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Nation on Eurth: The Most Serene Republic of Montedica 
Capital Name: Porcella
Capital Location: The city of Porcella is located at the center of the golden coast of Montedica. 

Starter Stats: 

Population: (Medium | 1 pt) ~   18 Million Inhabitants

GDP per capita (High | 2 pts) ~   $19,520 

Land area (Medium | 1 pt) ~   254,000 km^2

Culture: Italian (87.4%**)+ Surinamese (8.6%) + Guyanese (4%)

**: Percentage may increase depending on future Roleplays, and when more lore is progressively laid out.
Climate & Geography: The territory of Montedica is covered by tropical rainforests, containing a great diversity of flora and fauna. The relatively small population of the nation mostly lives along the coast or near big rivers. Most of the country is made up of rolling hills but plateaus and flat-topped mountains are common, especially in the southern parts of the nation. Montedica has a tropical rainforest climate according to the Köppen climate classification. Temperatures do not vary much throughout the year. The year has two wet seasons, from December to early February and from late April to mid-August. Montedica is a water-rich country, with several rivers flowing through the country. Waterfalls generally limit water transport to the lower reaches of each river.

Front Desk: Montedica's Front Desk Introduction
Vision Statement: Montedica's Vision Statement

Desired Location: (optional) N/A
Other Critical Information: (optional) N/A

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Hello and congratulations on passing the academy!
All that's left to do is add you to the map, and your nation will finally be canon on Eurth.

All your stats fall in line with the ranges you chose, adding up to 4 points. I'll try my best to get your nation to around to 254,000 km^2, however I cant guarantee this, as borders are often based off natural features. Due to your country being an ex-colony, I'll offer a couple variants for each proposal: one with natural borders, and the other with more colonial/"artificial" borders.

Cultures & Climate
Italian can be provided through the NPC of Mantella in southern Europa, a known colonial power during the 1600s, so they'd fit well for your country.
Regarding what you mean by "Guyanese" and "Surinamese" I assume you mean their indigenous Amerindian groups? If so, then your country is likely to be around tropical Alharu which also fits your desired climate.

This map shows all the rainforests on Eurth (dark blue) and monsoon regions (highlighted colours). Unfortunately southern Alharu doesn't have any mountains, but does have a large highland plateau region.

Below I have proposed 3 locations for your country (each with a 'natural' and 'artificial' border types). Once you've chosen one (or none) of the proposed locations, I will request consent from your would-be neighbours, and afterwards we can tweak borders and add your cities in Discord.

Proposal 1 - Southern Alharu (West)
RP940y0.png     image.png
With a surface area of around 252,700km^2, your country would be largely tropical rainforest, with some tropical monsoon in the north as part of a transition into the wider savanna in central Alharu. You'd have a slither of mountain in the north, and your country would be broken up by rivers. The area of the artificial borders is ~258,200km^2, defined by the equator and the 75°W meridian, possessing more monsoon climate in the south.

Proposal 2 - Southern Alharu (East)
image.png     image.png
Proposal 2's natural borders has an area of 257,900km^2. Artificial borders are around 250,700km^2. Both would be largely tropical rainforest with monsoon in the north, similar to proposal 1. You would be bordering Kertosono, a !Javanese nation, which just so happens to have a presence in Suriname!

Proposal 3 - Northern Mesothalassa
Finally, with an area of 255,900km^2. You wouldn't have any tropical rainforest but instead have a climate largely made up of tropical monsoon in the north, savanna in the middle and interior, and dry steppe in the south. Also not many rivers, but minor ones can be added to the map if you choose this spot.

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With further consideration, and a little outlook on having Surinamese / South American tribes and cultures, I have decided to go with the second proposal, particularly the natural borders one. 

With that being said, thank you very much!


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I do not have any objections to the current proposal and stats as a whole, though I believe we would need to sort our histories since Montedica was under the control of various colonial powers in the past. Would you mind describing which powers you would want to associate with, and a little backstory about how they came to power in Montedica? Thank you!

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