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Intercontinental Antargic Administration Land Claim

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On 8/4/2023 at 9:10 PM, Seylos said:

Frustrated at the perceived failure of these talks

What is this based on?

On 8/4/2023 at 9:10 PM, Seylos said:

the waning presence of the ISTC in Antargis

There are 2 remaining active members of the ISTC, namely @Gallambria and @Iverica.

On 8/4/2023 at 9:10 PM, Seylos said:

several nations began early talks into stepping onto Argis together [...] After several years of planning, their efforts would be set into motion.

Where can we read this?

On 8/4/2023 at 9:10 PM, Seylos said:

The collective nations put forth their claim to a slice of Antargis [...]  funding allocated to begin the creation of an IAA supply base on the Winfield Islands (A temporary name) just north of the Antargic mainland.

Claims are explicitly prohibited by the Antargic Regulation Treaty of Human Activities (article 4). As a signatory, I'll encourage the NAU to join the ARTHA (article 11). Setting up a base in the CAOS zone also brings the ISTC into this (article 12).

This is going to be interested.

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Hey O.

This was just putting the forth the general plan, the RPs for this haven't started yet. It's something all of us will need to coordinate. However considering how long diplomatic negotiations posts tend to fizzle out, I think I'd like to gather all of our discussions and post them as a coherent document all at once before going forward with character RP. Apologies if I jumped the gun, there was a lot of excitement over this and we are going to get it all written out in detail for you.

It is worth stating that all these nations going into this are not ARTHA signatories, so the ARTHA treaty does not apply.

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Speaking for myself, I'm Not a huge fan of diplomatic RP either. The goal of these comments isn't to be a spoilsport and block this story, but ensuring we take the existing lore into account, and that includes ARTHA.

On 8/7/2023 at 5:28 PM, Seylos said:

It is worth stating that all these nations going into this are not ARTHA signatories, so the ARTHA treaty does not apply.

Clause 12 describes what signatories should do when non-signatories arrive in Antargis: "It is the duty of the Responsibles to ensure the safety of their zone. In case of actions violating the said treaty by a non-Signatory, it is the duty of the Responsible to take actions to counter these actions." The words "safety" and "actions to counter" can mean anything here, leaving the door open for whatever an icebreaker can do. So IC I'd encourage IAA to join the ARTHA, but can't force anyone to do that. Next I'd call on ISTC and Girkmand to do the same: "The Responsible may call for help from other Signatories, and those shall respond in order to ensure its success." After that, there's no clear path of action. I have some IC ideas, but will leave those for a vaguely threatening letter.

Alternatively, if you backdate the story as proposed on Discord, and the IAA spring out of the ground fully formed and straight onto Antargis, there isn't much this treaty can actually do about it. Less realistic, but achieves the goal.

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ℹ️ Summary of discussions in the Discord thread from 7-8 August 2023.

  1. Flag Design: The chat began with @Xio suggesting a flag design symbolizing Antargis, with a blue sky, cold ocean, and a unique constellation.
  2. Discussion Initiation: @Seylos starts a conversation, pinging various users, about creating a treaty. Several users quickly acknowledge and respond.
  3. Geothermal Research Facility: @Garindina suggests establishing a geothermal research facility on one of the islands. This idea is supported by Seylos (NAU) due to the benefits of geothermal power generation.
  4. ISTC: @Esonice inquires about the ISTC. Seylos explains it's a historical scientific organization, with only a couple of active members remaining.
  5. Meeting Discussions: It's suggested that instead of real-time meetings, individuals can make a single post to express their views on the treaty, which can then be compiled.
  6. Historical Context: Seylos provides a list of links to past meetings and treaties, giving background information to newcomers about Antargis.
  7. Flag Design Continued: The conversation returns to the flag design. Multiple ideas for the constellation are discussed, including various birds, whales, and others. Ultimately, they seem to converge on a whale, naming it "Balaena".
  8. Thread Planning: The group deliberates on where and when to start a new thread for their discussions. It should be after the "3rd antargic meeting" or after 2020.
  9. Conclusion: The group agrees on further brainstorming and refining their ideas before finalizing decisions.
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@Seylos I figured out a solution that likely works without creating a conflict.

  1. We shift the ISTC area, so it aligns with the Adisi Ocean,
  2. plop Simon Station on down there (moved slightly to the east, same for the port),
  3. and this overlapping claim becomes ISTC's problem.
  4. Plus, the ISTC-area becomes a LOT bigger.

Here's how that could work.


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(1) As you know through your participation in the RP, the 3rd Antargic Council ended with no new decisions regarding zone management. Ideas were floated IC, but nothing IC ended up being decided regarding zone management.

This TL;DR sums it up pretty clearly:

This means the previous agreement, from the 2nd Antargic Council, remains in effect. This specified the ISTC zone from 135°W to 165°W, while “the other zones outside of this area fall under the management of EOS.” (During the 3rd, EOS was replaced with CAOS, to comply with everyone's demands.)

(2) About that map you just shared: it was a draft proposal that was never used IC anywhere. The filename is "map-of-eurth-20200510-topo.png" (i.e. 10 March 2020), so created between the 1st post and 2nd post in the storyline of the 3rd Antargic Council.

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Following-up on this forgotten discussion.

The offer as described on August 27th will remain open until 30 November 2023, depending on the conclusion of this OOC discussion and subsequent RP.

Alternately, we continue with the existing zone management as decided by RP.


Update, 1 December 2023:

Due to an apparent loss of interest, this offer to redraw the Antargic zone management has now expired.

Edited by Orioni
offer expired (see edit history)
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Equally, doesn't know if it impacts much, and I know I haven't been the most active, but would still very much like to continue that RP (even with Mito gone, and so technically making KC being now more democratic and liberal than previously due to Gal being its “master”):

Which may “fusion” with yours (RP), leading to a crisis or else. Dunno, just throwing ideas.

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