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A greater friendship in the north


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To: The Callonian Empire

From: Zek Berroso, Head of Ekainak's Foreign Policy Ministry

Subject: Time for greater unity


We invite representatives of the Callonian Empire to Donostia, our capital, to begin a new age of great cooperation between our two nations. The disscussions will involve all of the following including any matters you yourself raise:


-Potental reduction in tarrifs


-Potential economic free-trade zones


-Potential Military Cooperation in the form of exercises, alliances and a pact of nonagression and military training as well as sharing of military technology


-Potential relaxation of immigration between out nations and the establishment of temporary worker programs



Our nations have cooperated in the past and with the increased agression of certain nations by building great blocs of power, tensions are rising. Therefore, we see that it is time to leave behind a policy of isolationism and create strong frienships with unalligned nations.


we await your response to the beguining of these discussions

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To: Zek Berroso

From: Callonian representatives


We strongly agree with your new policy of moving away from isolationism. We see that there are major benifits for both nations if an alliance were formed.


we would like to know if Ekainak's uranium stockpiles are for sale. Due to the idustry's downfall in callonius, our scientists were not able to preform the rest of their experiments. We are currently trying to increse the saftey of usin uranium to make power.


It has come to our attention that your beef industry is weak; it so happens that ours is strong. This may be another tradable good to your people.


The Emporer is intriuged on how close our nations should be. Are you offering a complete alliance binding the two nations economicaly and militaristicly or just one of the two?

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Zek Berroso-"I apologize for our silence as of late. We are quite willing to open business between those two profitable industries, and perhaps greater economic cooperation as we grow closer. I believe that besides what we just talked about, we should focus on more militaristic matters. Europa is heating up, there hasn't been a real war in quite a while. I believe that is due to the formation of power-blocks, alliences in other words...this will end, though. I know it will.


And that, my friend, is why we should sign a pact of mutual defense between our nations. To disuade others, and to not stand alone when that terrible day comes. We would like this agreement, if you agree to it, to state that if either of us is attacked, the other will fully commit to the destruction of our enemies. I believe it would be profitable if both of us supported each others militaries not only when we are at war, but also in times of preparation. To show this, if you agree to what i have been speaking of, we would be willing to help you develope a program to produce the missiles developed by Jaihu and improved by Tamurin.


Also, we are currenly attempting to gain admitance to the EPA and if we attain membership, would be willing to support your entrance.


good day, friend"

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To: Zek Berroso

From: Callonian representatives


We are willing to sign the pact and are very interested in the missile program you speak of. We too have submitted a request to join the EPA. as for the "day" you mentioned, our concernes have been raised that whan this day does come there will be no backing down and as your new ally we state that we will have the resolve to see our alliance though to the end. Loyalty is a major part of Callonian society and every member if the empire stands behind this new friendship.

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Esteemed Callonians,


We have made a draft of an agreement between our countries based upon mutual defence and international cooperation. This is not nessesarily final, and can be worked on further.


-If either nation is attacked, the other nation will commit itself to forcefully engaging the enemy.

-Militaries of a nation may enter the territories of other nations with the concent of both parties.

-A pledge to strengthen our allies through the propagation of military technology.





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