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Anya burst into Nadia's private study, her face red with anger and hurt. Nadia, seated behind her desk, looked up, surprised by Anya's sudden entrance.

Anya: (angrily) "What the hell, Nadia? How could you take away my damn title just because I married Ketriaz?"

Nadia: (rising from her seat) "Whoa, Anya, calm down! It's not like I did this to ruin your life. There are reasons behind it, you know."

Anya: (voice trembling) "Reasons? More like political bullshit! You're choosing politics over our sisterhood, Nadia!"

Nadia: (firmly) "It's not about politics, Anya. It's about the safety and stability of our country. You know the tensions between @DPR Velaheria and us. Marrying a communist puts everything at risk."

Anya: (voice rising) “But Ketriaz isn’t a communist, damn it! He's the man I love, my husband. And you're tearing us apart because of some stupid fears.”

Nadia: (voice strained) "You think I'm just scared? This isn't about being afraid, it's about protecting our people. As Czarina, I have a responsibility to make tough decisions, even if they hurt."

Anya: (tears streaming down her face) "Well, congratulations, Nadia! You've succeeded in hurting me. Our bond meant nothing to you. I can't believe you'd choose politics over family."

Nadia: (softening her tone) "Anya, I love you, you know that. But I have to think about the bigger picture. Our nation's stability, the future of our people. It's not an easy choice, believe me."

Anya: (voice filled with resignation) "I don't know if I'll ever understand your logic, Nadia. This cuts deep. I thought we were unbreakable, that blood meant something. Guess I was wrong."

Nadia: (voice filled with sadness) "Anya, I never wanted it to come to this. I'm doing what I believe is necessary. I hope one day you'll see it from my perspective."

Anya turned away, unable to hold back her tears any longer. She stormed out of the study, leaving Nadia standing there, torn between her duty and the pain in her heart. At least she didn’t know about Vladimir…





Yevgeny Baranov, Marshall General of the Garindinan United Federation, was in his office when a knock on the door interrupted his thoughts. He looked up from his desk to see his aide, Ivan, standing at the entrance.

Ivan: (respectfully) "Marshall Baranov, there's an urgent matter I need to discuss with you."

Yevgeniy: (motioning for Ivan to enter) "What is it, Ivan? Speak."

Ivan: (nervously) "It's about the Czarina, sir. She intends to put forth the Military Modernization Plan.”

Yevgeniy's eyes lit up with a mix of enthusiasm and determination. The prospect of modernizing the military's doctrine and equipment was a long-awaited step towards enhancing the nation's defense capabilities.

Yevgeniy: "This is a significant development, Ivan. Our military has long been operating with outdated equipment from before the war. Modernization is essential to ensure that we can effectively respond to evolving threats and maintain a strong defense posture."

Ivan: (relieved) "Indeed, sir. Many officers within the military have been calling for such modernization, recognizing the need to keep pace with technological advancements and strategic developments."

Yevgeniy: "It's high time we catch up with the rest of the wurld. However, we must approach this modernization effort with careful planning and consideration."

Yevgeniy fought in the Civil War alongside King Aleksandr. From 1988-1998, he fought and lead Aleksandrs army. Yevgeniy's mind drifted back to the days of the Civil War, where he fought alongside King Aleksandr. The memories of battles, sacrifices, and camaraderie were etched deep within his soul. As a seasoned military leader, he had witnessed the importance of having up-to-date and advanced weaponry.

Yevgeniy: (reflecting) "I remember those days, Ivan. The Civil War tested our mettle, and we were fortunate to have relatively modern weapons at our disposal.”

Ivan: (listening intently) "Indeed, sir. Our forces were able to utilize advanced equipment, allowing us to gain an edge over our adversaries. But since then, the technological landscape has evolved rapidly, and it's crucial for us to keep pace."

Yevgeniy: "You're right, Ivan. While our weapons during the Civil War were considered modern at the time, they have become outdated compared to the advancements made in recent years. Our military needs to stay at the forefront of technology and maintain a competitive edge."

As Yevgeniy and Ivan delved into further discussions on the specific areas that required modernization, they recognized the importance of staying ahead in an ever-changing wurld. The memories of their experiences in the Civil War fuelled their determination to build a military that would be prepared for future challenges and capable of protecting Garindina's interests.

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Yevgeny was in his office, he was drawing up plans when the Czarina entered the room.

He stood and saluted, “Czarina Nadia, it's an honor to see you. How can I be of service today?”

Nadia returned his salute with a warm smile, appreciating Yevgeny's respect and dedication.

(Nadia) "At ease, Yevgeny. I came to talk about the Military Modernization Plan.  I’m sure you know as well that we will need help from foreign governments.”

(Yevgeny) "Yes, Your Majesty, I'm aware that the Military Modernization Plan will require cooperation with foreign governments. We’ll need to reach out to our allies.”

(Naida) “Yes, I know this. I’ll contact the Ahranans, and some others.”

Nadia settled into the chair across from Yevgeny's desk, her eyes scanning the papers scattered around the room. She admired Yevgeny's dedication to his work, knowing that he was just as invested in Garindina's future as she was.

Yevgeny took a moment to organize the papers on his desk, making sure everything was in order before turning his attention back to Nadia. He was well aware that the Military Modernization Plan was a critical step in securing Garindina's future, and he felt a deep sense of responsibility to support the Czarina's vision.

(Nadia) "Yevgeny, I have no doubt that your expertise and dedication will be crucial in navigating the complexities of the modernization plan. Our military needs to be strong, but we must also ensure that our actions are well-received both domestically and internationally."

