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DURNOVARIA — Vicarius Imperator Mertz Holznack, said Friday four new military bases under the Protectorate Defense Cooperation Agreement, or PDCA, with the Sovereign Imperium would be located in various parts of the North Korinon territories, including in a base that faces the disputed area under occupation by @Iverica.

Last month, Holznack granted the SIMH access to four sites, on top of five existing locations under the 2020 PDCA, which comes amid Angelia's increasing assertiveness in the region.

There are four extra sites scattered around our island – there are some in the north, there are some further southeast, Holznack told reporters at the sidelines of the NK defense forces founding anniversary.

The PDCA allows SIMH access to NK bases for joint training, pre-positioning of equipment and building of facilities such as runways, fuel storage and military housing.

North Korinon and the SIMH would announce the locations of the bases soon, Holznack said, adding the sites would boost the country's ability to defend itself from would be aggressors. 

Prathen has committed $80 million worth of infrastructure investments at the five existing sites – the Knevveh (Griffin) Aero Base in Nebbiosa township, Tnykuh (Dragon) Aero Base in Foresta Nera township, Fort Cuore di ferro (Iron Heart) in Roccia Rupestre township, Serpente Marino (Sea Serpent) Naval Base in Mare di Luce (Sea of Light) Bay north of @Seylosian, advised Cunetio and Squalo bianco (White Shark) Naval Base north of Corinium and the agreed upon border with said advised Southern neighbors.

'Be vigilant'

Speaking before NKPDF troops, Holznack told them to be vigilant, as the external threat to the country's security was becoming more "complex" and "unpredictable."

Be vigilant against elements that will undermine our hard-earned peace, our hard-earned stability, Holznack said. Continue to improve relations with your counterparts overseas.

Without giving specifics, Holznack said he was aware of an "emerging threat" to his country's territory, which he said would require "adjustments in our strategy."

The external security environment is becoming more complex. It is becoming more unpredictable, Holznack said.

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