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[Vision statement] Unified Republic of Greto

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The earliest recorded Gretonian civilization was that of the Gretonian people who had traveled from the western edges of Amber Lake towards the north eventually finding themselves at the southern banks of the Canamo Sea and settled establishing for themselves a small settlement known as Inspiron. The small city-state became a beacon for the people and for several hundred years grew with the rising population; until the Great Schism occurred during a time period between 200-300 AD. The main religion of the Gretonian people had been known as Mothrities and conflict began over the claimed ascension of the prophet who had been chosen by God to lead over the people of Inspiron and lead them into the promised lands. This schism fractured the people into two camps: the Gretonians and the Henzans. The resulting wars and near extinction of the Henzan people followed the transformation of Inspiron into the Gretonian Empire. 

The Gretonian Empire would reign for several hundred years over the Gretonian and Henzan peoples before its inevitable collapse in 1640; although an exact cause has not been established there are multiple theories into why the empire collapsed. What is definitely known though is that the resulting period became known as the Dark Periods; the resulting stagnation of culture and societal growth was only rivaled by the warfare and destruction of competing kingdoms and roving warbands. The Henzans united into the Henzan Confederation in what is now eastern Greto. Inspiron was rubble and constantly fought over by the competing kingdoms who all sought the city to claim legitimacy as the true successors to the empire. This would culminate by a chance meeting between two men in the early months of 1780 between Madison Hoth and Edward Maxon who both sought a united Gretonian nation to compete with the rising power of the Henzan Confederation. They would form the Unified Council in 1782 and begin recruiting influential politicans, merchants, and generals into their council. 

By 1784 the tides of war began and the Unification Wars started with the conquest of Durham and its rapid collapse caused concern for the surrounding kingdoms who quickly fortified their cities in preparation of the growing Unified Armies. Madison Hoth led the troops of what became known as the Home Army into Inspiron in early 1788 and claimed the ruins of the city for the council. Over the course of the next twelve years the Unified Armies commanded by Madison sieged the remaining kingdoms claiming them for their new nation. As Madison's army marched upon the city of Concord which was the capital of the Carteret kingdom; his troops although highly motivated were exhausted from years of warfare, high casualties, and a lack of supplies. Edward Maxon in desperation turned towards the Henzan Confederation and mercenaries in return that the Gretonians promised to recognize the Henzan Confederation as an independent nation. In late 1797 the Siege of Concord would begin with Madison's now reinforced army laying siege to the city; and attempting to gain entry. The fighting quickly stalemated for several months as the Carteret army viciously forced Madison's army to fight for every square foot of land with heavy casualties. A betrayal would occur; however, in March when Madison was assassinated by the Henzan mercenaries that Edward had secured in their fight. 

This betrayal would not be forgotten as the city of Concord would fall several weeks later and Edward would unleash the entirety of the Unified Armies upon the Henzan Confederation and burn the city of Constance and kill the ruling council of the confederation. The Henzan people watching their nation destroyed would never forgive the Gretonian people as they were assimilated into the new nation; that was declared by Edward Maxon as the Unified Republic of Greto. Henzan representatives were denied seats at the new Unified Congress and disallowed the ability to vote in the first national election; which saw Edward Maxon and Charles Garrett rise as the first president and prime minister respectively. The new nation set about quietly rebuilding the ruins of its cities and the hope of their people who had witnessed atrocities during the wars. One of the first acts of the new Unified Republic was the passing of the Gretonian Neutrality Act of 1802 in hopes to keep the Gretonian people out of future conflict.

The nineteenth and twentieth centuries were periods of great stability and advancements that rebuilt the Gretonian economy and standards of livings for all Gretonians; near the end of the twentieth century the Gretonian people truly believed that centuries of warfare had finally given way to a new era of peace.


The Unified Republic consists of six provinces and one federal district that is spread across differing terrain from mostly flat lands in the north and more hilly terrain to the south. The republic experiences cold winters but this is exchanged by moderately warm summers and springs. Much of the population lives in cities near the coast line with much of the southern portion of the country relatively rural in terms of population. Southport is the largest city and holds the largest port in the republic. 


Following steady growth in the manufacturing capabilities of the Unified Republic throughout the twentieth century; the Unified Republic entered the twenty first century with a growing and emerging service sector primarily led by the financial and insurance industries. The economy is supported by a smaller but still strong manufacturing industry primarily based around heavy machinery and vehicles; and a small pharmaceuticals industry that struggles against international competition. Agriculture has primarily suffered as a result of the shifting economy and while the southern portion of the country still relies on agriculture; it is rapidly losing willing citizens who are more willing to pursue careers in the service sector. This has been identified as a challenge by the federal government since 2006 which has begun to offer heavy subsidies to attract more citizens into farming. Around 68% of the population is employed within the service industry; with Inspiron Financial Services being one of the nation's largest private employers. Henzans are more likely to work in agriculture or manufacturing sectors with many companies openly discriminating against this population. 


The Unified Republic is heavily reliant upon fossil fuels with mining operations centered around the southern end of the country for coal; and oil operations based off the coast line. These resources however do not produce profits as they are barely enough for domestic consumption with much of it having to be imported. Instead the Unified Republic has encouraged energy companies to diversify into renewable energies primarily hydro, solar, and wind production. There is growing research into developments of more efficient means to produce more power from these means. Nuclear energy is banned within the Unified Republic along with nuclear weapons. There are growing movements both within government and the energy industry to reverse legislation to allow the development of nuclear power plants.


The Unified Republic is a federal semi-presidential republic and the federal government is lead from the capital of Inspiron. Power is devolved towards provincial and local governments that are based upon the same structure as the federal government with distinctions as needed. The federal government is headed by the prime minister who is nominated by the president and confirmed through popular vote by the Unified Congress which serves as the unicameral legislature. Power has been typically divided between the president leading the nation's defense and foreign policies while the prime minister is focused upon the domestic and economic agendas. The Henzan population is underrepresented within all levels of government and primarily is supported through the Henzan Freedom Party a secessionist party that aims to secede the southern portion of the nation. In recent years the Unified Republic has increasingly been lead by administrations that have seeked to end the nation's long standing neutrality to fully integrate and join the international community. With the recent election of Ronald Bush who platformed on a controversial campaign to end the nation's neutrality and increase representation of the Henzan population. The armed forces although small and finding increasing difficulties in recruitment partially due to the end of conscription and through the lower standard of life when compared to civilian life, maintains high training standards and relatively modern equipment.


Gretonian culture is primarily divided between the northern and southern regions of the Gretonian and Henzan peoples; though both celebrate many of the same traditional holidays and celebrations. Gretonian culture nonetheless dominates the arts, music, architecture, literature, and cultural ethics. The Unified Republic has traditionally emphasized strong civic responsibilities and education in the youth of the nation; with large success until more recent years with increasing emphasis placed on individualism and "internet" culture. Henzans are as in most other aspects of life largely underrepresented in popular culture within the Unified Republic. Gretonians compromise 76.8% of the population with Henzans being the second largest at 22.9% and other ethnic groups at 0.3%. Confrontation between Gretonians and Henzans has increased in recent years with alarming reports of increasing sectarian violence in the southern portion of the nation.


Thanks for reading this is of course a work in progress as always and much of this also depends on how my nation ultimately fits within Eurth. Any pointers or criticisms is strongly appreciated. Thank you.

Also I did include some Eurth locations just for reference; this isn't permanent just for easier reference for me.

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