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MCRB - Military Contractor Review Board

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The Military Contractor Review Board Company is a private financial service and financial data company providing specialised services for companies in the Private Military Contracting (PMC) and Security Service industries. MCRB is notable for managing the MCRB Rating Index, an index of top-performing PMC and Security companies ranked by revenue and service quality. It provides auditing, underwriting, advisory, insurance, liability protection and similar services through its wide network of associate employers, service providers, and logistic partners.


One of the MCRB's primary areas of service is protection and recourse against breaches of contract- the company maintains a dedicated team of specialist investigators, intelligence personnel, legal staff, and direct-action teams to aid in its coverage of either the contractor or contractee. To protect its clients and/or partners, the MCRB may itself issue contracts to rectify the situation through lawful investigations, arrests, repossession, or asset protection. Its large reserve of liquid capital and credit instruments allows the company to leverage various services and acquire necessary assets to assist its clients in the most difficult regions of business. Furthermore, the company's liaison network with state offices and commercial corporations eases the day-to-day operations of its rated clients.


The MCRB is notable for its strict criteria- requiring applicant companies requesting its rating services to maintain strict policies of conduct. Rated companies must operate within the bounds of the Assembled Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights in order to remain rated. The company is headquartered in Saint Francoisbourg and maintains branch offices glubally. It is a fully private company with publicly disclosed financials reported to various securities commissions and private auditors worldwide. It is a sole-proprietorship organisation with written bylaws ensuring that it is never sponsor-backed.


Any company in the PMC or Security Services industry can request a rating so long as the company submits at least 5 years of detailed, accurate, auditor-backed financials, and references from previous employers. Upon being rated, the client company and the MCRB enter into a contract wherein MCRB provides privileged services (either commissioned or pro bono) to the client company which must, in turn, abide by MCRB regulations and international law in order to remain a rated client. The company collects ratings and service fees from its clients, based on services rendered.



OOC: Click the "Company Index" Tab to view the Index. Click on "calculator" to view the rating scale. This is a WIP. Note that I added some companies as headquartered in countries that have not necessarily asked to be added- this is just for flavour while I go around collecting more companies to add. For now, a lot of these are filler companies.

This uses a weighted scoring system and the function automatically sorts scored companies according to the range of values specified in each grade of the scale. I will be updating this every time a rated company might be positively or negatively involved in an RP or story.

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