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On the beaches of section 47 this morning, a Vanarambaion army landed. There was no greeting party, except for a group of Vanarambaion nationals there as fishermen who yelled at the troops briefly for scaring the fish. The force landed was not an invasion force by any means - it was far too small. From any observers' standpoint, the number of troops would be sufficient for a garrison, and showed signs of having been in the new Europtiman territory recently. The soldiers went about setting up a base and sent out several surveyors to look for suitable places to build on.


OOC - with my nation as large as it is, I'm going to need a place to redistribute the population displaced by the advent of Europtima. Here's the link, for anyone who's out of the loop:



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As news of the landing reached the ears of Hrothgar, the Parliament breathed a collective sigh of relief. "We are truly happy to have both independence and a coalition with the Vans." A welcoming party of surveyors and engineers has been airlifted into the region, seeing as vehicle transportation is needed elsewhere.

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Some of the troops in the plot of 47 get on the same boat that the engineers just left. Escorted by two fast moving destroyers, they move north to plot 21. Even with the troops out of the country, the overcrowding of the Vanarambaion mainland was reaching a critical point. Once the troops returned, it may be necessary to expand further in other areas. Until then, 21 would have to be a stopgap area.


In Vanarambaion, some of the transports waiting to carry the settlers to their new homes changed their destination on the signs hanging outside the docking area.

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Mr. Tribolo, minister of propaganda

"Ekainak restates it's opposition to your expansion this far north and this far out of your sphere of influence. We do not view your claim as legitimate and as an illegal move by a powerful, established nation of europa to limit the growth of new, less powerful nations in the north of europa."

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The Holy Empire of Tagmatium will "sit on the fence" over this issue. If, we hope with it doesn't, it comes to military action, Tagmatium will stand by our friends Ekainak. We also wish to know what has happened to the splitting of the plot with Ide Jima, and if this is still going on. Good luck to Vanarambaion (OOC: and its ruddy hard name to type), we hope that future relations will be more fruitful.

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From: CE Representatives


To further elaborate on comments made earlier; we see no reason for the expansion into plot 21. The callonian empire sees such moves as a block by the more powerful CPA nations preventing northern nations from expanding into potential plotsnearer to thier sphere of influence.

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"This is a contest of plot 21, although no force but diplomatical being used. We oppose Vanarambaion's imperialist claim. There is ample space in your vicinity, plot 105, 121 and 120. What importance does this plot hold for your nation, this far from your home? If over-population is the issue, plot 105 is much bigger than 21, and it is much, much nearer to the Vanarambaion homland than the humble plot 21..."


Mr. Tribolo of the Watchman State

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(OOC: I didn't know it was there! I should look at the map more!)


In a turn-around of policy, Holy Emperor Commodus III has announced that Tagmatium is opposed to Vanarambaion's annex of plot 21. This is thought to be a move by a powerful CPA country to move into territory outside of the Central Peninsular. This should be opposed by all members of the EPA and nations in the north of Europa. If the occupation of this land is continued, the Holy Empire may look into other means to disasuade the colonisation of this land. Tagmatium wishes that other nations of the EPA, and northern Europa will also act along the same lines.


(OOC: I think we might have to seriously look into the limitation of how many plots a nation may have on the map. Van, this isn't in spite of you, but I think it does typify the situation. As a nations grows, especially in the Central Peninsular, where a nation can only expand if another 'bites the dust', it has to expand into other areas, which should go to new nations first. Again, I'm not doing this to stop you expanding, Van, but it would be fairer for the smaller nations in Europa.)

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(OOC: I think we might have to seriously look into the limitation of how many plots a nation may have on the map. Van, this isn't in spite of you, but I think it does typify the situation. As a nations grows, especially in the Central Peninsular, where a nation can only expand if another 'bites the dust', it has to expand into other areas, which should go to new nations first. Again, I'm not doing this to stop you expanding, Van, but it would be fairer for the smaller nations in Europa.)

OOC: I agree with you in principal, Tag, but the fact of the matter is that the map used to be a different size, only including the Central Penninsula. The area that my nation can control if it takes only plots on the Central Penninsula is vastly smaller than if I claim plots in other areas, due to the expansion in the relative size of the new plots. Plus, if the established nations take areas that are around them, then about three huge blocs would make up the Central Penninsula. Remember that if the map god wishes, we can expand the map again, with some kind of investigory RP to accompany it. I could continue claiming places on the Central Penninsula, but I think that would be less fair to the smaller nations of Europa.

