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[Vision Statement] Kingdom of Itza

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The Past
For over a thousand years the Itza people have resisted foreign influence. From migrating peoples to Europan colonizers, Itzan independence has been fiercely defended despite technological and economic inferiority. 

At its height, the Itza Empire was one of the most powerful nations in pre-colonial and early colonial Alharu. Formed in the late 14th century by the Kingdom of Itza following a period of rapid expansion, the empire united many of the neighboring tribes into a centralized state under the shared desire for mutual defense. Wary of Europan colonizers, especially having seen their influence exerted over neighboring states like Mesothalasa, the empire adopted a policy of self-isolation, limiting its trade and diplomacy with the nations of Europa similar to the policy of sakoku in Edo period Japan. 

This policy of self-isolation would lead to its demise, however, as the leaders of the empire who sought to relax these diplomatic restrictions met opposition from more conservative factions. This tension eventually erupted into a conflict that resulted in the collapse of the empire.

The Present
The once expansive empire is a shadow of its former self having fractured into several independent polities in the early 19th century. The largest and most developed of those, the Kingdom of Itza, has faced the modern wurld without the access to natural resources and manpower it once had. It inherits many of the challenges the empire had faced, including a growing class divide, disagreements over foreign policy, economic stagnation, and an untested monarch who must navigate the competing interests and fragile stability.

The Future
What if a pre-Columbian civilization not only resisted colonization but also endured into the modern wurld? What problems would it face as it grapples with competing interests and outside influence? That is the story I am looking to explore with Itza . My initial thought was to make Itza a sort of alternate history Egypt; although, as I read more into the lore and histories of Eurth, I became more entranced with the idea of a Central or South American civilization that had resisted Europan colonization. Provided it is not an overdone concept here, I think it would be an interesting story to develop.

While I have some loose goals in mind, I am not obstinate with these goals and I am looking forward to seeing how the nation will progress as I collaborate and interact with other player nations and their own goals and interests. Happy to work with folks to develop backstory and incorporate other nations into its history. 

Possible Goals:

  • Economic development
    • Foreign investment
    • Infrastructure development
  • Modernization
  • Language standardization
  • Participate in the glubal community
  • Reunite the empire


  • Entrenched conservatives/Old Guard
  • Radical youth
  • New, untested leader (short reign penalty)
  • Economic stagnation
  • Extensive borders and poor infrastructure
  • Geography - difficult terrain/climate

Population: 2
GDP: 0
Land Area: 2

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