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Holy Empire Expands

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(OOC: I'm one million off. I thought it was best to do it a bit early just to make sure everyone's reaction is favourable. I won't make a formal claim until I have the right amount, and people say "Yes".Thanks)


As Tagmatium's population reaches 500 million, there have been rumblings from the capital that more land needs to be aquired.

This will be the first large-scale expansion from the Holy Empire's borders in over a thousand years.

The plot of land that will be the target of expansion will be Plot 16. This will leave the mouth of the Borean Strait in Tagmatium's hands, giving the Holy Empire many economic benefits. Several cities will be set up, and named according to the Holy Empire's tastes. It is rumoured one city will be named in honour of the late Holy Emperor Theodosius. The Plot will be reorganised in to themes, along with the titles Strategos and Authetos along the lines of Tagmatium, and these will be given to important people who do not have any connection with the existing themes.

The current government of Plot 16 appears to except thia take-over, and the economic and political benefits it will gain.

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The SS/Tagmatium alliance grows stronger each day. We are very proud that the Tagmatium people have grown and will soon see more land with more resources for the more babies your ever growing population will surely have. We support and back your claim to this land. The SS stands behind Tagmatium now and in the future.

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