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5 May 2023


State Elder speaks at Party Assembly with Reformist Policies


State Elder Olaf Guddre, protector of the Nation and father of the people, spoke earlier today at the yearly AE-FWP general assembly for party membership. The yearly general assembly, known as the Party Rally Assembly, is a meeting time for members of the AE-FWP to discuss party policy and changes to the manifesto. This year's rally reached a successful conclusion, showing the effectiveness of Erdlandish governance and how the party is united for the proper common good of Erdland. Amongst the topics brought up, many were to show the recent advancements and rejuvenation of the Erdlandish nation under the current State Elder and Party Leader. The general membership congratulated the Elder on his success on returning the Erdlandish economy from the '04 Economic Crisis which griped the nation for a decade. 


Membership as well brought their own policies for discussion in decision-making sessions, such as the formalization of the Protection Guard, the AE-FWP official paramilitary force, as a reservist interior force – a role it de-facto serves as it has been used various times as a reservist police force when the State Police were unable to properly and continuously operate in jurisdictions due to officer shortages. Questions on the halt of the AE-FWP agrarian development policy were brought out, but the State Elder alongside higher ranking party members put fears to ease as they spoke on the return of agrarian policies next year with reworked terms and et cetera. 


All said, the State Elder finished the party rally with the traditional Elder speech, during which he spoke about his policies moving on – specifically his reformist policies. 


"The Erdlandish nation, in order to survive and show itself as a great nation amongst nations, must evolve over the times if it wishes to do that. My Eldership has allowed for massive reforms in our nation that are just that – to evolve and allow this nation to exist for another century. I have been tight focused on new economic liberalization policies, taking our previous economic policies and allowing for room for improvements, all meant at furthering economic growth within Erdland."


Elder Guddre has been recently pushing for reformation with social policies, with the new social welfare reform to allow for groups of people – previously not benefitting from the workers' system – such as mothers and conscripts, to be able to receive new benefits previously not granted to them. The AE-FWP stands united in support for Guddre, and may next year's Party Rally be as fruitful as this year's. 


Hail to the Saga of Erdland!


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7 July 2023


AE-FWP Forum Broadcasts Possible Future of the Protection Guard


The All-Erdlandish Farmers' and Workers' Party Summer Forum showcased and broadcasted the possible future of the All-Erdlandish Protection Guard, the party's official paramilitary wing and defenders of the Erdlandish Party ideology. During the forum, to which the State Marshal and the Political Council of the AE-FWP attended, discussion on future AE-FWP policy was showcased, such as future membership perks, community programs, and more. However, the most important part of the forum was the Protection Guard section. The Protection Guard, founded in 1959, has been the main and sole paramilitary wing of the AE-FWP and the people of Erdland. Initially serving as a defender of Erdlandish patriotism against obstructionist thugs terrorizing Erdlandish communities, following the ascension of the Paramount Eternal State Elder and the party's consolidation of the state, complaints of disuse within the Protection Guard have been present ever since. 


However, this new possible future might bring this wing back to use. The leadership of the party have mentioned that following discussion with both leadership of the PG and the Erdlandish Armed Forces, the Protection Guard might see to it becoming a paramilitary wing within the Erdlandish Army as a strictly loyalist number of divisions of the Army. This army branch of the Protection Guard, simply called the 'Standard Army', will be divided in PG-Standard Divisions under joint control of the Protection Guard Leadership Office and the Erdlandish Army High Command. 


If approved by the current State Elder, the first Standard Protection Army division, simply called the 1. PG-Standard Division 'Alseiga' (named after an Erdlandish mythical creature), will be activated in December in the town of Galle. Its manpower will be drawn from members who have dual membership in the PG and the Erdlandish Army.


Hail to the Saga of Erdland!


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Shutdown on Illegal Internet Operations


Today, officers of the Realm Police in an operation organized by aspirants of the Realmsoffice of Communications and Media, have shut down 5 illegal internet operation centers nationwide in a series of raids. These illegal internet operation centers, dubbed as Anti-Information Centers by the RCM, are servers known to operate VPNs and other illegal internet service operations in an act of obstruction against nation peace by effecting the mental wellbeing of citizens through the feeding of misinformation. 21 individuals were arrested by the Realm Police and will be due to face fair trial within the Realmscourt. This raid was the largest to date, with entire buildings containing servers seized by law enforcement, with their contents due for destruction by officers. 


Regional Inspector Adalhad Oduttir of the Realm Police spoke in a public press outside of one of the raided buildings. 


"These illegal internet operations have been monitored by watchmen for several months, my men and women did their duty today in protecting the people of Erdland from the hate, lies, and other malicious beliefs that damage the thinking processes of people. We so far believe that these anti-information centers belong to an organized obstructionist group. With this seizure of their illegal operations and countless data, we hope to see an end to their online terror soon."


Under Decree Nr. 2901 signed by the Paramount State Elder, the Realm Police and other state entities have been tasked with the removal of obstructionist material that is spread and hosted online. This is yet another win by our watchmen in their fight against the obstructionist threat.


Triumph to the Saga of Erdland!


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