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Lépht CPT (Aerospace Company)

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Lépht is a public limited company based in Beaumaris, Gaellicia. Since 1910, Lépht has been a premier aircraft and aerospace parts manufacturing firm. Lépht began as a humble firm concerned with the construction of bespoke seaplanes. In the present, the firm maintains the traditions it was founded on with a range of products from helicopters to jetliners.

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Fixed Wing Aircraft

Super Simorgh LJ110


The Simorgh is named after the legendary flying creature representative of renewal and evolution from Axo-Geltic mythology. The LJ100 was designed in the aftermath of the Long War and is the first jet airliner produced in Gaellicia. The pioneering aircraft is a feat of Gaellician engineering and a point of national pride. The LJ110, or the Super Simorgh, is an update to the aircraft first made available in 1990. The LJ110 has new (more efficient) engines, updated avionics including a 'glass cockpit,' and a lengthened fuselage with increased capacity. An upgrade and refurbishment package for legacy airframes is available as the LJ109.


First Flight (LJ 100): May 2, 1960

Flight Crew: 2

Passengers: 56-86

Cargo: 16.5 m3 (580 cu ft)

Wing Area: 197.0 m2 (2,121 sq ft)

Wingspan: 35 m (115 ft)

Length: 33.99 m (111ft 6 in)

Engines: x4 MacNamera TB 824 Turbojets

Ezylryb LJ 200


The LJ200 series, named after the offspring of a Simorgh in Axo-Geltic mythology, is a new design derived from the original LJ100 airframe. The LJ206 is still in production and available for purchase anew. Refurbishment for legacy airframes is available with the LJ205 package.


First Flight (LJ 200): August 16, 1977

Flight Crew: 2

Passengers: 138

Cargo: 16.5 m3 (580 cu ft)

Wingspan: 34.3 m (113 ft)

Length: 36.24 m (118.9 ft)

Engines: x2 MacNamera TB 1600 Turbojets

Max Takeoff Weight: 58,000 kg (128,000 lb)

Range: 3,200 km (1,700 nmi)

Service Ceiling: 11,000–12,000 m (36,000–39,000 ft)

Cruising Speed: 810 km/h (440 know)

Storm Petrail LT-M 808



First Flight (LL 800): November 8, 1957

Flight Crew: 3

Passengers: 28


Cargo Weight: 4.5 Tons

Wingspan: 29.46 m (96 ft 8 in)

Length: 19.15 m (62 ft 10 in)

Engines: x2 MacNamera TP 450-m Turboprops

Max Takeoff Weight: 17,010 kg (37,500 lb)

Range: 4,590 km (2,480 nmi)

Service Ceiling: 6,600 m (21,500 ft)

Cruising Speed: 200 km/h (108 know)

LT 700



First Flight: August 11, 1976

Flight Crew: 2

Passengers: 36

Wingspan: 22.81 m (74 ft 10 in)

Length: 21.58 m (70 ft 10 in)

Engines: x2 MacNamera TB 450 Turboprops

Max Takeoff Weight: 12,292 kg (27,099 lb)

Range: 1,595 km (991 mi, 861 nmi)

Service Ceiling: 6,100 m (20,000 ft)

Cruising Speed: 330 km/h (180 know)

LT 600



First Flight: December 1, 1963

Flight Crew: 1-2

Passengers: 19

Wingspan: 19.79 m (64 ft 11 in)

Length: 12.21 m (40 ft 1 in)

Engines: x2 MacNamera TB 430 Turboprops

Max Takeoff Weight: 5,670 kg (12,500 lb)

Range: 1,115 km (602 nmi)

Service Ceiling: 6,858 m (22,500 ft)

Cruising Speed: 278 km/h (150 kn)

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