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18th EOS summit


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This year's Entente summit casts its gaze on an evolving horizon.
Within the ever shifting geopolitics, they seek to redefine its role.
Will they adapt to lead, or be challenged by the changing tides?


Monday, 14 August 2023
Entente of Oriental States Headquarters
Deseti Island, Orioni

Chapter 1: The 18th summit

The San gleamed brilliantly off the state-of-the-art glass exterior of the allied headquarters on Deseti Island. The morning air was filled with a palpable sense of excitement and expectation. Representatives from all the member states and observers began arriving, their attire reflecting the prestige and diversity of the Entente member nations.

Mr Tobiya Wayanor of Orioni was already inside the building, reviewing his notes for the day. He looked up and saw several of his colleagues entering the chamber. Mrs Zuleika Mansouri from @Ayubi gracefully made her entrance, the weight of her country's history reflected in her proud demeanour. Mrs Kaliona Kalani of the @Bainbridge Islands stepped in with her entourage, all looking prepared and determined. They were followed closely by Mr Robert Wassermann of @Tamurin, who was deep in conversation with another delegate.

Upon taking his designated place at the head of the chamber, Wassermann paused for a moment, allowing the subtle murmurs and whispers to die down. Clearing his throat, he projected a calm yet authoritative presence that immediately captured the attention of every delegate.

“Esteemed representatives,” he began, his voice reverberating with a sense of gravity, “it is a profound honour to stand before such distinguished leaders as we gather to discuss the future of the Entente of Oriental States. Today's summit is meticulously structured to ensure we cover our vast spectrum of responsibilities and aspirations. Our session is divided into three pivotal segments.”

Wassermann then gestured to a digital display behind him which highlighted the agenda. “We will commence with an Introduction by the respected Mrs Kalani, who will encapsulate our shared history and vision. Following that, our open session will provide the floor to our observer states, allowing them to voice their perspectives and intentions. Lastly, our closed session will delve into intricate matters concerning our mutual defence, strategies for a secured future, and the way forward in this ever-evolving geopolitical landscape.”

He paused, looking around the room, making sure his message was clear. “Your input, wisdom, and insights today are invaluable. Let us approach each topic with open minds and the collective goal of further strengthening our esteemed alliance.”

OOC. The combo of EOS and its sister organisation CAOS form the oldest, most peaceful and developed international organisation in town.

🔬 We do scientific explorations, annual military exercises, crisis assistance, disaster relief, weather analyses, humanitarian interventions, missile shield, space program, banking network, peacekeeping operations, and drives both the biggest marine and Antargic preservation efforts on Eurth, and so much more.

🌐 The HQ on Deseti island has hosted numerous historic summits that shaped how the wurld works today. The doors are open, and observers can sit in on what's happening.

🕊️ During the Anglian War, we kept potential aggressors at bay while the rest of the wurld appeared to be going up in flames.


🤔 What’s next? What do the members want to see happen in 2023-2024? What do observers and other non-members think could be an interesting storyline to follow?

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Chapter 2: Opening speaker

As the delegates nodded in agreement, Mrs Kaliona Kalani ascended to the podium, taking a deep breath to steady herself. She began with a moment of reflection, “As I stand here today, representing the Bainbridge Islands, I feel a profound sense of pride and responsibility.”

“The EOS and CAOS are not merely organisations; they are the embodiment of a dream, a dream where nations come together in unity and work towards a shared vision of a peaceful and prosperous future. Over the years, we have accomplished much together. Our joint scientific explorations have opened new frontiers, bringing knowledge and understanding where there was once mystery. Our annual military exercises have ensured that our defences are strong, and our nations are safe. Together, we've faced challenges and emerged stronger, providing disaster relief during calamities, and humanitarian interventions when needed. Our banking network, missile shield, space program, and peacekeeping operations stand as proof to our shared commitments and mutual trust.”

She paused, a faint smile gracing her lips, “Do you recall our efforts for the preservation of Antargis, and the establishment of the UBPSSIF Protected Marine Reserve? We lead some of the largest efforts on Eurth in these areas. The Deseti Island headquarters alone has witnessed historic summits that have genuinely shaped the wurld's trajectory. Such has been our journey, but it is not where we end.”

