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Historical Expansion of Pecario

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Hi everyone, here is my first historical expansion. This is my first and last one; I do not wish to expand further and prefer to focus on the lore and anecdotes of Pecario. My idea is as follows:

I discussed with Florentia the possibility of Lysian settlers leaving Florentia (then under Lysian rule) in the late 17th century to attempt to colonize a part of Mesothalassa. The rumors of wealth that Iberic conquistadors had discovered may have attracted foreign powers to take an interest in Mesothalassa at that time.

Lysia then sends colonists to establish a colony in the East in 1665. A city is founded called "Saint-Louis," and the colony gradually begins to expand. The Kingdom of Pecario, concerned about the emergence of potential competitors, starts expanding eastward to block and exert pressure on the Lysian colony.

A conflict erupts in 1687, and the Lysian colony is destroyed and incorporated into the kingdom. Most Lysian settlers are driven away, but a small part of them regroups in small but concentrated communities. Many of these are located in the former city of "Saint-Louis," renamed by the Iberics as "San Luis." The Lysian culture survives and is appreciated by Pecario's aristocrats, who see it as a source of refinement and wealth. The Lysian culture also strongly influences Iberic architecture in this part of Pecario.

After the 1910s, due to the gradual decline of Florentia, many Florentians flee the country in search of work. Many of them end up in the Lysian communities of Pecario. The first Lysians form a kind of aristocracy, living in the cities, while the new Lysians live in the countryside or in sprawling suburbs around the Lysian cities.

On the map below, this would be the expansion I would like to propose. San Luis would be located on the coast in the small bay and would be an important city for trade and tourism throughout the Bay of Manamana. The territory above does not represent what the Lysian colony was; the colony was mainly concentrated on the coasts.

Let me know what you think, and if the size of the expansion is too large, we can discuss it, of course. Since this is my first expansion attempt, I hope I am not missing the mark; I have read the expansion rules carefully.



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Oh I totally did not intend to reply to this then forgot for 22 days (sorry!).

So for the size of the expansion and your general location, I'm alright with you doing this as a historical expansion.  I will like @Florentia to chip in though to just yay or nay the involvement of his lore in this.

So regarding this expansion, I did a rough land area check and its about 105,800km^2. Do you know what the general population of this territory will be in the present day? Or its general GDP per capita? It'll be nice to get at least an estimation for these numbers before I can approve or deny this expansion.

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Population: 12 million

Reason: The initial settlers were Lysians, but they didn't arrive in large numbers. When the colony became part of Pecario, Pecarians were hesitant to move east, as they were already well-established in the west. Government promises, however, led to a small migration of Pecarians, with most of them becoming plantation owners of sugar, bananas, and tobacco. The population remained smaller than in the east, although recent tourism and the construction of beach resorts on the coasts have led to a new influx of people.

GDP per capita: 10,000

Reason: The trade in exotic fruits and sugar plantations made this region one of the wealthiest in Pecario. The region had fewer mountains, making it easier to establish plantations and other factories that became the industrial backbone of Pecario from the late 19th century onwards. The cities, primarily located on the coasts, facilitated trade.

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With a population of 12 million, GDP per capita of $10,000, and a land area of 105,800km^2 the expansion would have a total point value of 3.

I'm happy to approve of this expansion! Your reserved area on the map will be added once you begin the expansion.

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