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An Introduction

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Your RP Nation

Full Name: The Dominion of Apuni

Government: Republic

Culture/ethnicity of your nation: Hawaiian / Polynesian

Give a short description of your nation: The Dominion is a small but growing nation seeking to carve a niche out for itself on Eurth.

Do you have an IIWiki page: Not yet, but this will be a project I’m confident I’ll enjoy.


Writing Experience

How would you describe your level of writing in regards to roleplaying: I’ve had some experience in the past on various platforms (including Nation States), so I would place myself in an intermediate category.

Describe yourself: An relaxed person who enjoys reading (and listening) about economics, history, and current events.

Writing example: I have a few older pieces on the old BI profile, but I’ve been writing new stories and anticipate posting them soon.


Nation States:

Why do you want to join this region? I was an active member a while ago and decided to return to Nations States to writing and RP. Remembering the outstanding experience I had when I was originally part of Europa, I disappointed that I was not initially able to find it. However, when I received Tagmatium’s regional invite, I was not only thrilled that Europa had become Eurth, but amazed at the breadth and depth of what had been accomplished since I was previously on Nation States. I’m still working to catch up on the swaths of existing history and RP!

Have you ever had any prior experience with moderators? No

Do you have any prior experience on Nation States? Yes, I was active back in 2006 as Bainbridge Islands, and briefly as Lahui, both on Europa/Eurth.

Are you currently or do you plan do be a member of the Nation States Wurld Assembly? Yes

Anything else? Just glad to be back and looking forward to writing and RP!

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