Her gaze swept across the room, connecting with each representative, “I often dream of a future where EOS and CAOS stretch even further, where our alliances are unbreakable, and our aspirations know no bounds. A future where every child in our member nations grows up in a world where peace is a given, not a luxury. I dream of our combined efforts advancing technologies that make our wurld a better place and pushing our combined boundaries, both on this planet and beyond.”

Mrs Kalani's voice was filled with emotion as she concluded, “Our legacy isn't just about our shared past, but about the bright future we envision and are building together. Let's pledge today to keep our vision alive, to lead with unity and commitment, ensuring global stability and prosperity for all our citizens. Here's to the EOS and CAOS, to our shared dreams, and to the endless possibilities that await us.”

As she stepped back from the podium, the room resonated with the weight of her words, with each delegate reflecting upon the collective journey and the path that lay ahead.

Her concluding remarks signalled the end of the introduction, setting the stage for the open session. The room was abuzz with the whispers of discussions, as the observer states prepared to present their perspectives and aspirations.

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Chapter 3: A Request

As the anticipation in the Entente of Oriental States Assembly Hall mounts, a hush descends upon the room. The crowd’s murmurs cease, and all eyes turn toward the entrance as Apuni’s representative approaches the podium. In the dimmed elegance of the hall, a distinguished gentleman of mature years steps into view. His salt-and-pepper hair, meticulously groomed, walking down the aisle with an air of wisdom that only decades of diplomacy can bestow. His impeccably tailored charcoal gray suit speaks of timeless elegance, and each step demonstrating an effortless grace.  Tall and regal, he moves with a measured gait, exuding an aura of confidence and authority that commands the room’s attention. His chiselled feature bear the marks of a life well-lived, etched with the experience of a seasoned diplomat. A subtle smile plays on his lips, hinting at countless negotiations, both won and lost, that have marked his illustrious career.

Reaching the podium, he stands poised, his gaze meeting those of the assembled delegates with a reassuring warmth that instantly puts them at ease.  The room falls silent, as Eurth’s attention is now solely focused on Mr. Ricardo Kekoa, the Chief Representative of the Dominion of Apuni, who carrying the hopes and dreams of the Dominion’s efforts to join the Entente of Oriental States.  Clearing his throat, he begins…

“Ladies and gentlemen of the Entente of Oriental States, delegates, and fellow citizens of Eurth, I stand before you not merely as a diplomat, but as a representative of the truly remarkable nation of Apuni. We seek to join the family of nations within this august body, the Entente of Oriental States.  Our journey to independence was not just a quest for sovereignty, but a testament to the unyielding spirit of a people determined to chart their destiny. The Dominion’s landscapes, cultures, and traditions are diverse as they are breathtaking, and it is this rich tapestry that we seek to share with Eurth.

We come not as just another nation, but as a beacon of hope, a testament to the extraordinary potential the resides within all.  Apuni, with its lush rain forests, pristine beaches, and vibrant communities, understands the pressing challenges our wurld faces – environmental integrity, inequality, and the quest for peace.  We bring fresh perspectives and innovative solutions, forged from the spirit of adventure that courses through our veins.

We implore this esteemed assembly to open its hearts and minds to the audacious idea of Apuni’s membership to the Entente of Oriental states. It is not merely our nation’s dream, it is an invitation to join us in a grand adventure, an adventure that transcends borders and leads to a wurld that is more interconnected, more fascinating, and more united.  Let Apuni be the embodiment of the spirit that drives us all – the spirit of curiosity, of exploration, and of making Eurth a better place for future generations. Together, we can embark on this thrilling journey towards a brighter and more harmonious future for all. Thank you and Aloha.”