Yevgeny nodded in agreement, his eyes meeting Nadia's with a resolute expression. "Absolutely, Your Majesty.”

Yevgeny leaned forward, looking serious. “Now, your majesty. We have found that there is someone has been following you around when you go out to the hills. We tracked his license plate and have him in custody as we speak….”

As Yevgeny spoke, Nadia grew nervous, they knew about Vladimir. Oh she was hoping they did nothing to him yet.

(Yevgeny) “He claims to be, Vladimir Vinogradov. In fact, I was about to go interrogate him myself when you came. Would you like to come?”

The mention of Vladimir being in custody sent a chill down her spine. She had kept their relationship a closely guarded secret, fearing that any knowledge of it could be used against them. Now, it seemed that their worst fears were coming true.

She took a deep breath, trying to maintain her composure. "Yevgeny, I... I didn't expect this. Ye.. yes, I’ll come with you.”

Yevgeny saw that the Czarina was… nervous? “Your majesty, are you ok? Do you need anything?”

(Nadia) “I’m…fine….”

Yevgeny was slightly confused. Maybe the full story would come to light in the interrogation room.

(Yevgeny) “Ok, let head to the interrogation room.”

The two of them left for the interrogation, her majesty seemed nervous and worried for some reason. Maybe she knew this ‘Vladimir’. When they arrived the prisoner was blindfolded and still tied to the chair.  Nadia stood in the corner, her face was pale.

(Yevgeny) “Lookes like you’ve just seen a ghost your majesty.”

As Yevgeny finished his sentence the prisoner looked up. “Nadia?”

Nadia's heart skipped a beat at the sound of Vladimir's voice. She couldn't believe her eyes—there he was, sitting in front of her, blindfolded and restrained. Seeing him in such a vulnerable position, she couldn't help but feel a mix of relief and worry.

Yevgeny noticed the emotional turmoil on Nadia's face, and his concern grew. He had never seen the Czarina react this way before. It was clear that there was a deeper connection between her and this man, Vladimir. Seems like he was right.

(Yevgeny) "Wait, you know him, Your Majesty?"

Nadia hesitated for a moment, her mind racing. She had to choose her words carefully, as revealing her true relationship with Vladimir could have serious implications for both of them and for Garindina.

(Nadia) "Yes... I mean, no, not personally. I've heard of him before, and he seems familiar, but we've never met."

Her response was half-truth, and she hoped that Yevgeny would buy it. She couldn't bear the thought of Vladimir being harmed or implicated in any way because of her.

But not a moment later, the prisoner spoke up, “They know Nadia. They know. I didn’t tell them, but they know.”

Nadia's heart sank as Vladimir's words confirmed her fears. The realization that their secret had been exposed struck her like a blow, and she felt a rush of anxiety and vulnerability. She turned to Yevgeny, her voice trembling slightly.

(Nadia) "Yevgeny, I can explain. Vladimir and I... well… he’s my consort."

Yevgeny did not expect this. Apparently the Czarina was dating a commoner. Wait, Vladimir… Vinogradov…

(Yevgeny) “Well shit, how the hell did we not realize that he was the ‘Vladimir Vinogradov’, the rich guy claiming to be the Knyaz of Borovskaya.”

Yevgeny had no idea how him and the others were so stupid. The atmosphere in the interrogation room grew tense as the truth hung in the air. 

(Yevgeny) “Shall I inform the rest of the Royal Guard?”

(Nadia) “Sure, the truth is out now, I just make it public. Untie Vladimir please.”

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Raisa: “This morning, Czarina Nadia V, has announced that she is in a relationship with the millionaire businessman, Vladimir Vinogradov. Vladimir comes from a family of Nobel blood and is the sole living descendant of Maksim Vinogradov, the former and last Knyaz of Borovskaya.”

Igor: “Thank you, Raisa. This unexpected announcement has caught the attention of the nation. Czarina Nadia V, known for her dedication to her duties and responsibilities, has surprised many by revealing her relationship with Vladimir Vinogradov, a prominent figure in the business wurld.

Vladimir Vinogradov hails from a prestigious lineage, being the sole living descendant of Maksim Vinogradov, the last Knyaz of Borovskaya. His family's history adds an intriguing dimension to this newfound romance, as it connects back to a bygone era of nobility.”

Raisa: “While the details of their relationship remain private, it is evident that this revelation has sparked interest and curiosity among the citizens of our great nation. The Czarina's choice of a partner is a matter of national significance, and many are eager to learn more about the man who has captured her heart.”



Yevgeny had just concluded a phone call with the CEO of GarinTech, delving into discussions about forthcoming technological initiatives. The entrance of Gedeon Molotov, the recently appointed Minister of Defense, introduced a shift in the room's atmosphere.

Standing up from behind his desk, Yevgeny greeted Gedeon with a salute. “Minister Molotov, it's a pleasure to see you. What brings you to my office today?" Yevgeny's tone was both respectful and inquisitive, as he indicated a chair for the Minister to take a seat.

Acknowledging the invitation with a nod, Gedeon settled into the chair, his expression gravely composed. "Thank you, Yevgeny. I've come to discuss a matter that has raised some questions. Specifically, I'd like to know why I wasn't informed about the commencement of the Military Modernization Plan."

Yevgeny's smile remained, though his demeanor grew more composed. "Ah, I see what you're referring to, Minister. Yes, indeed, the Military Modernization Plan has been initiated, and I was aware of its progression."

Gedeon's brows furrowed slightly. "Then why wasn't I informed about it? As the Minister of Defense, I believe it's crucial that I'm kept in the loop about such significant undertakings."

