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2023 Orioni elections

Political party with the most votes?  

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  1. 1. Political party with the most votes?

  2. 2. How many Orinese people live in your country?

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2023 Orioni elections


The country of Orioni braces itself for a critical turning point in its history. This December, the Orinese will head to the polls in an election whose outcome is as uncertain as it is significant. It's a contest that could define the trajectory of the nation in the face of economic challenges and the ongoing Anglian crisis.


Meet the contenders

Five major parties are vying for the electorate's favour: the centre-left SPO, the centrist Blueropa, the smaller yet persistent centre-left Pink!, the centre-right PO&N, and the far-right Fronde Verdur. These parties, each with distinct ideologies and policy agendas, are leaving no stone unturned as they aim to sway voters.


1. Socialist Party of Orioni

  • The Socialist Party of Orioni (SPO), currently leading the coalition government with Blueropa, has had a turbulent tenure marked by both domestic and international crises. Despite the challenges, it has managed to keep its voter base fairly steady, securing 36% in the most recent July opinion poll.
  • As a centre-left political party, the SPO firmly believes in social justice and economic equality. The party's socialist ideology focuses on a strong role for the state in the economy, advocating for wealth redistribution and broad social welfare programs. The SPO is committed to creating a society where opportunities and resources are equitably distributed.
  • A seasoned political figure, party leader Mrs Eremi Ciris brings a wealth of experience and a pragmatic approach to her leadership of the SPO. Her strengths lie in her ability to connect with her constituents and her unwavering commitment to social justice and equality. However, she has faced criticism for the SPO's handling of the economy and the ongoing Anglian crisis. The challenge for Ciris is to demonstrate decisive and effective leadership amid mounting domestic and international pressures.

2. Blueropa

  • Blueropa, however, hasn't fared as well in recent months, witnessing a slight drop in its support to 10%.
  • Blueropa is a liberal, centre-left party that values individual freedoms, democracy, and social equality. It champions policies supporting civil liberties, human rights, and progressive social reforms. Blueropa believes in a balanced approach to the economy, combining free market principles with moderate state intervention for social welfare.
  • Mr Ethan Lorio is an influential figure in Orioni's political landscape, known for his charismatic personality and persuasive rhetoric. His liberal ideology and commitment to civil liberties have won him many supporters. However, Lorio has struggled with balancing his party's liberal values with practical political considerations. He needs to address the slight decline in Blueropa's support base and prove his leadership amid the current political turbulence.

3. Pink!

  • The smaller Pink! party is also struggling, with a stagnant 7% of support.
  • Pink! is an ecologist, green, centre-left party that prioritizes environmental issues and sustainable development. The party advocates for policies aimed at combating climate change, promoting renewable energy, and protecting biodiversity. Alongside their environmental focus, Pink! also supports social equality and progressive societal reforms, in line with its centre-left orientation.
  • Led by Mrs Ihova Myna, is a passionate environmental advocate, known for her dedicated leadership of the Pink! party. Her strong commitment to environmental issues and sustainable policies has earned her a loyal following. However, Myna's challenge is to broaden Pink!'s appeal beyond its core voter base and convey its relevance amid the nationalistic and economic concerns currently dominating the political discourse.

4. Party of Order & Nation

  • The real battle seems to be between the SPO and the PO&N, the latter trailing closely with 32%.
  • The PO&N is a centre-right political party that espouses capitalist and pro-business ideologies. The party advocates for minimal government intervention in the economy, believing that free markets and competition drive economic growth and prosperity. It champions the interests of businesses and entrepreneurs, and often favours tax cuts and deregulation.
  • Mr Edric Kageni is a dynamic leader with a strong business background. His understanding of the economy and his pro-business stance have made him a formidable contender in Orioni's political scene. However, Kageni's focus on big business has sometimes led to criticism that he overlooks the needs of the lower-income demographic. His challenge will be to show that his party's capitalist policies can benefit all sections of society, not just the wealthy.

