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Succession of State

Guest D.R. of Scalaska

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Guest D.R. of Scalaska

The Democratic Republic of Scalaska has successfully petitioned, voted, and formally anounced it's succession from the United States of America. In conjuction with with Canadian National Committee for Succession and the US Succession Committee Scalaska, formed from a voluntary group of American counties and Canadian provinces, have officially formed allegiance under the nation of Scalaska. Founded under the principle of a global economy and union, Scalaska will no longer tolerate isolationism and the imperialistic government of it's former union with North America. Scalaska voted 43-32 to join the Europa Region on August 5th, 2004, only 1 hour after its incorporation and movement from the Pacific Region. We look forward to future discussions and prosperity within the region and pledge our economic, political, and military support to all members of the region.


Scalaska Head Council

5 August 2004

Scalaska City Federal Distrcit

Scalaska City, Scalaska SW1 NL

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