Yevgeny maintained a calm demeanor, choosing his words carefully. "Minister Molotov, I apologize for the oversight. It was not my intention to exclude you from this critical development. I assure you that my intentions were based on the ongoing discussions and approvals that had taken place prior to your appointment."

Gedeon's expression softened somewhat, though his concern remained. "I understand that procedures were set in motion before my tenure. However, moving forward, I expect a more open and transparent approach to communication, especially concerning matters as essential as our military preparedness."

Yevgeny nodded. “You’re absolutely right, Minister Molotov. I'll make certain that we improve our communication channels to ensure that you are well-informed about all pertinent matters moving forward."

Yevgeny was starting to see why Gedeon was upset. Communication is a key part to an army’s success. Communication will be key in the coming months. In fact, Yevgeny had some training reforms he’d like to discuss.

Yevgeny: “Minister Molotov, I would like to discuss possible changes to our military training system.”

Gedeon seemed intrigued. “Ok, let’s hear it.”

Yevgeny: “I believe we should make the mandatory military service term a year. Along with making training terms five months long. This will add more time for Realistic Simulations, Advanced Technology Training, building Physical and Mental Resilience, and Continuous Evaluation.”

Gedeon: "That sounds promising. I believe a well-trained and adaptable force is crucial in today's rapidly evolving security landscape. You mentioned Realistic Simulations and Advanced Technology Training. Could you elaborate on how these aspects would be integrated?"

Yevgeny: "Of course. Realistic Simulations would involve immersive exercises that closely mimic real-life scenarios. This hands-on experience would enhance decision-making under pressure and improve teamwork. As for Advanced Technology Training, we'd collaborate closely with GarinTech to incorporate training on the use of cutting-edge military technologies. This includes cyber warfare, drone operations, and advanced communication systems."

Gedeon: "Impressive. It's clear that these changes would bring our military training up to speed with modern challenges. And what about the emphasis on Physical and Mental Resilience?"

Yevgeny: "Physical fitness and mental resilience are critical for soldiers to perform optimally in high-stress situations. We'd enhance our fitness programs and introduce mental resilience training, equipping our troops to handle the demands of their roles both physically and mentally.”

Gedeon: "I appreciate your thorough approach to this, Yevgeny. And Continuous Evaluation?"

Yevgeny: "Continuous Evaluation involves regular assessments throughout the training period to identify strengths and areas for improvement. This would allow us to tailor training interventions based on individual progress and ensure that our soldiers are well-prepared."

Gedeon: "It's evident that you've put a lot of thought into this proposal. I'm inclined to support these changes, pending further discussions and necessary adjustments."

Yevgeny: "Thank you, Minister. Your support means a great deal. I believe these reforms will not only enhance our military's effectiveness but also reflect our commitment to providing the best training for our dedicated soldiers."

Gedeon nodded, his expression approving. "Let's work together to finalize the details and ensure a seamless implementation."

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Wednesday, 9 August, 2023


Nadia was in her office, shifting through potential manufacturing reforms and technological advances needed for a more modern military. She sighed, there was no other option. She was hoping that Garindina’s military manufacturing company, National Munitions Corp. and GarinTech would be able to work it out with minimal foreign assistance. But it was becoming clear that that would not happen if she wanted to fully modernize the military.

In the midst of her contemplation, a knock on the door pulled her from her thoughts. "Enter," she called, and Anya stepped into the room. A maelstrom of emotions churned beneath the surface as Nadia met her younger sister's gaze, an intricate tapestry woven with history, shared secrets, and conflicts.

Anya's presence brought forth a whirlwind of feelings—resentment, frustration, and a touch of lingering affection that seemed fragile amidst the turbulence of their recent disagreements. The loss of Anya's title, her marriage to the Velharian Ambassador, and the sense of Nadia's distance had cast a shadow over their bond. The memory of their argument from July still lingered like an open wound.

"Nadia," Anya's voice held a tautness that underscored their complex relationship.

"Anya," Nadia replied, her own voice carrying a mixture of relief and apprehension. The room seemed to crackle with unspoken words, both sisters standing on the precipice of a conversation they had been avoiding.

“So when were you going to tell me that your dating Vladimir Vinogradov? Hmm?” Anya asked with a hint of sarcasm.

Nadia felt her heart race as Anya's words pierced the tense air between them. She had known this moment would come, the inevitable confrontation they had been circling for weeks. Nadia took a deep breath, steadying herself, before responding.

"Anya, I... I'm sorry for not telling you sooner. I didn't want you to find out like this," Nadia admitted, her voice tinged with regret. She watched as Anya's expression shifted from sarcasm to a mixture of hurt and frustration.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Anya's voice wavered slightly, revealing the vulnerability beneath her initial bravado.

Nadia hesitated, searching for the right words. "I didn't want it to affect our relationship any further. Given everything that's happened, I didn't want to push you away even more."

Anya sighed, her shoulders slumping. "Nadia, it's not just about that. It's about trust, too. We're sisters, and we should be able to confide in each other."

Nadia nodded, her gaze locked with Anya's. "You're right, Anya. I should have trusted you enough to tell you."

Their eyes held a shared understanding, a silent acknowledgment of the rift that had formed between them. The conversation had begun, and Nadia hoped that, in time, they could bridge the gap that had grown between them.

Anya's features softened slightly. "So, tell me about Vladimir. How did you two meet?"

As Nadia began to share the story of her relationship with Vladimir Vinogradov, the sisters found themselves gradually opening up to each other, their bond slowly mending amid the complexities of their lives. Nadia decided to contact Garindina’s allies later.






