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[Pentium] - Military Procurement Letter

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From the Office of the President
Republic of Pentium


Friends and compatriots, good day.  As the ravages of our small civil war temper, and the flames quell.  We have found ourselves in need of modernization, in order to address some flaws we found in our operational capacity during the siege.  

We understand that for a long period of time, most of our dealings were made through third-party dealers apart from the Government of Pentium itself.  Which rarely spoke of the prospect of military procurement, and focused far more on deals pertaining to resources and services, we find ourselves with a plethora of new problems that require effective solutions rapidly.  Thus, we are asking any and all nations that are interested in selling stock on hand for military hardware testing.  Whatever your nations are willing to send, we are willing to pay for during our testing process.  With the potential for additional contracts further down the line should an agreement be reached.  At the very least, we will be happy to buy some stock and relieve your warehouses of a few vehicles.

Thank you all for reading this open letter, even if you do not send any equipment.  Expect to hear more from us.

Ian Callahan, President

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The Office of the President
6 September 2023


Dear President Ian Callahan of the Republic of Pentium:

The Konfederacija Poja has received your open communique requesting the procurement of military and defense supplies.  The Pojački National Military maintains a significant stock of older and prior generation vehicles that have been phased out of active service in what we term was "war reserve stock."  

Given the current status of our war reserve stock, the Pojački National Military would be able to donate a certain amount of military supplies to the Republic of Pentium as an initial offer for future modernization support.  The Konfederacija Poja has a robust military arms industry that can benefit the Republic of Pentium for future needs.

Should you wish to move forward, I shall send a representative from the Konfederacija Poja to the Republic of Pentium to meet and discuss the specific needs of your nation.  I am confident that we will be able to supply your needs and look forward to future correspondence between our two nations.

His Excellency, the President of the Konfederacija Poja, Andrej Petrovic, on behalf of the people of the Konfederacija Poja


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