5. Fronde Verdur

  • Interestingly, the far-right Fronde Verdur, despite concerns about its hardline stances, has seen a rise in support, moving to 15% in July, up from 14% in June. This rise suggests a growing level of dissatisfaction among voters with the traditional parties and could factor into unexpected alliances or power shifts.
  • Fronde Verdur is a far-right political party with nationalist and neo-imperialist ideologies. The party seeks to strengthen Orioni's national identity and restore its imperial legacy, often using strong rhetoric about sovereignty and traditional values. It tends to favour strong law and order measures, restrictive immigration policies, and increased military spending. Its neo-imperialist ideology involves advocating for Orioni's increased influence and power on the global stage.
  • Mrs Nigela Merabiya is a polarizing figure with her firm commitment to nationalist and neo-imperialist ideologies. Her strong rhetoric and charismatic leadership have boosted Fronde Verdur's profile, especially among those dissatisfied with traditional politics. However, her far-right stance has raised concerns among those who fear the erosion of democratic values and human rights. Merabiya's challenge is to navigate these concerns while maintaining the support of her party's growing base.

Looking ahead, several scenarios could unfold post-elections. A continuation of the current SPO-Blueropa coalition, a shift to a PO&N-led government, or even a surprise coalition incorporating Fronde Verdur could be in the offing, subject to the actual electoral performance.


Votes from abroad

The role of overseas voters cannot be overstated in this highly charged political environment. The Orinese diaspora, spread across the Eurth, is a sizeable demographic whose political leanings could significantly impact the final result. Their participation will be crucial in shaping the future direction of Orioni, adding an additional layer of intrigue to this pivotal election.

This election is more than a political contest; it is a litmus test for the nation's resilience, unity, and vision for the future. As December approaches, Orioni stands on the precipice of a significant juncture in its history, the outcome of which could reverberate through the nation for years to come.


OOC. And now for the fun part.

For this election story, I want to try something new. National elections are pretty boring for other players to follow… unless you can influence the outcome.

This is where the foreign vote comes in. Let's presume for a moment that there are plenty of people from Orioni who live elsewhere.

That's why this story comes with two voting options:

  1. Which party receives the most votes from Orinese people living in your country?
  2. How many Orinese people live in your country (% of total population)?

Q. Can I change my vote?

A. While the story lasts, you still have the option to change your vote. On the day of the election, 17 December 2023, the poll will be locked, and your votes are considered as final.

Q. How are the votes counted?

A. This foreign vote will be taken into account when calculating the final vote. Those external votes will be added to the total internal votes for each political party. We take the % Orinese people you indicated in the poll. Of these, we take 90% as the people of voting age. That number of votes will be added to the party of your choice. (No ranked vote for those living abroad.)

Q. What else is there to do here?

Mostly news and politics.

  • Every month, I will also publish the results of another opinion poll, based on recent news events.
  • Besides the opinion poll, I will also try to do some political debates. Send my your questions for the candidates, and I'll answer them in the story.
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Here are the most recent opinion polls, as conducted by Roiters News.

March '23 Opinion Poll: Poll results spell trouble for Orioni's governing coalition

June '23 Opinion Poll: SPO and PO&N deadlocked -- Governing coalition under pressure?

July '23 Opinion Poll: Election season begins amid high national pride: latest opinion poll reveals surprising shifts


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Opposition outlet the Medani Monitor also includes an opinion piece about this official start of the election season.


And banished Bron Urgundy has his thing to say, obviously.


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August '23 Opinion Poll: read all about the latest numbers in Roiters.


The opposition mouthpiece Medani Monitor sees it differently.


This time no news from Bron Urgundy. He's probably still lost, somewhere down that @Garindinan mine.

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The First Leaders Debate: Orioni's Future at a Crossroads

The First Leaders Debate: Orioni's Future at a Crossroads

Join us TOMORROW, 25th August 2023, for an enlightening political showdown as the country's top party leaders converge to debate their visions for Orioni's future. This debate couldn't come at a more crucial time: with the nation's upcoming elections and global challenges pressing on our doorsteps, this is an unparalleled opportunity for citizens to hear first-hand where each party stands.

Under the expert guidance of renowned moderator, Mrs Yohana-Ileni Kirichat of Roiters News, you can anticipate a riveting exchange of ideas. With her knack for getting straight to the heart of an issue, you can expect the most pressing questions to be addressed.

From national policy evaluations and defining future priorities to the challenges and opportunities in Orioni's foreign policy landscape, everything is on the table.

As election fever heats up, this debate will shape conversations and possibly even the future trajectory of our nation. So, mark your calendars, set your reminders, and gather your loved ones: this is one discussion you won't want to miss.

📅 Date: 25th August 2023

🕗 Time: 8 PM (UTC +9)

📺 Channel: National Broadcast Channel

📍 Location: Sirius Business School

Your Voice. Your Choice. Be Informed.