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Chapter 4 : Towards the future

As discussions among the members resumed in the room, creating a vibrant echo, the loud voices gradually turned into a hushed conversation as Raùl Toggares ascended the steps and appeared at the lectern. With his bald head, olive skin, and small round glasses, he momentarily surveyed the assembly that fell into silence. Mechanically adjusting his glasses, he began:

“Ladies and Gentlemen, distinguished representatives of the nations present, I extend my sincere greetings to you all. Today, on behalf of the Republic of Pecario, I stand before you with hope and conviction to discuss our desire to join the Entente of Oriental States.

History teaches us that peace and prosperity arise from collaboration and mutual understanding among peoples. Pecario embraces this ideal, ready to actively contribute to regional stability and the promotion of economic and cultural development. Our lands, rich in natural resources as well as artisanal expertise, are a precious asset that we are prepared to share for the collective well-being.

Integration within the Entente of Oriental States would strengthen our ties with neighboring nations, fostering trade and investments. We are determined to work hand in hand to address regional challenges, whether they are economic, social, or environmental. The security and stability of our region are goals we all share, and Pecario is committed to contributing fully to them.

We are aware that each nation brings a unique richness to this assembly. Our history, culture, and traditions, while specific to Pecario, are elements we wish to share and make known. The diversity that would emerge from our membership would strengthen the fabric of the organization and enrich our shared perspectives.

As a nation, Pecario is resolved to uphold the core values championed by the Entente of Oriental States: democracy, the rule of law and mutual respect. We are ready to engage fully in cooperative mechanisms and joint projects, contributing to the search for sustainable solutions to the glubal challenges that confront us.

In conclusion, we express our deep desire to join the Entente of Oriental States, not only for Pecario's benefit, but for the collective enrichment of all. We aspire to a future of peace, prosperity, and solidarity, and we are prepared to work together with each and every one of you to achieve it.

Thank you, and as we say in our language: Dios lo bendiga!”

He stepped down from the podium with the applause of the room.

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Chapter 5: A New Dawn

The Assembly Hall echoed with rapturous applause as the newly joined member states were welcomed into the fold of the Entente of Oriental States. The moment was pure, showing the Entente's unity and respect.

Mr Robert Wassermann of @Tamurin took to the podium again, signalling the end of the Open Quorum session. “Ladies and gentlemen, we will now take a brief intermission before commencing the Close Quorum session. I encourage everyone to refresh and prepare for the next segment of our summit.” With that, the hall was filled with a soft hum of conversation, a blend of pleasantries, and last-minute strategizing.

The Assembly Hall resonated with thunderous applause as the representatives of Apuni and Pecario, fully fledged members, revelled in their newfound status within the Entente of Oriental States. Delegates from older member nations moved with purpose toward their new colleagues.

Mrs Hugrún Hnefilsdóttir of @Miiros approached Mr Ricardo Kekoa of @Apuni, extending her hand with a warm smile. “Congratulations, Mr Kekoa. Apuni's dedication and spirit truly impressed us all. We look forward to forging a deep and meaningful partnership.” Mr Kekoa's face beamed with gratitude.

Meanwhile, Mr Raùl Toggares of @Pecario was engrossed in conversation with Mrs Zuleika Mansouri of @Ayubi. “Your words were touching, Mr Toggares. Pecario's history and aspirations are commendable. Welcome to the fold.”

The convivial celebration was a public proof of their unity, an example of the diversity that strengthens the Entente. It showed the mutual respect and understanding shared by its member states. With that, the hall transformed into a vibrant scene of conversations, punctuated with laughter, earnest discussions, and the promise of a fateful future.

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Chapter 6: A Web of Intricacies

Act 1: Interesting Times

The dimmed lights in the chamber pulsed back to life, announcing the onset of the Closed Quorum session. One by one, permanent representatives of member states filed back into the room, taking their places in the grand chamber, the atmosphere notably more focused and expectant. Two additional chairs had been added, for the alliance's newest members. The ambiance in the Quorum Room tightened, the weight of responsibility palpable, and the air charged with anticipation.

Mrs Hugrún Hnefilsdóttir of @Miiros rose to discuss the intricate matters of mutual defence. She stood tall and poised, her voice echoing in the chamber with the precision and weight of a seasoned leader.

