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[Republic of Pentium] RP Sample

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Callahan's Gambit, The house

Callahan and his keys entered the house, the old pine wood creaking as the heavy doors swung open.  Callahan moved to his seat, his keys to their respective positions and places.  Callahan sat in his chair, in the middle of the room.  He hadn't slept well, but he couldn't let it stop him now.  

The speaker of the house, Icaran.  Rose to begin the day's business.

"Good morning, members of the House, representatives of the state and delegations of business.  Today, we are discussing a few minor topics about the prospects of business, and the expansion of the armed forces. I believe the president has words to speak about a special announcement he has to make."  Icaran continued "I will yield the floor to the pr-"  There was a shout from the other side of the room, from the CEO's seats of the room.  "I also have an announcement to make, and I would very much like to be the first person to speak today.  It is of critical importance to the party!"  The CEO of Blackwall Industries, Edgar Klarne interrupted the speaker.

"Denied!" Retorted Icaran "I will not allow the tradition and sanctity of this house to be violated, to do so wo-" Again, he was cut off.  "That's too bad old man, we'd like to speak on this topic now.  It is of vast importance to our agenda." The claggyskinned CEO of Veridian Manufacturing arose to standby Edgar.  Herself, Veridian Alten continued to speak.  "We will speak, even if the traditions are tarnished."

The CEOs began to speak, they already knew that wouldn't need to abide by the rules of the house for much longer.

"ENOUGH!" The shout came from the president.  Nobody else would speak in a tone of indignation  "Sergeant at arms, remove them from this chamber.  I will allow no further disturbances from the members opposite!"  Callahan stood up, the medals on his uniform clacking from the sudden movement.  

The entire room was sent into an uproar, the sudden action by the president had cheers of support and bismerchment.  Nodding to the sergeant at arms, he stood and walked over to the members opposite.  After ten minutes of struggle, they were both removed from the room.  It took another five for the room to calm down enough to where speech could be heard again.  Callahan rose to speak.

"For my actions now, and for what I have to say.  Will change the fate, and future of the republic.  One may believe that those are often intermingled, but our determination as a people, our resolve and our candour have resolutely guided us through the troubles.  Through to this, modern age.  It has granted us, strength and freedom.  Yet, we have found ourselves the slaves of corporations who betray our trust and exploit our well-meaning.  Those people who I have forced out of this house, are required under the Sunhaven Charter, to inform the government of any mergers of corporations.  As such.  He removed the documents from his briefcase "I declare, the Sunhaven Charter null and void!"  He slammed the paper onto the table "I issue an executive order, we will be seizing these corporate holdings for the good of our people, and to prevent the takeover of this government, a democracy that has stood for hundreds of years.  A government, that has never faltered in the face of invaders, a government that has put its people's best interests at heart.  And we will not stand idly by as this tradition, this expectation is eroded and cast aside.  Mister Speaker, I yield the floor!"

Callahan breathed in, heavily.  His old bones were not what they used to be, but no matter what could be said in defiance of this action.  This was the only right that he had left to prevent, what he could see as the fall of the republic.

The entire house was silent for a moment longer.  The leader of the SCC began furiously protesting this action.  But, his voice no longer mattered.  The Sunhaven Charter no longer had sway in politics and he no longer had a voice in parliament.

There was a call for a break, which was granted by the president and speaker due to the severity of the change in the political space.  Callahan nodded to Lysander, an act to initiate the removal of all members of the SCC party.  The unfortunate part of this whole event is that the removal of over 20% of the parliament in a single day was not only an unprecedented loss of representation within Pentiumian history, but the house was simply non-functional without 22% of the total parliament.  There would need to be a snap election, and quickly.

Callahan stepped out, faced immediately with Edgar.

"How the hell can you expect this to stand?  This is a betrayal of everything our democracy stands for!  Everything that you promised to uphold!"  Edgar shouted, enraged 

"You betrayed the agreement, you are merging with two other corporations and you failed to notify the government." Callahan calmly spoke  "You were planning a coup, but my hand was faster.  You won't get another chance."

"There will be war.. none of the SCC will let this insult stand.. I promise you.  Before the end of the day, you will lie bleeding in a puddle of your own blood.."  Edgar spat back

"Let there be war, and I will show you the resolve of my house."  Callahan finished.

The two men stared a moment longer, before Edgar began to walk away from the doors.  His phone in hand, likely to call on us supporters.  Callahan would have some calls of his own to make.

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