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[Vision Statement] Independent Administrative Area of Motoharu-chu

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The Independent Administrative Area of Motoharu-chu (Esonian: 素晴中独立行政区域) is a city-state located in Western Esonice. With [TBA] millions residents of various nationalities in a [TBA] territory, Motoharu-chu is a very densely populated territory. It is economically progressive but socially conservative, with the country's politics and government positions filled with corporatists and their families. The city-state is heavily flawed in its democracy, even though freedom of expression is unrestricted. Elections are usually flawed, and some have called it a "guided democracy" and "corporatocracy" due to how intertwined politicians, corporations, and family clans are. The city-state is famous for its freedom of expression, with many foreign nations praising its televised shows, movies, animation, and literature. The Armed Forces of Motoharu (素晴中軍) has ~70,000 active personnel, most of whom are or have been under heavy training. Its GDP per capita is reported to be around 30 to 45,000.




Nestled on the coastline of Esonice, there lies a small and humble island colony known as Motoharu. Its story began with a group of adventurous settlers from Esonic who braved the treacherous waters in search of a new life. Guided by their determination and resilience, they established a settlement on the island, relying on its rich resources and natural beauty.

As the years passed, Motoharu-chu blossomed into a thriving community. Its strategic location and abundant marine life made it an ideal hub for trade, attracting merchants and explorers from distant lands. The island's inhabitants embraced their roles as seafarers and traders, venturing far and wide to establish prosperous trading relationships with neighboring areas.

However, the areas were then sold to the government of Seylos in the early 1800s, despite this, the place continued to thrive as a mostly self-sustaining colony, generating most of its output as fishery, resources, etc.

It was during this time that Motoharu-chu gained recognition as a center for entertainment. Its vibrant streets came alive with street performers, musicians, and storytellers, captivating visitors with their talents. The island's unique cultural blend, influenced by both the settlers and the diverse merchants, created an atmosphere of diversity and a unique sense of something else.

The city-state's reputation as an entertainment hub grew, drawing even more people to its shores. As the population swelled, the need for infrastructure and governance became evident. 

With its newfound autonomy, Motoharu-chu continued to flourish. The city-state invested in its harbors, constructing advanced docking facilities to accommodate the increasing trade. The arrival of exotic goods from distant lands fueled the island's economy, and its reputation as a trading powerhouse soared.

As the years went by, Motoharu-chu evolved into a cosmopolitan metropolis, known for its diverse population and thriving cultural scene. The city-state became a melting pot of traditions, languages, and customs, fostering an environment of acceptance and tolerance.

Despite its growth and prosperity, Motoharu-chu never forgot its humble beginnings. The island's inhabitants remained connected to their roots, cherishing the simplicity and charm of their early days. They honored the sea that brought them a fortune and the natural beauty that surrounded their bustling city.

Today, Motoharu-chu stands tall as a testament to the indomitable spirit of its founders. From a small island colony, it has transformed into a glubal beacon of trade, entertainment, and cultural diversity. Its history is a tale of resilience, ambition, and the enduring human spirit. As the city-state continues to evolve, it carries with it the legacy of those who dared to dream and build a brighter future on the shores of Motoharu-chu.




The city-state is currently working on several land reclamation projects in order to build up more of the country's heavy industry.

A continuation of civil unrest against the corporate-controlled and nepotist government.

A further insight into how dark and uncanny the entertainment industry is in Motoharu-chu.


Current leaders:


Hiroshi Nakamura • 最高責任者 (Chief Executive)

Teruaki Nakamura • 首席秘書官 (Chief Secretary)

Shigeru Tachibana • 議会議長 (Assembly President)

Shinji Ichikawa • 防衛軍政治委員 (Political Commissar of The Defence Forces)




The nation operates under a market economy centered on services, distinguished by its low taxation, limited government interference in the market, and well-established glubal financial hub. Motoharu-chu ranks high in its export of soft power, particularly in movies, soap opera and music.


Point allocation:


Population - 1 points

Economy - 3 point

Land mass - 0 point


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