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Search for five in 'Samripe Nidralagne' avalanche

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^A general view showing a similar avalanche from July 2018, Lower Samripen Region, Mahana

Official Reports Confirm: 5 Missing Believed to be buried in Samripen Avalanche

Official reports out of Jutpandi confirm a group of at least five people have gone missing following an avalanche on the Nidralagne peak of the Samripen Mountain Range in central Mahana. The avalanche went as far as to hit the Bochlin Village Council at 4PM on Wednesday. The climbers were reported missing the following day, on Thursday evening, by the MSA (Mahanan Sherpas Association) who organised the climb. 

By early Friday morning, the general search and rescue operation for the mountains began, while they tried to track the location of the general tracking unit the team would have each climbed with. The crew missing consisted of three male climbers and two female, including a native Mahanan Sherpa. Deputy Chief of the Paranani Province, Ekaraj Verma, has confirmed via phone call to the Mahanan General Newspaper that the weather conditions meant that the search and rescue operation would have to be put on hold.

According to Rishi Subbac, over 50 regiments from the Armed Police Force have been dispatched to the site in hope of finding the missing climbers. It is believed the climb was not for leisure purposes, however, that the climbers were on the search of Yarsagumba, a medicinal herb, during the harvest season in the Samripes of Mahana. This is common practice at this time of year, with dedicated herbalists visiting from across the wurld to search for them due to the rarity and expensiveness of the herb online. It is found only at elevations between 3000 and 5000 m in the Oriental region, meaning it can only be found in the Samripes and Mekabiri. 

The search is ongoing, however, hope is running out for any chance of survival after over 48 hours since the incident occurred. 

Via. Mahanan General Newspaper c.2023 May 6

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