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The Ómaska Accords

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On a Cold and Snowy January Day in the capital of Gotneska its leaders are busy with their day-to-day activities. When a message arrives from Garindina.


(Serevent) Your Majesty received an important message. 

(Sarah II) Who is it from? 

(Serevent) Hmm, Patrick, who sent this? 

(Serevent, Patrick) The Queen of Garindina. 

(Sarah II) Oh, thanks, could you please get Askur for me?

(Serevent) Yes, Your Majesty. Anything you like me to inform him about?

(Sarah II) Please tell him the queen has received an important message, and would like to run some ideas by him. 

(Serevent) Okay, I’ll go get him for you.

(Sarah II) Thank you, Emma!

(Serevent, Emma) With pleasure your majesty!

Emma walks down the hallway and knocks on the door of the Prime Minister’s office. 

(PM: Askur) Come in!

(Serevent, Emma) The Queen would like to discuss some important issues that have just been addressed to her in a message we just received.

(Askur) Okay thank you, Emma, tell the queen I’ll be there as soon as possible. Did she mention anything about needing the Deputy PM? 

(Serevent, Emma) Hmm, no she doesn't. Should I ask her? 

(Askur) No she might know something I don’t. He could be busy with something else.

(Serevent, Emma) Okay, I’ll go and inform the queen you’re on your way. 

(Askur) Thank you again Emma!! You make our lives so much easier!

Emma walks out of Prime Minister’s Askur’s Office and started walking back to the Queen's office when she noticed that the queen was walking down the opposite side of the hallway.

(Serevent, Emma) Your Majesty, I just informed Askur, and he’ll be down shortly.

(Sarah II) Oh hey Emma, thanks. 

(Serevent, Emma) What are you doing?

(Sarah II) Just got word that Aurivizhs neighbor might be invading them some time shortly.

(Serevent, Emma) Oh shit. That’s really bad!!

(Sarah II) Unfortunately really bad! I don’t know what we would do if they were involved? But now I need to talk to My brother Olf about this and then see what Askur thinks.

(Serevent, Emma) Oh, hopefully you can figure it out. But I’m glad I don’t have to make decisions like that.

The two of them walk to the Queen’s office to their amazement Askur is already there waiting for the Queen.

(Sarah II) How do you get here so fast? Just saw Emma walking back informing me you were on your way.

(Askur) No idea, Sarah!! Was wondering why you weren’t in your office. Thought maybe you were using the restroom. So what’s so important? You look a little stressed!

(Sarah II) Will after I told Emma to inform you I needed to talk with you. I got an email from the Defense Ministry saying that an Invasion of Aurivizh was highly anticipated in the coming weeks. That’s what I was talking to Emma about. But the original reason I requested your presence was about a letter from Garindina we just received. 

(Askur) Oh my God. This isn’t good! You talk to Olf yet? So what does Garindina want to discuss with us? I mean historically we’ve been at odds with each other.

(Sarah II) I think they would like to have a formal meeting with us. Do you think we should agree? 

(Askur) Come on Sarah, you are really asking me if we should agree to a meeting with a foreign government. Yes we should. I know you have a lot to learn, and you don't have it easy. All I like to know is that my Queen is Confident in her abilities and makes wise decisions for her country. This is all we ask of you. To keep us safe from foreign enemies. But I could see why you’re asking me if we should. As they aren’t our neighbors, is it really worth all the effort to start an international meeting? So what does the letter say?

(Sarah II) Sorry Askur you know me too will, I stress too much about things I can’t control. 

Oh, yes. Let me see, here it is;



(OOC: This post is not yet finished will be updating it with the letter mentioned and any discussions that happen after it. And one more thing sorry for my inactivity lately)

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After a few silent moments, Askur responded.

Hmm seems like it could be an important step in securing our nation's future. But the only thing I can think of right now is what would the international community think when Gotneska joins a defense alliance when we’ve already stated multiple times we are a totally neutral country.


(Sarah II) Yay that’s what I was thinking too! But regardless I think it’s worth the time and energy to set up a meeting. 


(Askur) yay that’s probably a good idea. I know you told me that you were going to talk to your brother the DPM. Could we do that together? I think it’s important he knows what you’re thinking and that this idea isn’t totally mine. As you know the rules and powers of what I the prime minister of this country can and cannot do.


