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[Map Request] Dominion of Apuni

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Nation on Eurth: Apuni / The Dominion of Apuni

National Flag: (above)

Capital Name: Kailua

Capital Location: (please see map below)

City #1: Nanaluki (located on eastern island on map below)

City #2: Pahoa (located on western island on map below)

Starter Stats:

Population: Middle (1) [12,100,000]

Economy: High (2) [$18,123 CDP/per Capita]

Land Area: Medium (1)

Culture:  (per Vision statement - linked)

Climate and Geography:  (per Vision statement - linked)

History: (per Vision statement - linked)

Vision Statement: (link)

Desired Location:


Other critical information: Nothing that I can currently think of, but if the are any issues or questions I can address, please contact me - thanks!


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Hello and congratulations on passing the academy! I know many of the older members are happy to see an older member returning after so many years, so lets not keep them waiting any longer and lets get you on the map :).

Your population and economy stats are all in order. Regarding your choice for a 1 point in land area (
90,000 - <260,000km^2) it's very likely your nation will be on the low end of that range due to the nature of your desired geography.You mention a tropical archipelago, which fits your desired location quite well as well as your main ethnic component (Polynesian) and you'd be in a great position to receive your historic influx of White and Asian migrants/colonists in your desired location. My only question to you is have you thought about what kind of coloniser you'd want for your nation? Be it an NPC or another member, what kind of culture you're looking for in your coloniser, et cetera.

Your desired location comes out to be approximately 124,100km^2 which fits quite nicely into your chosen land area range. With no members near enough to you for your nation to potentially conflict with their lore/plans and your nation fitting your desired location like a glove, I'm happy to approve this map application as-is :). Welcome to Eurth!

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With the previous resident of those islands, Safiloa, I had agreed upon some limited shared history.

While never directly occupying the island for a long period of time, there were some minor incursions.

Obviously, if you don't want these, I will update and remove them from my lore.


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