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The Tree Divided

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The National Courier


31.05.2023 AD

88.02.1951 AJB




The Kingdom Divided!

The last breaking point has been reached for jarl Calder and the jarls in support of his views on the current government, with the most recent decision by the government to open a Haru consulate in Grundvik. Prince Harald Kalinka and princess Hilda Kalinka have also announced their support to Calder, claiming the recent developments by the government as treason, going to the lengths of even calling queen Ena a puppet of the Imperium of Haruspex and a traitor to her people. Jarldom of Grundvik has announced that they will not permit a Haru consulate to be opened in Grundvik, they also have come to recognize the visa free travel to Haru citizens as illegitimate and will not allow a Haru citizen to set foot in their jarldom. This last decision was also made by 10 other jarldoms, those being the jarldoms of Rísandisól, Vatnalandi, Vesturbrekka, Heilögfjöll, Mosiheimr, Yönnur, Konallandi, Áinlandi, Drekalandi and Snákabæli. Many officers within the Varnar and the police force have also shown their sympathies towards Calder and his ideas, promising to support his cause if need be. 

This was followed by Jarl Calder calling an emergency meeting in Konráðið to denounce Queen Ena's claim to the throne and to recognize Prince Harald as the legitemate king of Ateenia. The meeting is set to take place tonight and all jarls, the queen and all the members of house Kalinka are expected to attend.  Jarl Calder has commented that he hopes that Ena will abdicate peacefully after the jarls have expressed their concerns about the queen having sold out the long lasting ideals of the kingdom, in favor for her sympathies towards the Imperium of Haruspex, but expects things to get messy and end in a not so peaceful manner.

Queen Ena was quick to respond to these actions, calling it an act of treason by spiteful jarls who wish nothing but chaos in the homeland and that they will be met with justice. Following her comments on the matter, The queen has also issued a state emergency, mobilizing the law enforcements for the possible fallout of the emergency meeting. In accordance to the state emergency, all public meetings have been banned for the next 72 hours and any supporters for this treason will be arrested and punished accordingly.

Reports of large convoys of both police forces and the Varnar heading towards the Atha and the regional capitals of every jarldom, have been reported across the entire kingdom, with a large uncertainty in the loyalties of the mentioned forces. This uncertainty has been even further strengthened by a few reports of infighting inside various police departments and military bases.




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