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First Leaders Debate 2023

First Leaders Debate 2023

Mrs Yohana-Ileni Kirichat: Good evening, esteemed leaders, and to our viewers tuning in across Orioni and abroad. Tonight, we gather at a pivotal moment in our nation's trajectory, with the looming elections promising to shape our collective future. These leaders, representing a vast spectrum of ideologies, are here to share their visions and to answer pressing questions on national and international matters. Let's dive into the heart of the debate.

1. Internal policy

1.1 Evaluate governing coalition

Kirichat: Good evening, esteemed leaders and viewers across Orioni. We commence tonight's debate with the pressing issue of our times. To begin, evaluating the tenure of the current governing coalition, what do you believe were its strengths, and where did it falter?

  • Mrs Eremi Ciris of SPO: Being part of the governing coalition, we are proud of our achievements, notably in education and healthcare reforms. While there were challenges, especially in economic diversification, we believe we've set a strong foundation for a prosperous Orioni.
  • Mr Ethan Lorio of Blueropa: As part of the coalition, we commend the advancements in civil liberties and tech innovation. However, balancing liberal values with the economic imperatives required deeper integration, which sometimes was a challenge.
  • Mrs Ihova Myna of Pink!: The coalition showed promises in areas of environment, but we feel more radical actions are needed. Their economic strategies also lacked the eco-forward vision that our nation deserves.
  • Mr Edric Kageni of PO&N: The coalition's short-term populist measures ignored the more robust structural changes our economy needed. Their approach to businesses was often limiting rather than enabling.
  • Mrs Nigela Merabiya of Fronde Verdur: While the coalition took baby steps in projecting Orioni's power and heritage, their vision was often diluted, lacking the true spirit of Orinese pride.

1.2 Policy priorities

Kirichat: Moving on, every party has its core objectives. Can you succinctly define the top three policy priorities for your party in the next term?

  • Ciris: Certainly. Our top three priorities are: strengthening our social welfare system, transitioning towards a sustainable green economy, and bolstering our national infrastructure.
  • Lorio: We want to prioritize digitizing our public services, enhancing civil liberties, and ensuring an open, yet responsible market economy.
  • Myna: Our goals are clear: aggressive climate action, green job creation, and fostering a circular economy.
  • Kageni: We aim to deregulate sectors for businesses, invest heavily in infrastructure, and foster an entrepreneurial spirit through education.
  • Merabiya: Our focus will be on strengthening national identity, enhancing defence capabilities, and prioritizing Orinese businesses.

1.3 Economy

Kirichat: Turning to economic matters, with rising unemployment figures, particularly among the youth, what solutions do your parties offer?

  • Ciris: We need a two-pronged approach – enhance vocational training to ensure our youth are job-ready and incentivise industries to hire fresh graduates, fostering innovation and reducing unemployment.
  • Lorio: Our party believes in harnessing the digital revolution. By investing in the tech sector and digital entrepreneurship, we can provide our youth with vast opportunities.
  • Myna: Green industries are the future. By focusing on eco-friendly initiatives, we not only address environmental concerns but also create job opportunities for our young populace.
  • Kageni: Business-friendly policies are essential. By simplifying regulations, offering tax incentives for hiring, and focusing on SMEs, we can stimulate job creation.
  • Merabiya: National pride can drive employment. By promoting indigenous industries and crafts, we can create jobs while preserving our rich traditions.

1.4 Cybersecurity

Kirichat: In light of the recent cyberattack on MedPharm, which exposed the vulnerabilities of even the most reputable institutions, what will your party's approach be to strengthen national cybersecurity infrastructure and foster international cooperation in this regard?

  • Ciris: Cybersecurity is a grave concern in today's interconnected world. My party believes in strengthening our national digital infrastructure, investing in advanced tech, and developing a skilled workforce to counteract such threats. Moreover, as part of the global community, we advocate for international treaties targeting cybercrimes and promoting collaborative responses.
  • Lorio: The MedPharm breach is a wakeup call. While we push for an open, interconnected world, we must ensure the safety of our digital realms. Strengthening national cybersecurity is paramount, but equally vital is our role in building and supporting international norms and frameworks against cyber-espionage.
  • Myna: As much as we are concerned about the environmental impact of tech industries, we cannot ignore the urgency of safeguarding our digital world. We must strike a balance – investing in greener tech solutions while bolstering our national and international cybersecurity mechanisms.
  • Kageni: The private sector is at the frontline of these threats, and the government's role should be to facilitate, not hinder. We'll work with businesses, offering them incentives and support to improve their cybersecurity measures. On the international front, we need to put pressure on nations harbouring or sponsoring these cyber threats.
  • Merabiya: This isn't just a breach; it's an assault on our sovereignty. We must take a dual approach: bolster our digital defences and hold responsible entities accountable, be it groups or nations. Our role on the global stage is to push for strict international regulations that put an end to cyber impunity.

