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The Most Blessed and Beatific Thread

Guest Misagami

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Guest Misagami

Hello, greetings, salutations! I am Kursibar, but you can call me Kurs, or Psychobilly, or Psumthar (Short for Psumthar Frorfnadge), or PILOTLIGHT if you really must. Just don't call me late for dinner. I've been around for longer than this universe, long enough to have the blood of the old wurlds on my hands. They, at least, knew how to *party.*

My pronouns include it, its, and the other one denoting quality or quantity. 

My hobbies include being HARDCORE. (Less of a hobby and more of a STATE OF BEING). I also fly planes and fix planes and watch planes and buy planes and sell planes and write about planes and draw planes (albeit poorly) and KILL ROTORCRAFT PILOTS. FIXED WING 4 LIEF.

My nation itself, Misagami, is a work under construction as I distance myself from my previous projects in Kursibar. I'd like to keep it a secret for now, but there's some very exciting things waiting for everyone to enjoy!

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