Boris Petrovich, the leader of the Absolutist Faction of the NRP, has been actively engaging with far-right and other party members who share his conservative and traditionalist ideals. Over the past three days, he's worked tirelessly to garner support for his vision of a more traditionalist NRP.

Boris: (Passionately) Comrade Ivanov, I truly believe our nation has strayed too far from its core values. We need to steer it back towards a path of tradition and strength.

Ivanov: (Nods in agreement) I couldn't agree more, sir. These concessions and compromises have weakened us. Our party needs a strong leader who isn't afraid to uphold our principles.

Boris: (Determined) That's precisely what I intend to be, Ivanov. We must gather more like-minded members and reshape Garindina. It's time for us to take the lead and restore our Fatherland’s true glory.

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Wednesday, 16 August,  2023


Nadia sat in her office, her thoughts consumed by the pressing matters of state. Her brow furrowed as she contemplated the ongoing military modernization program, a vital initiative for the security and stability of her nation.

The room was a sanctuary of quiet contemplation, shielded from the clamor of the outside wurld. Nadia had locked herself away to focus on the weighty decisions that lay ahead. The modernization program was crucial, a testament to her commitment to safeguarding Garindina's future.

However, as her mind delved into the details of armaments and strategy, another concern tugged at her thoughts. Boris Petrovich, the leader of the Absolutist Faction within the NRP, had been actively rallying supporters from the far-right. His actions had not gone unnoticed by the intelligence agencies.

Nadia knew that Boris's agenda veered towards a more traditionalist and conservative stance, one that sometimes bordered on the extreme. His efforts to gain support for his faction and potentially split from the main party were a cause for concern. They added a layer of complexity to Garindina's already intricate political landscape.

Nadia pondered the implications of Boris's actions and what they might mean for the stability of her nation. She couldn't afford to ignore the far-reaching consequences of his efforts, not when the delicate balance of power hung in the balance. It seemed like the party will never be united, and will only grow ever more divided.

There was a knock on the door, Nadia sighed. “Come in.” She said slightly annoyed. 

Vladimir opened the door, “This a bad time?”

Nadia glanced up from her desk as Vladimir entered the room. The lines of worry on her face softened as she met his familiar gaze.

She shook her head, offering a faint smile despite the weight of her thoughts. "No, it's never a bad time for you, Vladimir. Your presence is always welcome."

He approached her desk, still somewhat unsure of the intricacies of politics but determined to be there for her. “What is it? You’ve been looking stressed lately. Well, more stressed than usual.”

Nadia appreciated Vladimir's concern. She leaned back in her chair and sighed, her eyes locked onto his. "It's the political landscape, dear. The NRP is fracturing, and Boris Petrovich is stirring the far-right into a frenzy. I fear the unity of the party is slipping away, and with it, the stability of Garindina.”

Vladimir nodded, absorbing the gravity of the situation as best he could. He may not have been well-versed in politics, but he understood that Nadia carried the weight of the nation on her shoulders.

"I wish there was more I could do to help," Vladimir said earnestly, his hand gently finding hers across the desk.

Nadia squeezed his hand affectionately, her eyes filled with warmth. "Your support means the wurld to me, Vladimir. In times like these, it's a comfort to have you by my side."

He smiled, a reassuring presence in her turbulent wurld. "We'll get through this together, Nadia. I have faith in you."

Nadia returned his smile, grateful for his unwavering support. “How have the boys been treating you?” Nadia asked, referring to her brothers.

Vladimir chuckled, a fond expression crossing his face. "I don’t think Viktor likes me much. But Aleksei seems like he’s warming up to me.”

Nadia appreciated Vladimir's honesty, and a playful glint appeared in her eyes. "Viktor can be a tough nut to crack sometimes. He's protective of his little sister."

Vladimir nodded in understanding. "I can respect that.”





Yevgeny was with Minister Molotov and the Nyantastani observers. Nadia had been able to get a military partnership with @Nyantastan. “Hopefully this will speed up the modernization process.” Yevgeny thought to himself.

Someone walked up to the group, a messenger. “The Seylosians can not sell us their looted Dolch equipment, but they are willing to sell us Anglian equipment after the end of the Anglian conflict.” 

Yevgeny nodded, taking in the information. The situation was complex, with international alliances and negotiations at play. "Thank you for the update," he told the messenger. He turned to Minister Molotov and the Nyantastani observers, his expression thoughtful.

"The Anglian conflict's conclusion might provide us with an alternative source for equipment," Yevgeny mused. "While we would have preferred the Dolch equipment, Anglian technology is also highly regarded. We should consider this option seriously. Now…” he looked at his Nyantastani counterparts, “…shall we finish this conversation in the conference room?”

The lead Nyantastani official agreed and the group went off to the nearest conference room. 

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Office of the Chief Secretary of the Treasury, Talord. September 15th 2023.

It was barely seven-past-noon and the sun was already starting to set. Marcus Larensk, Chief Secretary of the Treasury, Fredriche Alar-Rotsta, Minister of Finance and Business, Gustav Peatr, Minister of Defence, and Elric Fii, President of Hisera, all sat around a circular mahogany table in the meeting room of the Office. They had been here for the past two hours now, discussing various ways in which they could try to start rebuilding the nation, and yet with nearly every idea they had proposed in the last two hours, they found one common problem: there simply wasn't enough cash in the treasury to fund any of it.

Larensk tapped the table with his pencil furiously as he thought, looking over the papers once more. "Come on, someone must have some ideas as to what we could do! There has to be some way that we can start filling up the coffers once more without begging on our knees from the glubal powers."

