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NPC Request and Historical Expansion

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(Doing this now so I don’t need to later. The expansion will begin next week after the Reformation is concluded)

Flag (working on new flag):



Capital (Black dot): Byalŭk

Name: The Vjoldinist Republic of Dorostrana

Government type: Theocratic Republic


Formally one of the 13 Oblast in the Federal Republic of Garindina. Dorostrana Gained its independence in 1990 after the collapse of the Federal Government in the midst of the Garindinan Civil War. However, it was not recognized as a sovereign state until the wars end in September of 1998 when the new government of Garindina recognized their independence. Today they again their wealth from trade with Garindina and its manufacturing based economy.

Dorostrana was able to hold on to Vjoldinism as an agreement when the Kingdom of Dorostrana joined in union with the Garindinan Empire in 1344.

I will use Dorostrana for lore, possible future rps and trade of course.


Area of Expansion: 


This expansion will take place historically from 1433-1456. During the Doro-Garindian Unification.

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Our standpoint has been for a while that we would prefer trade to be organised between PC nations, rather than NPCs. Often, there is a tendency for people to isolate themselves behind a wall of NPCs, if they are allowed to do so.

Plus, it's a bit against our spirit of cooperative wurldbuilding if it's just a case of NPC/PC interactions.

This isn't a "no", however.

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Everything seems alright for me, Tag already brought up any issues with pseudo-trading. As its quite a small expansion I won't be poking you about any sort of plan for your expansion. Once you begin your expansion, a reserved area will be added where your expansion takes place until its complete. Regarding your NPC I'll add it for the next map update :).

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Now that you're done, and you've poked me in Discord to tell me your RP for your expansion is complete, I can begin the evaluation process of whether or not your (@Garindina) expansion is complete.

In our DMs on Discord I calculated the total land area of your expansion (19,200km^2) and you requested a population of 321,356 which means your expansion's total points comes out to... Zero. Also due to the location of the expansion (landlocked and bordering your nation) there are also no special circumstances we have to consider.

What you wrote in your actual expansion thread is acceptable for the expansion size, so I'm happy to give the last thumbs up it needs before it become official :).

In the next map update I'll add you reserved territory to Garindina. Congratulations!

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