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Alohaaaaaaa Eurth

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Alohaaaaaaa Eurth!  Its good to be back!  I've returned to NS after a long absence and... was overjoyed to discover that Europa was not only still around, but had grown into Eurth.  Though I'm starting afresh as Apuni, I was the old Bainbridge Islands, from way back in '06.  I see a lot has changed since those days, so I'm still getting used to the massive expansion aside from the RMB (e.g., this site, discord, IIWiki, and probably a lot more that I have yet to figure out).  Completely excited to get involved with Eurth RP, writing, and anything else I can do to help around.  Looks like have a lot to read and as well as  getting to work on a Vision statement, but again, thrilled to be back, and looking forward to participating on Eurth! 

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Good morning @Apuni!

Let me be the first to welcome you back after this brief hiatus.

Glad you found our telegram (probably @Tagmatium Rules' doing), and recognised our map. It's always nice to see an OG return.

For an OOC update of what happened since 2006, I maintain a long-term timeline in our pinned dispatch. https://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=519192#history

For the RP stuff, I can tell you that:

  • The old 'Europa' continent was expanded to create a more realistic 'Eurth' globe.
  • An RP Academy was established to protect quality standards.
  • Certain secondary countries are allowed to be used as NPC.

Hope this helps.


PS: As for your older accounts, @Bainbridge Islands and @Lahui, those still exist but were de-activated.

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