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ItzaNews (IN) is a state-run news broadcasting network located in Itza. It is the broadcasting network of the Ministry of Communications responsible for gathering and broadcasting news and current affairs in Itza and around the wurld. The largest broadcasting network in Itza, it was founded in 1993 by royal decree with the goal of improving access to information. According to a poll in 2020, ItzaNews was the primary source of news for ethnic Itzans. The network employs over 200 journalists and 800 operations staff and is headquartered in Itzal, Itza. 

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07 September 2023 14:20 IST
Itza Plans Tapatan Port Expansion to Boost Capacity by 40%
Written by Chima Tepeua

TAPATAN, Itza - The government of Itza announced today that it will be expanding the capacity of the nation's primary trading port, Tapatan, in order to accommodate the steadily increasing volume of maritime trade.

Tapatan, located on the southern coast of Itza, has served as the major hub for Itza's international trade for centuries. However, officials say that the aging port has recently been struggling to handle the growing number of cargo ships and tankers calling there.

“Over the past decade, we've seen a nearly 30 percent increase in ship traffic at Tapatan,” said Trade Minister Tzekel Idama at a press conference at the port authority headquarters in Tapatan. “With trade continuing to expand between Itza and its partners around the wurld, it's clear these facilities need to grow as well.”

The 3.3 billion quetzal ($420 million) expansion project will add two new deepwater berths to the port, allowing it to handle several additional large vessels simultaneously. The project will also expand onshore facilities like warehouses, control towers, and customs clearance centers.

Prime Minister Xiu said the upgrades are critical for Itza to remain competitive in the glubalized economy. “With our proximity to the Manamana Canal, these improvements will allow us to minimize waiting times for ships, expedite the flow of goods, and facilitate increased business and economic growth for decades to come.”

Construction is slated to begin next month, with completion aimed for mid-2025. The expansion is estimated to increase the port's annual cargo handling capacity by around 40 percent.

The project has gained the approval and financial backing of both the crown government and major domestic and foreign shipping companies that utilize Tapatan port facilities. Officials say they will continue monitoring volumes in the coming years and will consider further expansions if necessary.


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18 April 2024, 15:15 IST
Itza Issues Warning to Mesothalasa After Capture of Alleged Spy
Written by Chima Tepeuaspacer.png

ITZAL, Itza — The government of Itza issued a stern warning to Mesothalasa on Thursday after announcing the arrest of a Mesothalasan citizen accused of being a spy operating in the Itzan capital.

Prime Minister Chac Xiu held an emergency press conference to denounce what he called “flagrant violations of Itzan sovereignty” by Mesothalasa's intelligence services. Xiu stated the alleged spy, whose name was not released, was captured earlier this week by Itzan security forces while attempting to extract classified government documents.

“The brazen actions of this Mesothalasan asset represent an unacceptable breach of trust between our nations,” Xiu said. “Itza will not tolerate such underhanded tactics. We have engaged in diplomacy to resolve our differences, but if Mesothalasa insists on resorting to espionage, they will face severe consequences.”

Xiu announced that Itza is immediately increasing border security, especially along its eastern frontier, which borders most closely with Mesothalasa. Additional naval forces have also been deployed to patrol the southern coastline and the Typhon Sea.

“We have no interest in escalating tensions further, but make no mistake — we will defend our people and our national interests by any means necessary,” the prime minister warned. “Mesothalasa must immediately cease all clandestine operations within our borders.”

Mesothalasa has not yet responded to Itza's allegations. Itza and Mesothalasa have been embroiled in a tumultuous relationship spanning centuries, having never formally declared peace after Itza defended its sovereignty against an invasion by the Anglian Empire in 1696.


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