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OOC: This is an annoying issue. On the one hand, I agree with you, Van, but yes, Euro, it is more of a politcal thing. Van's in the CPA, I'm in the EPA. I don't want the CPA on my doorstep. It's just that there aren't as many active members in the EPA. Hey, this going to end up like the colonial wars between Britain and France in the 1800's.


The Holy Emperor issued an order for an infantry division (100,000 men) to cross into plot 20. This is a large-scale exercise to enable the Tagmatine army to train more effectively in areas of low population density. Rumours that it is in response to the intense politcial activity in the area have been strenously denied.

The Holy Empire also invites Free-Ekainak to participate in a joint naval exercise off the south coast of Tagmatium. The aim is to help the in-experinenced navy learn valuable experience in co-operating with other nation's armed forces. Again, any conection with the current international mood is being denied.

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Vanarambaion feels that the joint excercises taking place in Tagmatine-controlled areas are a good thing to be continued in the interest of regional cooperation. In response, Vanarambaion troops and naval forces were redeployed from Meteorola to participate in these war games. In their official statement, Vanarambaion wished to encourage a greater understanding between the EPA and the CPA, to prevent future conflicts.

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Akiiryu continues to support Vanarambaion.


OOC: Van when and how are we going to set up this canal agency? If you still want to cede some of 47 to Akiiryu I would be interest in a semi-circle at the northern mouth of the canal (1/4 of the circle on each side of the canal) or something like that so I can set up a Akiiryan Free Trade Zone.

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From: Aulo Nexodro, minister of defense

To: Tagmatium


Free-Ekainak agrees to participate in these cooperative naval excersises. May these military manuvers make the north of Europa safer for it's inhabitants and less tempting as a area open to be invaded by foreigners... We will be sending the 2th Fleet of the Free-Ekainak State under the command of Admiral Tuxerne, an experienced sailor who commanded the Ekainako detachment to the Cenepas during our period there.


To: Admiral Jenexea, supreme naval commander of the island of Ekainak

From: Aulo Nexodro

Subject: Preparations



The plot 21 question has taken a turn. Our Senate has begun telling our people of the need to expand off our island. They are planning an emergency meeting tonight to debate the issue once and for all. To take their rhetoric and put it to action, you could say. Prepare all fleets to depart upon the high seas upon my command. You must have this done within four days...



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Akiiryu supports Vanarambaion...and will do so by all means necessary.




The Maui , Beowulf, Perseus and Odysseus Hero Guided Missle Cruisers as well as a number of other naval assets, including at least 6 Shield Maiden Class Destroyers, four for which were identified as the Brynhilda , the Eowyn, the Atalanta and the Hippolyta are reported to have started a naval exercise in international waters to the east of Free-Ekainak. A number of submarines, including the SSBN's Jormungandr, Tiamat . and Taniwha are also rumoured to be involved in the exercise.

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OOC: I still officially have both plots, but that won't be for long. You'll see in the appropriate thread soon. Anyway, 21 is the only plot I'm claiming with intent to colonize.


From: Admiral Glercyn Owiran

To: Vanarambaion High Command

Re: Operation Redeployment


Loaded all personnel into ships -STOP- En route to renezvous point -STOP- ETA 4 days -END-

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Several attendants stood about Commodus' desk, either waiting to give him a report, or to receive an answer from the ruler of Tagmatium.

"My lord, the Free-Ekainak fleet has arrived and is preparing to commence manouvers with our fleet in the area."

"General Ogodai requests more units, and heavier armour if he is to continue."

"Your Majesty, it appears the Akiiryans are sending naval units."

Commodus looked up at this new messager.

"Really? How many?"

"At least ten, your Majesty."

"God Almighty! Looks as if the Ide Jiman Shipwreckers we purchased won't be unused, after all." He paused for a minute. Turning to the second messager. "Tell the General that more units are being dispatched. Send a message to the Free-Ekainak Government. Advise them to look into sending ground forces. Pretend its an invite to some more 'wargames'. They'll understand."

He paced about the office, deep in thought for a moment.

"Send a message to the Akiiryan Government. Try to find out why they are meddling in a dispute so far away from them."

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