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[Map Application] Leszczawka

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Nation on Eurth: Leszczawka

National Flag:


Capital Name: Reszow

Capital Location: Noted in desired location

Starter Stats: 

Population: (High | 2 pts) (37 million)

GDP: (Low | 0 pts) 

Land: (High | 2 pts)

Culture: Leszczak (Western Slavic)
Climate & Geography: Temperate (central European) climate, with mixed deciduous forests, and coniferous forests at higher altitudes. Flat to the north and along the coast, but hilly and mountainous further eastward and to the south.

History: The Leszczak people have existed in the area of where the nation exists today since the 8th century, starting as dispersed tribes, having unified over time to establish the first Leszczak state in the 10th century. Later, the Kingdom was partitioned in the 15th century, primarily buy Ahrana, and was later unionised with Ahrana in the 18th century, and gained full independence in the early 19th century. Since then the nation has regained most of its lost territories, and has fought 2 devastating civil wars.

Front Desk:


Vision Statement:

Desired Location: (optional)

Other Critical Information: Just because it's red… I promise we aren't communists.

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Your stats are fine, they fit within the 2 point range. With 2 points in land area your nation could have a total land area of between 260,000km^2 and 350,000km^2. Generally the IRL Western Slavic groups are in central Argis, however you're not too far away from them and can be quite easily explained by your migration history. The area you designated your desired location comes out at roughly 204,000km^2. To be honest if @Ahrana gave his consent I'd be happy to just give you those borders and we can skip the main application process lol. I'll give Ahrana 2-3 days to say yay/nay. If he doesn't respond I'll just begin the actual map application process.

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I give my full consent for this. Welcome!

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And there we go folk, the fastest application process speedrun any%
Ignoring the time it took me to respond because I've been busy IRL.

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