(Sarah II) Ah yes, I’ll make sure to contact him shortly and I know you’re stressed about all these rules we have in place for what you can and can’t do. I understand it’s challenging to always be making sure everything you do is signed off by the DPM. But I’m sorry that the former PM took advantage and almost ceased to exist in our amazing and beautiful nation.


(Askur) Sorry for getting off topic but do you remember anything if at all what your dad said about the Civil War? I know you where born will after it was finished.


The two start talking about how their families view the war and what they hoped would come out of the conflict. After talking for about another hour and half. Askur had to leave and join in a private conversation with a fellow member of the Þjóðþing. Sarah and her servant (Emma) started a rough draft for her response to Nadia letter.

Later that day the Queen speaks to her brother and Deputy Prime Minister about the letter.

(Sarah II) Thanks for meeting me so late today. We’ve received a interesting message from the Kingdom of Garindina about possible creating some kind of military alliance between our two nations that would focus on the territory of Ómaska.

(Karl, DPM) No problem I haven’t seen my little sister in some time as where both support busy. Wish we could just talk about life and stuff. But to that question. So I take u already spoke to Askur about the situation? What did he have to say?

(Sarah II) Oh yes, I’ve already spoken to Askur we both came to conclusion that we were unsure what the international community would think of a said agreement as we’re officially neutral. I do believe it would be great importance for both nations. I was thinking if we do agree to a meeting about inviting our neighbor Kittlmeot.

(Karl) Alright will seems like y'all came to quick concussion. But it might be beneficial if we start a conversation with them.

(Sarah II) Very true! I'll start writing my letter. And thanks again for staying so late. Till Peig, I said hello.

(Karl) I will for sure, and have a somewhat relaxing evening. And Good night little sister.

Sarah's cheeks turn red and she says night to her brother. She would spend the next three hours working a new rough draft. Falling asleep right in her office chair.

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Your Majesty Nadia V,

I express my heartfelt gratitude for your gracious letter, in which you kindly proposed a meeting to be held in Ómaska. Following careful contemplation and extensive consultations with my government peers, I am pleased to convey my acceptance of your proposal for the said meeting. However, I hold a minor reservation that the participation of my esteemed neighbor and fellow Commonwealth member, Kitikmeot, is also extended an invitation.

With utmost sincerity,
Sorcha II
Queen of Gotneska

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22 January 2023


It was a cold snowy night in Parsa, the snow blanketed the ground making the city look like the painting “The Great Snow” by Anatoly Ivanov. Light snowflakes continue to fall gently from the sky, creating a mesmerizing dance of white specks. As the night progresses, the city becomes even more enchanting as fresh snow covers the ground. The Paras river was frozen over, Families and friends glide gracefully on the frozen river, their laughter filling the air. Some couples hold hands while others engage in friendly races, making the most of the icy wonderland. Christmas had come and go, but winter venders were still selling gifts and treats.

Nadia was in her study with her younger siblings. Anya and Aleksey were sitting near the fire watching the television. At that moment, there was a knock in the door. 

“Enter.” The three siblings were in almost perfect sync. They looked at each other and smiled.

Ivanovich entered the room. ‘Your majesty. Her majesty the Queen of Gotneska has given her response.”

Nadia stood up and grabbed the letter from Ivanovich. “Ah, she accepts. This is good. Though, I will now have to write a similar letter of invitation to the Gotneskan Commonwealth nation of Kitikmeot.”

Anya sat up, her curiosity evident. “Why Kitikmeot? Is there something special about them?”

Nadia shook her head. “I don’t know, but it is not my business. I will write the invitation nevertheless.”

“Well, it is about building connections.” Aleksey added

Nadia looked at Aleksey and pointed at him. “Exactly, hopefully we’ll be able to rebuild official relations with the Gotneskan Commonwealth. Maybe even we’ll be able to establish better trade ties.”

Ivanovich, who had been listening intently, cleared his throat before speaking. "Your Majesty, if I may interject. It's worth considering the current state of trade affairs. The Keelpjib Sea has been plagued by piracy in recent times. This could potentially disrupt our trade connections."