2. Foreign policy

2.1 Entente of Oriental States

Kirichat: Shifting our gaze outward, the Entente of Oriental States has played a prominent role in recent years. Where does your party stand on our continued membership and involvement with EOS?

  • Ciris: Our position is clear. The EOS alliance offers both strategic and economic benefits, fostering regional stability. We're committed to strengthening our role within EOS.
  • Lorio: The Entente represents a shared vision and mutual cooperation. Our involvement ensures that liberal values are well represented on the regional stage.
  • Myna: While EOS is crucial, we must push for stronger environmental mandates within the alliance.
  • Kageni: EOS provides a vital platform for trade and security, but we believe Orioni must negotiate better terms to ensure our businesses prosper.
  • Merabiya: Our EOS involvement should reflect Orioni's true stature, demanding respect and asserting our rightful place.

2.2 Trade

Kirichat: With the current stalemate in trade negotiations with New Wurld nations, how do your parties propose to safeguard Orioni's economic interests?

  • Ciris: Diplomacy first. We believe in re-engaging with the New Wurld, finding common ground, and forging a deal beneficial to both nations.
  • Lorio: Our party stresses the importance of diversification. While Europan countries are key partners, we should also explore and strengthen trade ties with New Wurld nations.
  • Myna: We must ensure any trade deal respects environmental and human rights standards. Our nation's integrity must not be compromised for economic gains.
  • Kageni: We believe in strong, assertive negotiations. Our economic interests are paramount, and we will ensure that any deal puts Orioni first.
  • Merabiya: Orioni has always been a proud nation. We should not bow down in negotiations. While trade is essential, national pride and self-reliance are of utmost importance.

2.3 Climate

Kirichat: Given the threat to our coastal cities due to rising sea levels, how do your parties propose to address climate change and its impacts?

  • Ciris: Our party recognises the immediate threats posed by climate change. We are committed to transitioning to sustainable energy sources, bolstering our coastal defences, and pushing for global initiatives on climate change.
  • Lorio: For us, the solution is threefold. Invest in research to address the effects of climate change, educate our populace about sustainable practices, and importantly, reform industries to minimise carbon footprints.
  • Myna: Our party has always been at the forefront of this issue. We champion the shift to a circular economy, supporting both public and private green initiatives. The rising sea levels are a wake-up call. It's high time we harmonised with nature.
  • Kageni: While climate change is a concern, we also must focus on the economic implications of drastic changes. Our approach is balanced: to address climate change without compromising the economic welfare of our citizens.
  • Merabiya: Our heritage, our lands are at risk. We must combine national pride with action. Our party proposes a massive reforestation initiative, which will not only address carbon levels but also celebrate our nation's green legacy.

2.4 Colonies

Kirichat: Finally, our historical ties with our former colonies remain a complex issue. What is your vision regarding our relationship with them in the coming years?

  • Ciris: The bonds with our former colonies are invaluable. While we respect their autonomy, we believe in forging partnerships based on mutual respect and economic cooperation.
  • Lorio: We believe in partnerships based on equality, mutual growth, and shared liberal values.
  • Myna: The focus should be on green partnerships, helping former colonies transition to sustainable practices.
  • Kageni: A pragmatic approach is needed where we foster trade and investment, ensuring both Orioni and its former colonies prosper.
  • Merabiya: Our former colonies should be our first partners, grounded in shared history and heritage, moving together towards a brighter future.

Kirichat: Thank you, esteemed leaders. With the diverse visions and robust policies presented here tonight, it's clear that our voters have a lot to ponder. The upcoming election presents a crossroads for Orioni. To our viewers, remember: the future of Orioni rests in your hands. Goodnight.


OOC. This is the first of 3 debates. The next ones are in early October (midpoint of this six-month election cycle) and early December (right before the election). As with this debate, I'll prepare some questions in advance. Still unsure about the next moderator and location.

How can you participate?

  1. DM me your questions for the next debate(s). They can be about current events, and can be unrelated to Orioni.
  2. Vote for your favourite in the poll at the top of this story.
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