"We could always... No, no, that wouldn't... We couldn't possibly..." Peatr thought out loud, scratching his chin as he looked out the window. The only person who looked somewhat energetic in the room was Mr. Alar-Rotsa who had just finished scribbling down numbers on a napkin.

"Peatr, you are already planning on downsizing the military, right? That whole 'elite fighting force' thing that you've been talking about this entire week? Surely you should have a vast stockpile of equipment waiting in storage now, right?"

"I mean, you could certainly say that." Peatr smiled to himself supposedly discreetly, and yet everyone else in the room could see it visibly in the reflection of the window.

In response, Fredriche pulled out a rolled up newspaper from under his coat, unrolling it quite loudly, which caught the other minister's attentions and woke Elric from the nap he was taking half-awake. He laid down the newspaper on the table. It dated to August 12th, over a month ago. The Headline read:

Czarina's Secure Garindina: Garindinan Partnership with Nyantastan signals start of Garindinan Rearmament

"This," he said, stabbing his finger into the paper repeatedly, "is Hisera's ticket out of this situation."

Elric thought for a second and then responded, "What, you want to sell Hiseran weapons to the Garindinans? Are you fine with this, Peatr?"

"I guess normally you would expect to see a minister of Defence outraged at this sort of thing, but I think this might be necessary. There is no point in keeping these weapons around just to rust when we can sell them off, make some money, rebuild the nation and actually have something worth defending."

"I have to agree with my colleagues here." Larensk spoke up, "Hisera desperately requires the funds if any meaningful progress is to be made in rebuilding the nation this decade."

"I appreciate your advice, everyone. Let's retire for today and meet up tomorrow, same time. I'll go talk to Miss. De Sera and Alexandra from foreign affairs about this."

The minister's quickly left the room, however not before leaving a few stacks of reports in the hands of Elric's Secretary. Before retiring himself, Elric would meet with the Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs. He would leave that day at nine.


From: Mrs Alexandra Alar-Rotsa, Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Third Republic of Hisera
To: Mr Gedeon Molotov, Minister of Defence for the United Federation of @Garindina
Subject: Garindinan Rearmament and Hiseran Weaponry

Dear Mr Molotov,

It is to the knowledge of the Hiseran Government, that the United Federation of Garindina is currently undergoing a process of rearmament through the modernisation of the Armed Forces.

In the pursuit of re-establishing positive relations with other Argic nations, as well as steering both of our respective nations towards paths of mutual prosperity, Hisera seeks to explore the opportunities present in a trade deal with the Garindinan government regarding the sale of Hiseran stockpiles of modern new-millennium equipment. It is the hope of this administration that Garindina and Hisera may come to a mutually-beneficial common ground for both of our nations, in which we see the strengthening of the esteemed Armed Forces of Garindina as well as the strengthening of the position of the Republic of Hisera.

Warm regards with hope for a timely and positive response,

Minister Alexandra Alar-Rotsa

The Letter is stamped with the Blue stamp of the Office of Foreign Affairs and the Red Stamp of the Office of the Presidency

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Thursday, 24 August 2023 | 10:04 hrs [UTC-3]
Konfederacija Poja, Rugi, Central District | Predsjednički Dvori

President Andrej Petrović entered the large conference room ahead of his chief aide and the architect of Petrović's presidency, Ratimir Pešić.  Passing through the threshold, those already in attendance stood to their feet, which was customary considering the title held by Petrović as President of the Konfederacija Poja.  Gathered in the room were the innermost members of the Pojački government, collectively known as the Senior Council on Policy or Viši Savjet za Politiku in native Pojački, abbreviated to the VSP for short in almost all parlance.  The VSP itself consisted of not only the President, which was obvious, but also Chancellor Jelena Jurić, the current head of government, counterpart to Petrović's position as head of state, the Ministers of Finance (Elma Begović), Foreign Affairs (Cvjetko Parlov), Internal Affairs (Krsto Nedeljković), Justice (Afrim Jazbinšek), National Defense (Brajko Tanacković), State Security (Dragiša Zorić), and Trade (Dubravko Stojaković), Pešić as chief aide, the Chairman of the National Military (Chairman-Marshal Žarko Novaković), and the Senior Advisor on Security (Ružica Rak).

          The nine men and three women represented the main architects of foreign policy for the KP and though from time to time they might invite other ministers, senior advisors, or experts, they largely kept their meetings as small as possible to ensure minimal hindrances to policy adoption.  Petrović, who'd been elected partly on a platform of removing career bureaucrats and reducing government duplication, had gone through the ministries and cleaned house, removing hundreds of civil servants who did little more than collect a paycheck.  The leaner bureaucracy had already shown some signs of improvement though it did not come without a cost and with the money saved from the layoffs, Petrović and his ministers were forced to doll out salary increases to prevent mutiny.  Whatever savings had originally been projected had fallen short, perhaps even cost more in certain ministers, bureaus, or departments depending on the level of potential mutiny.

          His opponents accused him of a witch hunt but when the man went to the House of Magnates to defend each firing, his opponents had little retort, expecting what they'd been used to administration after administration.  Petrović and United Poja was a foe they'd never expected, especially now when Petrović started making good on the longstanding, yet still growing, sentiment of the people to open the KP up to more foreign agreements and establish the KP as more of a glubal presence than they were.  Yet there were unintended consequences, as there always were, and some were closer to home than Petrović or his ministers would have liked.

