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Horizion of the Aten: International Edition

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Horizion of the Aten: International Edition


Per-Nesu buys Frigates from Iverica
Sekhemherukhuatwy, Manille

With the gradual decommissioning of the Súbic Class Frigates in Iverica, the Per-Nesu will be purchasing 15 of these powerful warships to further modernize the Kingdom of Per-Aten's high-seas fleet. These Frigates will be entering Atenic service as the Aten Class frigates, with the names Aten, Sobek, Nun, Nuanet, Amun, Amunet, Heh, Hauhet, Kek, Kauket, Ist, Ausir, Set, and Nephtys. These purchases were planned to coincide with the Per-Nesu's growing involvment in anti-piracy operations in the Verde and Mediargic seas, as with the Iverican Armada being pulled more into operations against the Anglian menace, Per-Aten will keep our mutual seascape free of piracy. These new frigates are likely the vanguard in a planned more broad modernization effort across the Per-Nesu and the Per-Mesha. To add further credence to that speculation, the rumored talks of Akhetaten Heavy Industry's armor division asking for a new set of trials to be set up for the Per-Mesha's new requirements on the Horakty II... Now may be an interesting time to watch the advances coming from Per-Aten. 

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