodland, shrubland, or farmland. Around 65% of used lands are made into industrial sites.


History: Started out as a territory of Esonice before being leased to Seylos. After a series of riots, the territory was transferred from Seylos, back to Esonice before another series of riots was followed that led to the independence of the territory.


Front Desk: Front Desk Entry


Vision Statement: Vision Statement


Desired Location: Nestled up in Esonice as an independence city-state


Other Critical Information: Decided location between me and @Esonice


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Hi Motoharu, thank you for agreeing to help with the city state stats beta test. I just did some number crunching and your population density would be around 174,000 pop/km^2, which is over 8 times Macau's population density. I'll be updating the city state point system to have a maximum population density of 20,000 - meaning the maximum starting population for a 50km^2 city state will be around 1 million. It will be up to you and @Esonice to figure out if you'd rather have a population ≤21,000 or to increase your city state's size to accommodate your larger population. For 8.7 million people you would need 435km^2 of land area.

Once yourself, Esonice, and myself are good with the stats we can move onto the actual map application :).

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Hi @Xio, thank you for notifying me about the numbers, I should have thought of the population density before submitting but I was a bit careless on that front, so that one is on me.

For @Esonice, I am fine with how much land you agreed to give me, if you can't give me with what I have as of right now, I think around 1 million to 1.5 million-ish would be fine by me, I would like to stay as realistic as possible, and if that's the case, I do wonder if I could reach higher on the economy scale? So around 130k to 140k? Please get back to me when you're both are free.

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All is good with me! I unfortunately am unable to provide a much larger area without sacrificing a significant portion of Esonice. I tried to find the best spot possible fitting your vision, an area matching Guangdong's mercantile history, also providing as much space as I can in that spot. The original population size concerned me, but I am happy with 1 to 1.5 million people!

About the location of Motoharu on the actual Eurth map, it has been provided directly to Xio through dms on discord due to imgur links not working currently for me on the forums.


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I'm happy for you to change your GDP per capita to $130k-$140k (below I posted the current beta ranges).


Regarding a population of ~1.5 million, that would roughly be 75km^2 with a population density of 20,000 per km^2. I imagine a change that small (50km^2 -> up to 75km^2) wouldn't be too much of an issue, @Esonice?

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After discussing a bit with Motoharu, we agreed on the new shape of the territory. I have managed to bump up Motoharu to 97.17 km2 (39.09 sq mi) through tweaking the borders on mainland Esonice and adding in some tiny islands on my own map. Mainland Motoharu itself is 75.72 km2, the 5 biggest islands adding in the extra 21.45 km2. I think this would continue to be an insignificant change on the actual Eurth map, with a citystate marker doing just fine.

Below is the map of how this would look like on my map.

As shown in DMs, Motoharu would be placed where the red dot is on the Eurth map. If Kado (currently Nando on the map) is causing too much clutter in the area it can be removed to make space for Motoharu, Maimedo's name can probably be moved above it's capital marker if more space is needed.


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Alrighty. With 97.17km^2, and a population of ~1.5 million, that would give Motoharu a population density of around 15,437 people per square kilometres. Once @Motoharuchu consents to the new land area (and population) I can put him on the map. I was going to go further in-depth into his nation's history but from Discord DMs it sounds like you two are working things out amongst one another.

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