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OOC: The Great Goutian Empire

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Hello y’all after much thought and consideration I’ve finally decided to post my idea of creating a Early Modern Period empire in what is central Yeetland.

The empire would start around 1720 maybe a little earlier depending on how everything folds out with my neighbors. And would unofficially end in May 1979 after the outbreak of the Gotneskan Civil War. But would officially break apart on 22 June 1984.

I still have much work ahead of me. In how the empire was created and other things that pop up along the way.

below is sample map of what the empire borders would look like at its height.


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Hello again I’d like to share my thoughts of the historical events that occurred during the time frame that my empire would had existed from.  So below is what I’ve decided would be the historical periods of the empire (note it could change). I have a google doc that I will include so if you’re interested in keeping up what I have done instead of waiting for me to post it here feel free to take a look.

In short the Goutian Empire is a early modern civilization that existed in what is today west central Yeetland which is a subregion of Argis. 


Origins (1530-1650)


Gotneskan Overseas prossections (1650-1722)


Rise of an Empire (1722-1780)


- Coronation of Elisabeth I as Emperor


- 02 October 1722:  Annexation of the Lanigueilan City state. Had long been an  independent nation home to the Yetis Catholic Church.


Goutian’s Imperial period (1780-1845)


Transition into a constitutional Empire (1845-1890)


Argic Wars (1950-1975)


Gotneskan Civil War and decline (1975-1984)





below is the link to the google doc 
History of the Goutian Empire

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12 hours ago, Orioni said:

How is the document progressing? I’ve left plenty of comments and pointers.

Good I’ve added some new stuff trying to figure out how it started!

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