Nadia frowned, concern knitting her brows. "Piracy? That's troublesome. It could impact our efforts to establish better trade relations."

Aleksey spoke up. “Maybe you can work out a possible joint-naval base? To deter piracy of coarse.”

Aleksey leaned forward, his eyes alight with an idea. “Maybe you can work out a possible joint-naval base? A collaboration to deter piracy, of course. It would strengthen our security while showcasing our commitment to peaceful trade."

Nadia's gaze shifted to her brother, impressed by his suggestion. "A joint-naval base... That could indeed address the piracy issue while fostering cooperation. It's a proactive step towards securing our trade routes."

As the siblings shared a moment of shared understanding, the room seemed to warm with the bonds of kinship and the promise of a diplomatic endeavor that extended beyond words.

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Sunday, 25 April, 2023

Òmaksa City, Òmaksa


It was a warm cloudy morning. Endriks Kaheiß, the President of Òmaksa, and Crístiona Asagaill, the Prime Minister of Òmaksa, were in the Presidential Office talking about the preparations for the upcoming international meeting set to happen the next week.

Endriks leaned back in his chair, a thoughtful expression on his face as he perused the agenda for the upcoming international meeting. Crístiona sat across from him, her posture poised and attentive.

"Crístiona," Endriks began, his voice reflecting the weight of the discussions ahead. "This meeting is crucial for Òmaksa's international relations. We need to ensure that everything goes smoothly."

Crístiona nodded, her commitment to the task evident. "Indeed, Mr. President. Hopefully from what Queen Nadia had proposed, we might see an end of piracy in the Northern Keelpjib.”

Endriks Kaheiß, the President of Òmaksa, took a moment to absorb Crístiona Asagaill's words. The prospect of ending piracy in the Northern Keelpjib was a matter of significant importance, not just for Òmaksa but for the entire region.

"That would be a remarkable achievement," Endriks responded, his voice carrying a note of optimism. "Queen Nadia's proposal could potentially pave the way for safer trade routes and enhanced cooperation among our nations. But we must approach this meeting with a well-thought-out strategy."

Crístiona leaned forward, her expression resolute. "Agreed. We must ensure that the discussions are focused and productive. The presence of Queen Sarah II of Gotneska and Ían Eegeesiak, the Grand Chieftain of Kitikmeot, underscores the significance of this gathering."

Endriks nodded, his gaze returning to the agenda. "Indeed, it's an assembly of great importance." Crístiona then had an idea. “What if we join the Gotneskan Commonwealth?”

Endriks leaned forward, he raised an eyebrow, looking genuinely puzzled. “What?”

Crístiona hesitated, sensing Endriks' confusion. She had expected her proposal to raise eyebrows, but perhaps it had caught him off guard more than she anticipated.

"What if Òmaksa considers joining the Gotneskan Commonwealth?" Crístiona repeated her suggestion, her tone measured and composed.

Endriks furrowed his brow, contemplating the idea. "Crístiona, that's a significant decision. It would entail major shifts in our foreign policy and much more. If we were to make the decision, it’ll need to pass in both parliament and the pass with the people would need to vote for it as well.”

Crístiona nodded, acknowledging the weight of her proposal. "I understand, Mr. President. However, it's worth considering. Membership in the Gotneskan Commonwealth could open up new opportunities for trade, security, and diplomatic cooperation. It might also help us address the piracy issue more effectively."

Endriks leaned back in his chair, a contemplative expression on his face. "Crístiona, I appreciate your forward-thinking approach. Joining the Gotneskan Commonwealth is indeed a significant decision. We should thoroughly evaluate its potential benefits and implications. But I agree, it's worth exploring."

Crístiona offered a small smile. "Thank you, Mr. President. I'll work on a comprehensive proposal, outlining the advantages and any potential challenges. We can then present it to the Parliament and the people for their input and approval."

Endriks nodded in agreement. "That's the right approach. Let's ensure that we involve all stakeholders in this decision-making process. It's a decision that will shape Òmaksa's future."

As they continued their discussion, the notion of Òmaksa potentially joining the Gotneskan Commonwealth remained a significant topic of conversation, marking the beginning of a thorough evaluation process.

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