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[Vision statement] United Kingdom of Almertia

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I intend to add more things and flesh this out once I establish this with other people to allow for this to be intertwined with others history, geography once I'm on the map, etc. Any and all feedback is appreciated, thank you!

Almertia's geography is made up of winding valleys stretching across the nation, located on the northern border of Aurivizh and eastern border of Gotneska. It is filled with winding hills and dense forests and typically can be found with many wild sheep. It's most severe weather is very heavy rain, usually causing landslides. The mountains that are dotted around that stretch to the coast are typically snow capped due to the sub arctic climate. Winters are cold and the warmth of summer is rare. The forests are usually filled with evergreen and large trees. a lot of the infrastructure of the nation is focused in the southern parts of the nation near other nations. 

The history of Almertia is thick with internal struggles that still resonate and reflect in its politics today. Previously a part of the Goutian Empire, they were a bunch of small, subjugated kingdoms, the idea of a united kingdom under the name of Almertia was a recent idea to compete with the surrounding countries. However, before it became a union, it was a divided area of 5 kingdoms: Gwilair, Rheinall, Maddog, Beliar and Mostyn. Under the Goutian Empire, the areas thrived as a frontier for new development, grew and became fully functional kingdoms themselves, though regularly caused internal issues for the empire due to the, at the time, lords warring with each other. They stayed under the empire until its final days, eventually breaking free due to the collapse. After the fall of the empire, the once unpressed claims then became very real for the recipients, many, many wars occurred with lands won and lost over a long period of time. In the modern day, unification is held together by the once lords now royal families of each constitutional country by the shared goal of sizing up to their neighbors, even if that meant working with past rivals, giving rise to modern day Almertia.

As mentioned in the History section, the modern day political scene is rife with past grudges and shared goals. How the government works is a system of democratic monarchism. The 5 royal families represent their individual constituent countries, then, they elect a person to be the official Deliberator, often, when there is a dispute, they are set the task of resolving it. Naturally, this leaves a large hole for corruption, though a lot of the time this is weeded out due to the general suspicion all families will have of the candidates, often doing lots of background research into them. The main body are the heads of each family, who do most of the law passing and such for the nation as a whole. However the lower house is made up of other members, typically 3, and those that the head of each family chooses. The lower house creates laws for each constituency and the the whole nation. (The government system has been simplified here, I can go into greater detail after.)

The ethnic makeup of Almertia is mostly Almertians, (Being divided down to Gwilarians, Rheinallian, Maddogan, Beliaran and Mostynican.) with some other natural variation due to other populations from other countries mixing and historical populations left behind from, as example, the Goutian Empire. The culture of the population is typically dominated by a mix of things like patriotism for the nation and constituencies, the landscape, language and has a general distancing from religion all together, though religious buildings do still exist in Almertia.   

The economy has a very defined divide for where industries are, lots of mining, farming and, a big one, logging, is in the more rural north, whereas in the south, you'll find a lot more industries that focus on manufacturing and service. Major industries are car manufacturing, with a notable company being Vulcan. Another industry is the Alground company which own lots of mines and forestries to log in. Mineral deposits are usually rich in Tin, Bauxite and Coal and is cheaper to run than most due to them only having starting widespread mining in the last few years. The power generation for Almertia consists of primarily coal, gas and oil plants, with some but little, geothermal, solar and wind producers scattered around.

Population: Middle (1)

GDP: High (2)

Land: Middle (1)


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