“Esteemed colleagues and members of the Entente. ‘May you live in interesting times’ is an Oriental curse often levied against enemies. Today, in an interesting time like ours, it remains important to continue investing in vigilance and mutual trust,” she started, her tone firm and decisive.

She clicked a remote, and the screen behind her illuminated, displaying a rotating globe. “It is my duty, today, to shed light on the dangers lurk in the dark.” Her address was a comprehensive examination of current threats and potential strategies, emphasizing the significance of coordinated action and intelligence sharing. The room listened intently, heads nodding in agreement and scribbling notes.


“Firstly,” she said, zooming into pockets of intense conflict zones, “are the regional skirmishes that threaten to spiral into larger confrontations. As we learn from last year's exercise, our very borders and those of our allies are encroached upon by forces driven by expansionist ideologies.”

Another click, and the globe shifted to display a network of interconnected nodes. “Secondly, in the digital realm, we face cyber threats: attacks on our critical infrastructure, our defence mechanisms, and our very way of life. Dark webs of espionage and misinformation campaigns aim to destabilize and sow discord.”

Another click, and the screen now showcased charts and graphs depicting economic fluctuations. “Economically, we see the emergence of shadow markets, illicit trade routes, and predatory financial practices. Such activities not only undercut our economies but endanger the livelihoods of our citizens.”

She paused, allowing the weight of her words to sink in. “And lastly, the existential threat of our era – environmental degradation. The challenges of climate change, loss of biodiversity, and diminishing resources underscore the urgency of collective action.”

Hugrún’s voice grew more fervent, “But fear not, because by identifying these threats, we also arm ourselves with knowledge. And with this knowledge, the EOS will create smart strategies, relying on the strength of our coordinated action, and build robust intelligence-sharing networks.”

She concluded: “So let us move forward, not in fear, but with resolve. Together, we will navigate these challenges, ensuring the safety, prosperity, and dignity of our great nations.”

Hugrún Hnefilsdóttir wrapped up her address, her voice echoing the gravitas of her message. A wave of applause filled the chamber as she returned to her seat.

Act 2: Antargic Strategy

The room's ambiance shifted subtly as the tall and discerning figure of Mr Axton Donaldson of @Deltannia approached the podium. Donaldson shot his cuffs and straightened his tie, projecting a commanding presence.

“Esteemed colleagues,” he began, his voice carrying a controlled urgency, “the untouched expanse of Antargis, with its pristine beauty and concealed mysteries, beckons us with a double-edged sword. It offers unprecedented opportunities, but also carries grave responsibilities.”


Axton clicked a button, and detailed satellite images of the Antargic region, coupled with overlays of charts, lit up the screen behind him. “In the sixth year of the Antargic Strategy and the accompanying 20-Year Action Plan, our progress stands as evidence of our collective commitment to responsible exploration.” He zoomed in on paths where sustainable expeditions had been launched, thanks to the advanced fleet of CAOS icebreakers. Also shown were areas where research outposts would be been established. “Impressive milestones have been achieved, and yet,” he paused, allowing the weight of his next words to sink in, “the fragility of this unique ecosystem reminds us daily of our monumental responsibility.”

He showcased before-and-after images, illustrating the delicate balance of intervention and conservation. “Our task is far from over. While we've carved paths of research and understanding, we need to ensure that our footprints remain light. For the Antargic is not just a land of ice and mystery, but also proof of our planet's history and a barometer for its future.”

With a determined nod, Axton concluded, “Let us remember that we are but stewards of this land. The decisions we take today will reverberate across time, impacting not just the icy expanse of Antargis, but our very understanding of sustainability and responsibility. The road ahead is long, but our resolve is unwavering.”

The gravity in Axton's voice was evident as he concluded, his gaze sweeping across the gathered representatives, challenging them, inspiring them. As he stepped away, the room resonated with a murmur of agreement, an unspoken recognition of the weight of their collective responsibility.

Act 3: Research and development

As the final echoes of applause faded, the chamber's atmosphere shifted, charged with expectancy. From the shadows of the delegates emerged a regal figure, Mr Noori bin Dhaahir of @Damak Var. His presence was magnetic, capturing the attention of all present. The dim lights played off his traditional Varian attire.

