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Coat of Arms Generator

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In the search of trying to find an AI generator that would possibly generate a unique Coat of Arms, I stumbled across such a website. Using https://azgaar.github.io/Armoria/, it is possible to 'Roll' and have the website generate several coats of arms. This generator is more useful for medieval coats of arms, yet they can be used for more modern countries. 

The generator, (I have counted), creates 24 coats of arms in several different shapes, with a variety of colors, patterns, and drawings. If you do not see one you certainly like, you can hit the 'Reroll' button found in the top left of the website, which will allow you to generate another 24 coats of arms; with that, you'll definitely find one you like. Yet, if you want even MORE generated coats of arms, you can change and alter your preferences, which will allow you to generate up to 160 Coats of Arms. Shapes and other things you might like to have specific can also be changed in the Options Bar. Examples: 
First Photo: Options Bar where preferences can be altered to match your taste, and what you want the coat of arms to look like.

Second Photo: Default Generated Coat of Arms (24)

Third Photo: Altered Number of Coat of Arms + Their Shape. (160)



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