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My intent via IC posts to provide only brief explanations and context only where necessary for the reader, and except from such rare cases, I desire to provide the reader with a realistic narrative of events through various news outlets, formal and informal correspondences, and government records. By doing so, I believe it does not disturb immersion through explanatory texts, but rather enables the reader to become more engaged within the wurld that I am trying to create. This is not to say that the way others conduct RP is wrong, it is merely my own personal style.

External comprehensive detailing, explanations and facts regarding the nation will alternatively be available via the nations wiki page (not yet established) at a future time.

For now, attached below are some examples of what you can expect to see from my IC posts within the future. They are far from perfect, as I have yet to properly flesh out all the specifics of my Nation and its workings. But nonetheless, I hope that it will be an interesting and inviting introduction for the nation of Leszczawka.


Letter from Speaker Gregorsz Browiek:


Prime Ministers first speech to Parliament prior to PM's Questions:



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