          Perhaps the most concerning lay to their north in the United Federation of @Garindina.  When the KP was founded in 1900, the country had been a monarchy and of little threat to the country but that all changed in 1933 when a violent coup ousted the monarchy and rapidly became an authoritarian country.  Relations soured and reached a low point when the Garindinans covertly supplied the Chernarussian separatists with weapons and intelligence during the Chernarussian Conflict (1968 - 1974).  Relations stagnated at a level considered strained in the best of times until the Garindinan Civil War began in 1983.  The war itself came at a time when the Pojački populace was moving away from semi-isolationism as a mindset.  Concerned that it would lead to spillover into the KP, the Pojački government virtually shut down all relations with the country and actively prevented refugees from fleeing to the KP, going so far as to turn boats around in the Mediargic Sea that headed towards Pojački waters.  The policy, which attracted its fair share of criticism, remained in place throughout the entire fifteen-year-conflict.  It was only in the last decade or so that the KP and Garindina had been moving towards a thaw in relations with one another.  The idea of a potential economic agreement amongst Mediargic Sea nations was one potential outcome that would bury many "old hatchets" amongst the nations, especially the KP and Garindina.  If it were to be signed, it would be the first time since before the 1933 coup that the KP and Garindina were part of any agreement, a major step towards improving relations between the two countries.

          However, the Pojački people weren't as warm on Pojački-Garindinan relations as some of the country's leaders were.  In fact, Petrović and United Poja weren't exactly in the pro-Garindina camp themselves and had largely deferred or tabled any discussions relating to relations between the two countries, simply opting to take the stance that if anything were to happen, it would come gradually and with mutual benefit to both nations.  In essence, Petrović and his government were saying that they would not actively seek out improving relations with Garindina but, if they were to happen, then so be it.  For the Pojački people, this wasn't necessarily any different from how they perceived the nation to the north.  There was at least one thing that everyone could agree upon and that was there was no immediate threat posed by the nation, something that had largely abated thanks to the conclusion of the Garindinan Civil War in 1998. 

          Yet, for the past week, Petrović and his government were questioning every opinion or conclusion they'd had of Garindina.  A week earlier, it had come to public light that the Garindinan government had begun a modernization program for its military, a military which had been sorely neglected in the wake of the civil war.  For the KP, the neglected and otherwise dated military of Garindina was preferable because it meant that Garindina wasn't an immediate threat to the nation.  With a modernized military, the situation with Garindina would get a very different read, especially now that Czarina Nadia's own sister had wed a member of the Velaherian government, a nation that the KP did not see eye-to-eye with, to put it lightly.  If there was one thing that separated United Poja apart from other parties was its vehement, anti-communist stance, which also carried over to socialist nations.  Whereas the more center-right Modern Poja party would be willing to work with less far-left nations, United Poja had no such inclinations.  The one-party, socialist republic that was Velaheria was considered a major opponent of the KP, especially given how close it was, geographically, and how it had a history of supporting left-wing movements.  Could the KP trust Garindina now to become intertwined in such a way that both allied against the country?  There was no way to know and the modernization program was being seen as a potential step forward towards a future that could enable such a goal.

          Petrović took his seat at the table and opened a small notebook that he carried between meetings that he jotted notes down when he needed to remember something especially pressing.  Though he was often described as having the memory of a fox, Petrović's true secret was knowing small triggers that could bring about memories of conversations and, when those failed, he had his notes.  To this end, he removed the cap from his pen, putting it neatly above his notebook, and looked out at the captive audience before him.  "Well, it's been a week," he was referring to the publication of Garindina's modernization program on the 16th of the month.  "Where do we stand on this news?  We've had time to collect it and analyze it."

          "Mister President," Dragiša Zorić of State Security, and the oldest individual in the room, felt the pressing need to go first and everyone would be all ears.  As Minister of State Security, it was his job to ensure that the government had the proper intelligence it needed to make decisions.  His position was highly coveted and highly capable, like it was in any government.  The reason that Zorić had received the job was simply because he'd spent dozens of years in the ministry, first as an actual spy and then as an analyst when he'd been burned during an operation that had gone sideways in the early 2000s.  He was, quite odd for his position, the least hawkish of any member of the VSP and often a voice of reason, not something anyone expected in an individual who carried his title.  "I caution that a week may seem like a long amount of time but in our wurld, it is not.  Yet, I can say with strong confidence that the modernization program is not specifically geared towards us.   It is the opinion of the MDS (Ministarstvo Državne Sigurnosti) that this modernization program comes at the heels of much needed progress for the country.  Recovery since the civil war has been slow, that much we've seen, and progress has been made but the war was so devastating to the country that it has had to make many sacrifices along the way.  Insofar as this matter with the Czarina's sister, indications are that it was not well received and does not indicate a massive change in relations between the two countries; although, it can certainly go far to bringing some pause, shall we say, to the situation."

          "Do we have any concurrences?"  Petrović asked.  Heads nodded as it seemed that anyone looking into the matter could see that the program was happening independent of any response or reaction to the KP.  "Well, we can't ignore it, regardless of what the sources tell us.  Is that much an agreement as well?"

          "Yes it is Mister President," responded Brajko Tanacković of National Defense.  "The modernization program, at the very least, represents a condition of competition in the Mediargic that would see our position become irrelevant.  As you are aware, the status of the National Maritime Force is considerably worse off than the other branches, largely due to the costs required to maintain a naval force.  Our submarine fleet is only in a better situation than our surface fleet is because it was in such a poor condition fifteen years ago that three of our six submarines lost dive certifications and of the remaining three, only one was serviceable.  Unfortunately, our surface fleet has not received the same level of attention."

