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[ Map Request ] Kacheru

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Nation on Eurth: Kacheru // Exhalted Kingdom of Kacheru
National Flag: See above!
Capital Name: Seongdosu
Capital Location: Please see Desired Location.

Starter Stats:

Additional point included due to primarily arid climate. Landlocked NPC nation to be redeemed at a future point in time. This totals to 4 + 1 points to be allocated as such:

Population: Middle (1) - 23,449,000 People

Economy: High (2) - $17,353 GDP / Capita

Land-area: High (2) - See Below

Culture: I anticipate ethnic populations with percentages of primarily Kacherun (75%) and Fulgistani (15%). This is based on geographic and cultural tendencies and imagined ethnic movement. I would anticipate demographics to change somewhat as lore develops.

Climate & Geography: Primarily arid and rocky, much of Kacheru remains rather uninhabited. The southern Chenshas Coast region and river areas see significant human settlement due to abundance of freshwater access and beneficial weather / climate effects from proximity to water bodies and ease of obtaining water. Comparatively, the inland desert regions see little to no human habitation beyond the occasional oasis or natural resource site. Because of Lake Chenshas's significant size, I anticipate a relatively lush coastal region due to increased localized rainfall and overall water access despite the otherwise hot conditions. The northern part of Kacheru has a much more fair climate, with rolling steppes and even forested regions in the north of the country. Drought would likely be widespread in inland regions due to the effects of climate change in Eurth, excluding possibly the western part of the territory, which may see some rainfall from Lake Chenshas, though this would be up to climate discretion.

History: Kacheru is the product of multiple smaller nations unifying on the outskirts of the Yellow Empire. While they remained geopoltically uninvolved with the Yellow Empire through to its collapse, the nation has been in part inspired by and influenced by the Yellow Empire and other neighboring nations throughout its growth. Kacheru has retained a monarchic system to this day, and while the modern monarchy does not hold significant power like past regimes had it still has a significant sway on the modern affairs of the country through economic, cultural, and military means. Kacheru has a functioning parliament which is the primary source of modern day power in the nation as a whole.

Front Desk: N/a. I do have an RP Sample in lieu of it.

Vision Statement: Here is my vision statement.

Desired Location: 


I imagine the location to look somewhat like this. Situated in the Chenshas Lake region to its northeast. The capital city is in Purple. Other notable cities are in Blue numbered 1 and 2, which corresponds to Hanggudol and Ilsaedal respectively, which are two of the largest cities in Kacheru. The river dividing the upper peninsula section would be the theoretical end-point to the landmass above the northern river. This territory / borders arrangement is not strictly final, but would look close to how I would imagine Kacheru. Southwestern island would be a nice, too, but only if land area would allow it. 


Thank you very much! If you have any questions and/or concerns do not hesitate to ask and I would be happy to assist.

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Congratulations on passing the academy! Nice to see an old face return :).

We already spoke extensively on Discord about your map application so lets make this quick:-
Regarding your stats, as your nation is landlocked you do get that extra land area point as a bonus. We measured your desired location in DMs and it came to approximately 309,373km^2 which falls into the 2 point category.

With the culture and minor historic ties I will just need @Fulgistan's approval. He has 5 days to respond otherwise consent is assumed through apathy.

Everything else appears to be in order, so I'm happy to approve this map application for your desired location if/once Fulgistan provides consent.

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