With a measured calmness that reminded many in the room of Sir Andrew Pipkin, Noori started, “Ladies and gentlemen, Antargis may hold its mysteries, but let us not overlook the advances that have come from our own Research and Development Centre. A symbol of our collective ingenuity and collaboration, it's at the heart of our evolving military prowess.”

The room dimmed as visuals came alive. The first demonstrated an update to the Maritime Information, Detection & Alarm System. “Since 2006, MIDAS has been our eye on the seas. A seamless mesh of buoys and satellites,” Noori elaborated, “it has ensured real-time monitoring of marine traffic, critical for both our trade and security.” The visuals shifted to images of satellites orbiting Eurth. “Furthermore,” Noori's tone steady and assured, “our advancements in space-based monitoring, using infrared technology, now give us the capability to see through cloud cover. No longer can inclement weather blind us.”


He paused, allowing the weight of that revelation to settle, before continuing, “Now, turning to the human element. Our latest innovations in command and control have not only streamlined our decision-making processes, but have also enhanced the speed and precision of responses. The human touch, combined with the best of tech.” Clips flashed of officers engaged in high-stakes decision-making simulations, a subtle hint of what would be showcased in the upcoming joint exercise.

Moving away from the digital domain, the screen depicted a modern armored vehicle, not flashy, but with a ruggedness that spoke of reliability. “These workhorses,” Noori commented, “ensure our reach across terrains, from Ayubi's sun-scorched deserts to Deltannia's snow-covered expanses.” Noori's voice deepened, taking on a resonance that commanded absolute attention, “These breakthroughs, these advancements, are borne from the minds within our alliance. This Centre's legacy is not just our shared pride but a beacon to the world of our combined expertise and ambition.”

Straightening up, his voice carrying a conviction that resonated with everyone present, Noori concluded with a determined assertion, “It's this spirit, this drive that sets us apart. We aren't just shaping our destiny; we're setting the bar for the global community.”

Concluding his detailed exposition, Noori's gaze swept across the room. He took a moment to scan the audience before stepping away from the podium. As he took his seat, the room remained silent, reflecting on the weight of his words.

Act 4: Exercise Nexus Dawn

The silence was finally broken by a new voice, one tinged with authority and pragmatism.

Stepping to the podium, Mr Tobiya Wayanor of Orioni. The dimmed lights refracted off his glasses, giving him an air of quiet intensity. His voice, clear and firm, cut through the hall.

“As Mr bin Dhaahir's thorough briefing demonstrated, we've made significant theoretical strides. But theory is just one side of the coin. It's in the trenches, on the field, where we measure our real strength.”

“This year's joint military exercise will focus on army operations. But it won't just another tick on our military calendar. It’s more than a drill — it's a real-time validation of our combined strength. It's the forge of battle where our latest innovations in command and control will be tested to their limits.”

As he spoke, a visual array of varied terrains and strategic locations emerged on the screen behind him, emphasizing his words. “Selecting the right theater for Exercise Nexus Dawn will be crucial. We require an environment that challenges every protocol, every piece of tech we have.”

Letting a brief, weighty silence fill the room, Wayanor looked around, capturing the attention of every delegate. “With that in mind, I invite inputs on potential locations. Look beyond mere landscapes. Think about operational logistics, the complexity of strategy, and the potential curveballs different environments might throw our way.”

The floor was opened to suggestions on possible locations. With a sense of urgency in the air, a flurry of representatives began shuffling their notes, ready to pitch their regions, fully aware of the gravity of the upcoming exercise. Suggestions poured in, each grounded in strategic insight. A few representatives put forth their proposals, considering factors like terrain, logistical capabilities, and the larger geopolitical chessboard.

OOC. Time to decide where this joint exercise will take place. Last year, we had a poll to choose between two locations. This year, since we have more members participating in the RP, the choice will be yours. Keep in mind this year will focus on army stuff. Last year's exercise was focused on the air force. Next year will be all about the navy again; two months ago there was also the fleet week.

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