          "I did not know this," Petrović answered.  "Our submarines were in this level of disrepair?"  He turned to the Chairman of the National Military, Chairman-Marshal Žarko Novaković to answer the statement, seemingly flabbergasted by the revelation.

          "Sir, what the Minister has told you is absolutely correct.  Dive certifications were lost on three of our vessels, largely due to their age.  Sir, these vessels were purchased from the Volsci Republic in the 1970s.  They'd already seen considerable use and while we maintained them through the 1980s and the 1990s, we simply lacked the ability to continue to do so into the 2000s.  That was precisely why we sought out a complete replacement for all six vessels.  Our surface fleet is in poor repair as well sir.  Our main combatants were purchased from the Volsci Republic in the 1980s and maintenance and upkeep remain major issues.  They've become very expensive to maintain."

          "Project 2026," Petrović blurted out, his memory picking up something.  "Correct?"  The Chairman-Marshall nodded.  Project 2026 had been laid out in 2018, before Petrović had ever taken office.  It sought a complete replacement of the entire surface fleet by 2026 but it had run into some snags, chiefly that of money.  Funding had been made available but then diverted here and there as needed.  The Pojački National Maritime Force was considered the stepchild in the Pojački National Military and not well funded, relative to the other branches.  Yet things were changing and had in the past two years but 2026 was going to be a miss, that had already been called out multiple times before to Petrović.  "Presumably our application to TRIDENT will help in that department?"

          "We believe so sir but there will still be time to procure vessels.  Talks have been underway for several years now.  We're largely in a very good position for our smaller combatants, corvettes and patrol boats.  We've yet to secure a solution for our main surface combatants."

          "It is important that we maintain our ability to compete in the Mediargic," Pešić said, speaking up for the first time during the meeting.  "We're already at a disadvantage in the Mediargic because of where we're positioned and because of our otherwise small shoreline.  Every other nation has a significantly larger shoreline than we have, which means we must ensure we can act at will, like we did during the refugee crisis.  It was during the Chernarussian Conflict that we realized how lacking our naval presence was and we took steps to counter that in the 1970s and the 1980s with Volsci.  In 2018, we identified that we'd returned to the same state we had been in fifty years prior.  So, it is imperative that we follow through with this plan.  Perhaps it hasn't been taken as seriously as it should have been in light of the state of the Garindinan military but that's changed."

          "Yes Mister President, I am in agreement," Tanacković added, nodding his head and leaning forward in his chair so that he was looking directly into the President's eyes.  "Project 2026 is already delayed with the vessels we're procuring but it stands to become Project 2030 if we do not act immediately on speeding up the procurement process and solving our problem with the main surface combatants.  We have four frigates to replace to ensure that we maintain our warfighting capabilities on both the Mediargic and the Kezanoi Seas."

          "What are we looking at for a cost?"

          "Mister President, when Project 2026 was first proposed, those costs were around Đ550 million.  We can expect upwards of Đ800 or Đ900 million per vessel.  We have to consider commonality with TRIDENT as our ultimate goal is full membership but we also have to consider that sensor systems, radar, sonar, et cetera are significantly more sophisticated.  We do stand the advantage of having these systems being more mature today than they were five years ago but we're still talking 'cutting edge' from a military perspective, if we want to remain competitive."  Tanacković leaned back finally, leaving it out there that the procurement of four vessels would be upwards of almost Đ4 billion, which was no small sum of money for the KP.

          "Steep sum," Petrović's eyes turned to Elma Begović of Finance.  "So?"

          "Mister President, I am not prepared, at this very instance, to weigh in on the implications of what Minister Tanacković has said but I will ensure we will review it immediately."  No one liked Begović, least of all Petrović.  Since she'd been appointed as Minister of Finance, she'd rarely given a single, direct answer in a meeting ever.  Most of the times, this was her boilerplate response.  She only remained in her position because, despite her proclivities to deferring to another time, she was remarkably effective in her position and had undertaken a daunting and otherwise forthcoming task of thoroughly reviewing the finances of the country for the first time in a long time.  Her predecessors had layered bureaucracy on top of bureaucracy and prior administrations had been somewhat cavalier with the country's finances, mainly because they'd been in a good position.  Yet the good times always ended and Petrović wanted to make sure, that if they ended on his watch, that the KP wouldn't suddenly be destitute.

          "As expected," Petrović gave a sarcastic smile.  "Very well, then we're moving forward.  Begović numbers by end of week please," she nodded, "Tanacković and Chairman-Marshal, frigate replacement is our top priority right now from a procurement point of view.  Next week, I want to see a list of all major pain points with our navy that we can solve and ones that we cannot solve."  More heads nodded.  Petrović looked at his watch, "We're still good on time.  What's our next topic?"

• • • † • • •

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Wednesday, 20 September 2023

Gedeon was walking into his office after his short five-day vacation of doing nothing. 

“Minister Molotov. You have a letter.” His secretary, Olena, in a quiet and soft tone, announced while handing it to him.

Gedeon thanked her and went into his office, he read the first part;

From: Mrs Alexandra Alar-Rotsa, Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Third Republic of @Hisera
To: Mr Gedeon Molotov, Minister of Defence for the United Federation of Garindina
Subject: Garindinan Rearmament and Hiseran Weaponry

“Well then, this is peculiar.” He said as he read on.

Three Hours Later…

Nadia was in her private study, the situation within the NRP was worsening. Thankfully, she was able to help Anastasia present a united party to the public. Divides between the Absolutist and the other factions have grown, the Federal Royalist faction is even making plays. She sighed, she needed some good news. 

