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A Day in the Life of....

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A day in the life….

Book One: Part One, A Day in the life of Greggory Uslav

It was early morning, around 0500AST, the sun has barely even started to come over the trees but the busy and bussing of the streets of Tiraspol have already started to come alive again. It had been over a month since the Transitional Government was put into power after the handover of power by the former Dniesterian President.

As Uslav got out of bed and walked over to prepare for his day, he stopped for a moment to remember something but continued to get ready for the day. He had set out the clothing for the day and made his way to wash up.

By the time he was done getting ready the sun had already started rising, changing the color of the sky as it went. The color was a beautiful reddish yellow mixed with the dark sky from the night on the other side.

He turned and walked over to where his shoes were at and placed them on and then headed out for the Transitional Government's headquarters at the Government Building in downtown Tiraspol. He got into his car and the driver headed four blocks down to the government building parking garage.

The car turned into the parking garage where the secured lots were located and pulled up to the secure entrance. Uslav got out and made his way into the building carrying a briefcase. As he walked into the building, he was met by his personal secretary that started listing out his morning schedule till lunch.

As he got to his office there was already a phone call waiting for him to answer, it was the Minister of Justice Viktor Habshuko, no doubt he wanted to talk about the recent arrests made by the Security Services in the middle of the night.

“Viktor, good morning what can I do for you this morning?”

“Mr. Uslav, are you aware of the recent arrests made by the Security Services last night?”

“Yes, I am, and I approved these arrests to happen last night in conjunction with the Solicitor General. Is there a problem with these arrests?”

“Besides the fact that every night there has been raids on Government Officials and former Government Officials houses for the last month, yes there is something I would like you to be aware of. Last night during the arrest of a former Military General the Security Services shot and killed the entire family of this general. Since the general was placed in a cell he has asked for a Solicitor from the Union and if he does not receive one, he will ask for one from the AN to represent him for the supposed violation of his rights and inhuman treatment he received during the arrest as well as the slotter of his family.”

“Well, that is rather unfortunate. I will talk with the Solicitor General and the Director of the Security Services. I will not say anything else on this line besides that. If there is not anything else, have a good day, Minister.”

The phone went silent and Uslav hung up the phone. He pressed a button on his desk to which his secretary entered,

“Please get the Solicitor General and the Director of the Security Service in my office now please.”

The secretary turned around and began making calls to get this request made.

A few hours later….

As Uslav was sitting in his office there was a knock on the door and in walked the Solicitor General and the Director of the Security Services. They both took a seat at the front of the desk with Uslav looking at them very intensively.

“Could one of you please explain to me why one of the generals arrested last night had his entire family killed in front of him by a group of security service agents and why he is now asking to be represented in court by a Union Solicitor?”

The room fell quiet, neither of the two men wanted to open their mouth as they knew someone would be paying for this mistake.

“Once again, I ask, would one of you explain this to me?”

Once again, the room was silent till Uslav banged his balled-up fists down on the desk and shouted,

“Well! Will someone please open their mouths and answer my question!”

The Solicitor General started talking,

“Sir, I am not sure why this would have happened. Per your orders last night before the raids started, I informed the Director of your requests and who needed to be apprehended that night. I gave specific instruction to not harm anyone including those being detained.”

“Well obviously someone did not get that message Solicitor General! So, I assume it’s the Director that should be answering my questions then.”

The director looked at Uslav and then the Solicitor General before speaking. It was as if he was scared for his life.

“Mr. Uslav, I assure you that since this matter was reported to me, I have been looking into it.”

Uslav stopped the director right there before letting him continue,

“Director, this is now the fifth time I have been told of something like this. This is no longer an isolated incident. This is beyond and has been criminal. As of right now, the unit responsible for these actions will be placed on leave and will be detained pending a formal investigation. I will be contacting the Federal Chancellor of the Union to have a Solicitor sent for the General, as well as a unit from the AC-01 Federal Police Anti-Corruption section. They will have full access to all reports in the Security Service and will be permitted to interview anyone in the Security Services. Anyone who refuses to submit to their line of questioning and investigation will be considered guilty and placed under arrest for corruption. This goes for the both of you as well. You will submit all personal documentation in your possession to the AC-01 Unit Commander upon their arrival. Failure to do so will result in your immediate arrest for corruption. You both may leave now.”

They both left and Uslav looked at his schedule for the day, he had time to make a few calls to the Union Government. He picked up the phone and called to be connected to the Union Chancellor.

“Madam Chancellor, we have a situation here in Tiraspol. Is this a secure line?”

“Yes, Uslav it is a secure line please continue.”

“Last night, during one of our raids by the Norths Security Services, an arrested general was abused in custody and had his entire family murdered in front of him by the Security Service Agents. This morning I was informed he wanted a Union Solicitor and if he is given one, he will approach the AN for one and report Crimes against Humanity.”

“Well Mr. Uslav he will have a Union Solicitor and the Union will make sure that this is investigated and handled properly. What else are you wanting?”

“A unit from the AC-01.”

“Very well two Units will be sent, and they will report directly to my office and you and no one else. Also, I will be sending you four Units from the Directorate of Intelligence that will be responsible for your raids. At this point forward the entire Security Services of the North are under Investigation. I say the entire Service is because I know of the other five events that have taken place.”


OOCThis Book from the perspective of Greggory Uslav, who is the transitional governor for North Dniester, will act as the continuation of the Dniester situation which is now in reconstruction. There are a total of three books in the "A Day in the Life of…" series with Book One being Dniester, Book Two being Stemas, and Book Three being Hveradalur. Book Four is still in the progress of being written which will cover Volhynia.

To be continued….

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