Knock Knock Knock

“Who is it?”  Nadia asked.

“Minister Molotov has arrived, your majesty.” It was Ivanovich.

Nadia stood up, what was Gedeon doing here? “Bring him here. I hope it’s some good news.”

Moments later, Gedeon entered the room.

He bowed, “Your majesty, we received a letter from Hiseria.” 

“Oh? Why’s that?” she asked.

“The Hiserians wish to sell us some weapons. Probably want to make money off us to rebuild their country. 40 years of war…” Gedeon trailed off, remembering seeing his sister die 27 years ago.

“Well, I was planning on sending aid, also this gives us more modern equipment. Two birds with one stone.” Nadia said.

Gedeon, snapping out of his trance, agreed. 

Nadia continued, “We could possibly set up an embassy exchange and  build relations with them. Gain another friend on the continent. I’ll send them a letter later.”

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Conference Room

The radiance of the sun danced upon the windows of the conference room, casting a warm glow over the scene. Dominating the space was a substantial black metal table, intricately equipped with cutting-edge hands-free communication systems. A customary selection of beverages, including water, graced the tabletop, strategically arranged to refract light through the colored bottles, casting nuanced green and brown shadows upon the obsidian background.

The Representative's measured strides, clad in polished black patent leather shoes, reverberated softly on the blue carpet adorned with celestial white stars. Seating himself in one of the chairs, the supple black leather cradled him, while the frigid touch of the metal armrests provided a stark contrast against his arms.

“Now, Mr. Molotov, let us delve into the minutiae,” he began with a demeanor steeped in military precision. “Nyantastan cannot unilaterally forge a partnership with you. Our alliances and reputation demand careful consideration, particularly in the midst of the ongoing conflict.” Pausing, he opened a bottle filled with water, pouring its crystalline contents into a glass with a deliberate and practiced motion.

“We find ourselves embroiled in warfare, a conflict we anticipate resolving expeditiously. Concurrently, we express keen interest in divesting ourselves of antiquated Ulfheimr equipment, necessitating external assistance for its modernization.” His response to the notion of adversaries was marked by a subtle, mocking smile, revealing his disdain for aggressive neighbors.

“What we bring to the table transcends the mere transaction of military hardware and supplies,” he asserted, leaning into a demeanor rich with authority. “We offer a wealth of experience—battle-tested tactics, not confined to theoretical constructs or languishing in forgotten folders. Our ongoing wartime engagement affords us first-hand knowledge of effective strategies and essential equipment requirements.”

With a nod to the future, he continued, “While armaments shall undoubtedly become available in due course, our initial contribution lies in the realm of training supervision. We impart the intricacies of proper soldier training, delineating essential focal points and general tactics. A commitment to quality over quantity underscores our approach. Though our role in your project may be discreet, its impact should not be underestimated,” he concluded with a contented nod toward the minister.

OOC @Garindina I'm sorry it took so long.

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From: Gedeon Molotov, Minister of Defense of the Garindinan United Federation & Tatyana Kuzmina, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Garindinan United Federation

To: Mrs Alexandra Alar-Rotsa, Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Third Republic of @Hisera


Dear Minister Alar-Rosta,

On behalf of the Garindinan United Federation, I would like to humbly accept this proposal of the purchase of modern Hiserian equipment. In your efforts to reopen political relations, we would like to propose the exchanging of Embassies. We look forward to future cooperation between our two nations.

Warm regards,

Minister Gedeon Molotov & Minister Tatyana Kuzmina

(OOC. Sorry it took long)

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Posted (edited)

Friday, 8 December 2023

Just the other day, both Nadia and Minister Molotov were able to make a naval deal with @Orioni. Nadia had left Minister Molotov to himself to get ready for her wedding in a couple of days. So Gedeon was left to himself today, he was finishing some paperwork when there was a knock at the door.

“Come in.” he said while still looking at the paperwork in his desk.

Yevgeny, entered his office, “Hello old friend. How’ve you’ve been?”

Gedeon looked up and gave a slight smile, “Hey Yevgeny, been good so far. You?” 

Yevgeny took a seat and leaned back, “I’ve been Å like stressed, but I’m good. The situation is worsening within the party.”

Gedeon brow raised, “What type of situation?”

“Of course, nobody told you.” Yevgeny sighed, “The party is further fracturing. Boris Petrovich is stirring up the radicals.”

“Not shocking, he’s always been an extremist. Let’s hope that the party can get through this.” Gedeon said. “The Military Revitalization Program has been steady, and we’ve made many deals, our vehicles will take a while to replace with domestic ones, but electric equipment and radar should be good by the end of 2024.”

“That’s good news.” Said Yevgeny, he leaned in and whispered, “Rumor has it the UND* going to kill that bastard Boris.”

Gedeon leans in as well, “That’s good, rumor also has it that a certain candidate in the Dorian elections formed a coalition with the Party of Garin.”

“Byalŭk already under our influence then.” Yevgeny responded with a smile. 

*UND- Directorate for National Security, Garindina’s Secret Police Force

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To: Gedeon Molotov, Minister of Defense of the @Garindinan United Federation & Tatyana Kuzmina, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Garindinan United Federation

From: Mrs Alexandra Alar-Rotsa, Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Third Republic of Hisera

On behalf of the Third Republic of Hisera, I am glad to hear the positive response of the Garindinan United Federation, Hisera would be more than glad to exchange embassies and would like to invite a representative of the Garindinan administration for possible talks regarding the sale of Hiseran equipment. 

With warm regards and hopes of mutual prosperity,

Minister Alexandra Alar-Rotsa

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